#gtsommar The official Gyllene Tider tour poster

On the Gyllene Tider’s Instagram profile the official tour poster was posted. Additionally in many regional daily papers around Sweden ads for certain GT concerts were published – this is one of examples for Gothenburg, with a different background than the official poster.

Additionally the band did a short video where they announce the ticket sale. At the very beginnig of sale over 20,000 people tried to book tickets through Ticnet.se.

1 thought on “#gtsommar The official Gyllene Tider tour poster”

  1. In 1996 the GT premier was sold out in two hours. This was before online tickets. In 2004 it was sold out in a couple of minutes. Not the same i stant succes this year. But this might be a good thing. Now everyone has a better chance to get tickets. Even people who actually worked or went to school this morning. And I think that once the new single starts to get aurplay on the radio lots of people finds out about the tour. The it might be good that there are tickets available?

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