Roxette backstage sing-alongs during the World Tour 2011-2012

If you find Facebook videos hard to watch and you still remember wonderful accoustic performance of “Dressed for success” among others, so this is the clip you have to see. Just relax and spend next 30 minutes at the backstage with Roxette & the might band.

Done by Patrícia Peres.

3 thoughts on “Roxette backstage sing-alongs during the World Tour 2011-2012”

  1. Thanks Patrícia Peres! Brought back some very nice memories. And to think this is not even every single clip PG posted. Imagine combining every single clip of 2011/2012!! 🙂
    Or…..we just need the DVD already Mr G!!

  2. Call me crazy, Heidi, but I was really thinking about putting all the videos together… 🙂 I just didn’t have THAT much time. 50 videos ~32 minutes -> 1,950 videos ~1,248 minutes. It would almost be a 1-day-long material. Well…
    We definitely need the DVD asap! 🙂

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