World Tour 2011: Ischgl, Austria – November 26 #75

Comment from Per Gessle

Brrrrrrr. -2 outside!!!!! No feeling left in the fingerz. However…. very warm crowd! Marie in top shape! And Helena (who went out skiing for 2 hours….) was terrific. Thanx everyone for helping us out. Love to come back!!!!


01. Dressed For Success
02. Sleeping In My Car
03. The Big L.
04. Wish I Could Fly
05. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
06. Perfect Day
07. It Must Have Been Love
08. 7twenty7
09. Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)
10. How Do You Do!
11. Dangerous
Band presentation
12. Joyride (introduced with “Dem Land die Treue”) (without balls)
13. Spending My Time
14. The Look
15. Listen To Your Heart


18,000 people in the audience – top 4 Roxette concert – just after Copenhagen (25k), Gothenburg (21k) and Bospop Festival (25-20k). The press area was about 10 meters between the stage and the front row – at least 150 people were there during the whole concert.

Articles and photos (review)
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Ischgl on Facebook (press conference and concert)
Radio ZET (video report) (review)
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9 thoughts on “World Tour 2011: Ischgl, Austria – November 26 #75”

  1. It is a shame how “the hardcore fans” (and I mean this word negative!) spread such bad critic over facebook and twitter about the Ischgl-show just because they couldn’t be again in the first row for the 100th time. Come on, how old are you? 12? Get a life!

    The concert was “cool”. I missed CBB, but anyway, I met lots of nice people from the Netherlands. The after party was awesome as well …

    • I haven’t seen bad critics – just an opinion and info that the front row was 10 meteres from the stage. I think similar situation was in Uruguay in April, but it’s more about organization – not Roxette’s performance.

    • they already wrote that it’s not Rox fault but the organisation, that is what they critisized.
      I understand their frustration, some travelled a long way from Germany .. and waited as well in the cold to then find out there is no real first row..
      But that is Austria and the “VIPS”…

  2. So strange that two Indonesian news channel decided to report about this concert 🙂 but it’s great, because I haven’t seen them on TV since 1995 (well, I didn’t saw this one either, but some of my friends did).

  3. Make that a “top-3”-concert, as Bospop indeed had around 25.000 people but spread over 3 days, so probably “only” 8-10.000 on Rox’s Saturday.

  4. in fact we had come a long way from Germany (1400km to Ischgl and back again). But we have liked to have done it. It was really annoying that the press-area was so big and we weren´t aware, that this area will be filled during the WHOLE concert. Nevertheless, we have celebrated, sang, screamed and even cried… yes, but sometimes I feel like 12! 🙂
    Before SMT two people had affect us and asked if we were true fans. They gave us their press-cards and helped us to went over the barrier, so we could enjoy the last three songs DIRECTLY in front of Marie & Helena! Fanstastic!

  5. Thanks for that YT link of Perfect Day. 😀

    That was an awesome version. One of the best i’ve heard so far and in the freezing cold no less!!

    Would love to hear it with out the crowd noise.

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