Roxette to perform at German Radio Prize gala

According to Bayerische Rundfunk, Roxette will be one of the artists to perform at the German Radio Prize gala on September 8th, in Hamburg.

The information can also be found on the “Der Deutsche Radiopreis” website so we can say it’s confirmed. According to this website, Roxette will perform “live”. Marie reveals that they will play “Speak To Me” for the first time on stage.

As far as I could find out, it seems to be a “private” gala for invited guests only (media?), at least last year there were only 700 guests.

According to the report from last year’s gala, it was broadcasted by 26 radio stations at the same time (including web radios) and there was even a live video stream via internet. The show was then broadcasted on NDR TV (not live). Let’s hope this year the media coverage is going to be the same!

Update Aug 24 – some hours later:

Good news for all of us! I was just told that the gala will be broadcasted by

– 42 radio stations
– via internet on
– TV (after the gala, not live)

More information and details will be available within the next days.

13 thoughts on “Roxette to perform at German Radio Prize gala”

  1. Very nice! Besides of “saying thanks” to German radio and strengthening the relationship to media people, the main effect of this performance should be a boost in Roxette coverage and airplay on all the stations. The TV audience won’t be so huge this time.

    Has anybody watched or listened to the gala last year? I wonder if the artists really play live or rather playback…

    • I guess not, the earliest tv broadcasting starts at 10 pm, don’t think the gala will start that late (I think the first part of the sentence of the article you mentioned is only valid for the radio broadcasting).
      But you can watch it via livestream on the internet.

  2. If playback they MUST use the album version!

    I still turn all red when I think of the “Stars”-playback performances where Per stands behind a keyboard because of no guitars in the arrangements – that was maybe the worst time beeing a Roxette fan 🙂

    • with “worst” I mean embarassing here. the real worst time, was of course when Marie got ill …

  3. I didn’t realize it when I was younger, but now I think the most embarassing Roxette performances are those in which Marie also “plays” guitar and the whole band tries to look so “rock’n roll” while playing pop.

    But I guess that was all right then and they had a great show according to 90’s standards.

  4. Hey folks, what’s the point here?! Marie PLAYS guitar and Per PLAYS the piano or keyboards!! Even if this was playback, they didn’t pretend to play instruments which they can’t in reality.

    I can’t hear this neverending complaining about Roxette never singing live on TV anymore. They never have and they never will, why don’t you simply get used to it?! OF COURSE they won’t sing live on the radio price, but who cares? They have proven on tour enough that they can sing live, so leave them alone when they’re on TV! 🙂

  5. Judging from Per’s latest Facebook entry, I think there is a chance things are different this time and at least the vocals will be live: “Preparing music for the German TV-bonanza in Hamburg Sep 8th. Phew!” What point is there in preparing something new if it’s going to be all playback anyway?

  6. Maybe they mix guitars and real drums in the bassflow-mix 🙂 so Per and Pelle don’t look stupid with their instruments 😉

  7. Hmm, maybe they just shorten the song or something? While Chris would do that and the song has a cold ending already. Per didn’t write about rehearsing though…

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