“Speak to me” to be performed on “Die Ultimative Chart-show”

On Friday, November 11 German TV channel RTL will broadcast “Die Ultimative Chart-show” with Roxette as the special guests. Roxette are said to perform “Speak to me” single.

“25 Jahre Kuschelrock – Die große Jubiläumsshow” is a special episode of the programme that will celebrate 25 years of the well-known CD compilation series called “Kuschelrock”.

2 thoughts on ““Speak to me” to be performed on “Die Ultimative Chart-show””

  1. I’m surprised it won’t be the 1,234 playback performance of IMHBL … but maybe the will do a medley!?? *ggg*. No, joking … I am glad, STM gets a bit of promo since it is only played every now and then by a couple of radio stations …

  2. I just saw the playback (album version) performance and I am once again shocked about how dramatic Marie’s TV performances are (compared to the live shows). No moves, no lip sync, no eye-contact with the camera and an extremely strict expression with closed eyes. I feel sad about her and hope she feels better than she appears!

    Don’t they rehears such TV performances enough? I mean that would have been a 3 minutes Roxette commercial if it was done right …

    I hope she gets better!

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