Roxette live and documentary DVD postponed until late summer

Per Gessle posted the following message on Facebook:

Roxette Live+Documentary DVD/BlueRay update: Looks like we have to wait until late summer for release. However, it will include full concert + extended documentary + 90 min hilarious So, Christoffer!-vids. Maybe we should make the audio available on its own as well. It sounds terrific. We all agree that live albums are underrated! /P.

The DVD was originally schedulled for the first quarter of 2013.  The documentary was already broadcasted on SVT1 in December 2012 and a short version of the live DVD was also on SVT early January 2013.

But reading Per’s update, it seems that the waiting will pay off if really the full concert is included and an extended version of the documentary!

And YES, please, make the magnific audio available!

4 thoughts on “Roxette live and documentary DVD postponed until late summer”

  1. Full concert sounds good!
    Audio CD? OF COURSE! Would be awesome! I wouldn’t mind 2CDs or a bonus CD with those songs only performed in 2011.

    Rox last week, Small Apartments now, then GT… I think I can wait for the release after summer.

  2. So does that mean there is technically 2 live editions? The SVT version which is a mix of a number of shows, and the new complete concert? Or will the “full show” still be cuts from a number of them, just a full set list?

    I hope it’s the latter – as nice as it is to have one full concert, I like the idea of showing just how many places they managed to get to on that tour.

  3. I figured this release would be pushed back when the Gyllene Tider reunion was first announced….GRRRRR 😉

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