Roxette to play in Chile, Paraguayan concert cancelled

Arnaldo Mariano Suarez informed us that Roxette is to play in Santiago de Chile for the second time during this amazing World Tour. Their gig is scheduled for Saturday, May 5 at Espacio Riesco and tickets should go on sale tomorrow, March 22. Previously it was said that Roxette might play a concert a day before Buenos Aires date on April 23, but it was officialy denied by Roxette management.

The concert in Asunción, Paraguay, was scheduled for the same date, May 5th and Live Nation has confirmed that the concert has been cancelled. They have never cancelled any date on the current tour being on sale before – except Auckland because Per fell ill. Here is the official statment from Paraguayan organizators:

The promoters T4F & Escenario are affraid to communicate the cancellation of the concert “Roxette Charm School” which was scheduled on May 5th 2012.

The cancellation is due to the fact that Roxette will perform a concert on a date too close, in the city of Santiago de Chile, which creates logistical problems such as lack of time and flight links that makes their concert not possible in our country.

The Producers also report that the return of the tickets for the concert “Roxette Charm School” will be held from Wednesday, March 28 until Wednesday, April 4 2012, from 09:00 to 12:00 and 14:30 to 17:30.

Here is the scan from one of Chilean papers sent us by Claudio Méndez Rojas. Thanks!

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  1. Javier Bernardes (owner of the Escenario promoter) explained the reasons in a radio interview. He said that Roxette management recently added a concert in Santiago de Chile on May, 3rd (Cordoba?????). “The problem is that from Chile to Paraguay there are only 3 transport flights a week, and there are no flights available in that date, and the management wants Roxette to use their own equipment, We did offer local equipment but they refused” said to the radio. So T4F decided
    to move the date from 3 to 5 and cancel the Paraguay gig.
    He also added that “The alternative solution was renting a charter flight but we cannot add a cost of u$s 20.000 for such concert. If we would had been talking about a major artist such as Mana or Black Eyed Peas we would have been solved this”.. (thanks to Arnaldo for letting us know!)

  2. This is anything, but professional and serious. According to the official statement, it looks like the Paraguayan gig created the logistical problems, when it’s exactly the opposite. The Asunción show had been scheduled for months, the problems were caused by the addition of the Chilean show in the last minute. Whatever, I doubt it will sell well, taking into account the last show there was 1 year ago and there is only one month and a half to sell the tickets.

  3. Even the newspaper article says “it was not the best nor the best-selling concert of the last season in Santiago”, hahaha. Why do they add another concert there, then? I’d like to know.

  4. @Raelian: You read it out of the context. It refers as this wasn´t the best selling in 2011, comparing to others that sold near 100.000 tickets, anyways it was one of the most acclaimed, the arena were Roxette played was full with 14.500, wich gave the organizers confidence to make it again. There was a single arena with over 14.500 in southamerica past year?.. No. In Chile yes.

    It´s well known that Paraguayan concert companies are not serious, they were using diplomacy to make it fade, as they are organising Paul Mc Cartney there, they needed that instead of Roxette. Paraguay needs to rent abroad equipment for such shows, not serious at all.

    • Well, they played 2 consecutive shows in Buenos Aires. The Luna Park stadium has about 8.000 seats, but there was a big standing area. The exact number is really hard to define, but if you take 8.000 as an average it makes… 16.000. And that’s because there’s no bigger indoor arena. So, it was not Chile, I am afraid.

  5. That’s true – Chilean concerts was the biggest one-off event during 2011 South American leg. I belive organizators know what they do. I don’t want to remind, but I recall Uruguayan concert was announced like a month before it actually happened and there was around 10,000, so I think Chile has a chance to sell well.

    I also belive they decided to cancel Asuncion as they will earn more on playing in Chile than in Paraguay. I don’t like this attitude, but this is how the business work.

    • There’s a difference: they had not played in Uruguay since 1992. Be sure that a another concert in Montevideo this year, if scheduled, wouldn’t be that massive as the one in 2011. The same will happen in Chile.

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