3 thoughts on “German TRAVELLING online promos”

  1. I hate Weltbild! Rather order the new album on Amazon.de, it’s cheaper and better! 🙂

  2. Grooves-inc.com is even cheaper than Amazon.de and you also get free shipping. I don’t know how it works for Germany, but Amazon charges 14 euro just to ship one CD to South America!

  3. Yes, Amazon has some strange shipping rates cos you can ship a cd for less than 3€ within Germany.

    Well, in my case (shipping to Germany) comparing Amazon.de and Grooves-inc:
    Amazon.de: 14,95€ + 3€ shipping = 17,95€
    Grooves-inc.com: 16,09€ + 2€ shipping = 18,09€

    If that shipping rate at Grooves-inc is international, then it’s of course cheaper for you to order there. For me it doesn’t really make a difference.

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