9 thoughts on “Travelling snippets are out!”

  1. i love all songs special perfect excuse!!! this song sung by marie is amazing!!!! this is a great album

  2. The first 5 songs sound great. And definitely SOAP-ish. If the rest of “Lover lover lover” sounds as good as the snippet part, then it must be the second single!
    The remake tracks are a bit of a turn off, though. I hardly think this new version of “Perfect excuse” will be better than the (great) one on Party Crasher. “See me” seems way too slow for me and TWOTW sounds very similar to the original version but a little faster.

  3. I’ve been listening to all the snippets only once and I think I’m gonna so LOVE this record!

    Finally their awesome, warm, real Roxette sound is back!! ‘TouchedByTheHandOfGod’ is one cool song and the 2nd ‘It’sPossible’ is so much better than the first, ‘trendy’ one. And, and, and, … 😉 I think I’m gonna have 14 favourite tracks on this album. 🙂

    What a shame the cover artwork doesn’t visualize this first class sound …

    Can’t wait for the whole songs now!

    • I also find the 2nd version of It’s Possible so much better. It’s in a less mainstream arrangement..and maybe that’s why they picked the 1st version as single 😛

  4. The opinions seem to spread very wide. I’m happy if they succeed to create a bit of the Tourism magic! My all-time fave. *continues to avoid snippets*

  5. This whole album sounds AMAZING and I’m sure I’ll love it!!!

    The brand new songs are very promising, up-tempo, good rhythm, cool arrangements.

    “Stars” is awsome and als “SGNO”, but I guess they have mixed a bit and Marie has made this “oh” and “really” afterwards in the studio, I’ve never heard her sing those parts live. Also the IMHBL-snippet sounds like a lot of afterwards-mixing, maybe Marie even has sung one or two words again in the studio. But that’s okay to me, in the end it’s the complete work that counts.

    I agree that “See me” and “TWOTW” don’t sound THAT different…

    GREAT album, I’m looking forward to it!!

    • Marie sings that “go” and “really” live, but rather low volume. I guess they mixed it louder. As for IMHBL, Per said somewhere that it’s the NOTP orchestra with new vocals by Marie. That’s why it says Rotterdam 2011. And they left the band (guitars, keys etc.) out. TWOTW is no new version, but a new “vocal up” mix. I hope they deleted those annoying synth sounds.

  6. I didn’t like it 🙁
    I only find the Roxette’s sound in “It’s possible (Version 1)”. The other songs sound like SOAP, wich I don’t like.

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