6 thoughts on “Speak to me & She’s got nothing on “Der Deutsche Radiopreis” performance”

  1. Ok I know it is a playback, BUT wow!!!!!!
    I Loved it.
    Marie & Per looks soooo cool! Pity the audience was so quiet and stiff!!
    This song is going to be H U G E live!!

  2. I always wanted to see Marie singing Speak to me, which is one of my fav tracks from Charm School, I don’t mind if it was playback or not, it is nice anyway.
    But I didn’t like the mixture with She’s got nothing on, two different songs, two different tempos, they either had to slow one down or speed the other up

  3. The blend between STM and SGNO does not work. It was too abrupt, it should have been more progressive. A bit shocking, I didn’t like it either.

  4. I think it was absolutely good performance from both per and marie. She did not make mistakes with the “singing” even if it was play back. the song is great and has to be an hit- Hopefully the radios begin to play it soon. I can`t wait to see this song live in Vienna for the 1st time ! Yes- betweeen such different speed levels of songs it could have been better solved without a doubt but I guess they hat an time limit for this medley and presented almost the whole speak to me song in favor of she`s got.. We have to look at the new single and this was very good. Also an sign that they play the original one and not the bass flow version. On concert I´m sure this song will be an blast with an guitar solo from chrisoffer also the bass guitar will be sounding in an heavy way. Thats why I like this ballad. It`s an power ballad and spending my tims`s sister song!!! I still wait for an CD -single but this whish will not be fullfilled.

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