Roxette’s Norway concert this Friday moved to another location

Roxette’s concert in Haugesund, Norway got moved from Rådhusplassen to Flotmyr. The former location has become an important focal point for the city’s population to gather in grief over the recent terror tragedy in Norway. Artists and organizers show their respect in using a different location. Manager Bjorn Gerry Viksund says in a statement:

We hope that Friday’s concert will be a positive and wonderful experience, and a little diverson after all what has happened. It is a great opportunity to be with people we love, and a place to celebrate music and life.


1 thought on “Roxette’s Norway concert this Friday moved to another location”

  1. It’s really sad what happened…This concert and any toher can bring some happiness, but not so much in my opinion…It takes time to get the sadness out of their lives

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