Are you in the mood of joining the Joyride?

SVT Play has shared a snippet (4m 56s long) from the upcoming Roxette Live concert film premiering on 2nd January, 2013 on SVT1. This part is from Joyride. Per shouts: “C’mon, Santiago!” at about 1:10, but some fans say crowd scenes are also from Argentina. As SVT Play informs, it will be a 1-hour-long programme on SVT1.


Before you react, please, remember that we’re all MAGIC FRIENDS! 😉


Thanx Arnaldo M Suarez for the crowd scenes info.

10 thoughts on “Are you in the mood of joining the Joyride?”

  1. They had such great lights and colours on stage which aren’t visible in this video 🙁 Looks a bit like it was filmed with iPhones.

    • Sort of, but they still did a very good job with the concert montage. I didn’t expect such quality when I first heard they won’t use professional cameras on stage, but it’s working and it looks pretty decent. I even like the idea of mixing the audience.

      I guess they also mixed sound from different concerts…

  2. After watching it a couple of times I still think it’s a pity, they changed the colours (reduced saturation) – the lights are not as colourful and bright and their skin has a very unhealthy colour 🙁

    the colour temperature from the preview-picture above looks much better and has more “life” in it.

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