Updated: Barcelona concert sold-out, got moved to bigger venue

Posted August 23: Both Ticketmaster.es and Servicaixa.com websites no longer sell tickets for the intimate Barcelona concert at Sant Jordi Club on 19th November 2011. This means that over 3,000 tickets are gone and the show is sold out. You still have a chance to see Roxette on the Spanish soil – in Madrid on 18th November. Palacio Vistalegre takes up to 14,000 people, so there are still some tickets left.

Thanks to Mariana Gumuzio for this information.

Update September 7: Great news for Spanish fans! Due to strong demand the concert got moved to the much bigger Palau Sant Jordi. This is what Live Nation Spain posted today:

CHANGE OF LOCATION OF ROXETTE’S CONCERT IN BARCELONA! Due to the huge demand for tickets by the fans of  the Swedish band, the concert of ROXETTE in Barcelona will be moved to PALAU SANT JORDI.

The tickets bought so far are valid for both the standing and the sitting areas.


Tickets can be purchased at the links mentioned above and directly at livenation.es.  Roxette played in Palau Sant Jordi both in 2001 and in 1994. The new location is right next to the initially planned Sant Jordi Club. The Club just takes up to 3,000 people, which is very little and was more or less clear that the concert would have to be moved. Palau takes, in comparison, up to 24,000 people, when all the seats are available.

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  1. How big is the chance that the concert will be moved to a bigger venue? And if so, where to? As Camp Nou (99,000…. 😉 ) and Palau San Jordi (24,000) seem a bit too big, what would be the alternative?

  2. It took them some time to sell the 3,000 tickets, so I think the possibilities of a change of venue are really low.

    • Yep, I don’t see it happening. I am not sure how big marketing fuzz was around these two gigs, but something tells me that Live Nation Spain didn’t do its lessons properly and they missed some good chances to sell these tickets. There is still 3 months to the concert date, but I’m not sure if they add anything more in Barcelona. Changing the venue is an option, but they cannot do it with Palau San Jordi! Max 5k.

  3. I think so too, and don’t mind if it stays in CSJ at all, but I thought there may be more sales when the date comes closer.

    I’m just a bit surprised since Spain seems to be one of the countries where Rox is quite popular. If they can “only” sell out a 3000-seat venue in Spain, there goes my hope for Holland where nobosy seems to know Rox still exists…

    Looking forward to November 19 though!

  4. Yes, I thought the same as you regarding Spain, but then I thought it always happensed the same in Barcelona, smaller crowds, whereas for Madrid gig, the venue has a capacity of 14, 000 people. As regards Holland, I think this tour surprises us all the time. Look what happened with Australia. Nobody would have guessed that Rox would be playing five shows there as in the old times, let alone selling them out in half an hour! So I guess there will be more surprises regarding the tour soon. But now that I think about it, Rox did play in The Netherlands last month!

  5. Indeed they played Bospop festival (75 minutes, €75) this summer, but I still hope for a full and Rox-only concert nearby… Let’s hope you are right and they’ll keep surprising us!

  6. Yeah, nice! It may have been more cosy for the fans in the smaller club, but this movement is a bold statement of Roxette’s ongoing popularity in Spain. 🙂

  7. I actually wonder if they are going to do an official Roxattaq on radio, press and tv to sell so many tickets in 2 months 😉
    Demand was high, but the concert took quite long to sell out as well.. my guess is that they won’t open all the seats areas!
    But it’s good news of course! The location is amazing and sound is very good.

  8. I wonder too!

    Off topic: Doesn’t Barcelona have any medium-sized venues of say 8-10K persons? I can’t imagine for such city, but it seems that all concerts there are in either SJC or PSJ?

  9. Kind of suprising to move to such big venue, but my guess will be just to place stage somewhere in the middle of the field. And as far as I remember there was no seats on the previous location? Do they sell sitting tix for PSJ?

  10. Indeed there was no or very limited seating in SJC. For what I’ve understood, they will keep on selling “general access” tickets only, which means “run for your life” to get a decent view.

    Although I think it is a weird policy for such large venue, it does keep all options open with regards to the exact setup of the arena, including moving the stage to the centre or closing of certain stands to adapt the hall’s capacity to the actual ticket sales.

    I’m not a fan of free seating, but it is probably the best option for a promoter that does not know how much more he can sell…

  11. They will film the concert there? If so, they gotta sell about 20.000 tickets till Nov 19 … tough one, don’t you think?

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