The cheering fans say thank you to Marie and the band!


When the tour was announced (or confirmed…) I knew I would have to try and go to as many concerts as my holidays and wallet would allow. I always regretted not going to more concerts in 2000 and not being able to go to any “Den ständiga resan tour” concerts. I had always wanted to see Marie live in theatres and in front of small audiences, so I knew this was THE moment to make up for it.

I didn’t know what to expect though. So many questions went through my head the months before the tour premiere in Helsingborg. What songs will she play? How will it be with Chris and Pelle who also play with Roxette? And the new guys Jokke and Surjo? The few days before the premiere I was so excited I couldn’t really concentrate on anything else, and I know that many went through the same. It was M A R I E live solo! After all the years, after all what happened… and suddenly the first concert started. The lights went down, Marie walks on the stage, Chris on guitar… I remember I was blown away by the stripped down start of the concert and in fact of the tour with Så stilla så långsamt.  And suddenly, without really realising it, the lights go out again – this time to say goodbye to the sound of Tro in Umeå.

Two months have passed by extremely fast, just as all the months waiting for the tour went by very slow, slower than ever. And suddenly we are giving our last roses to Marie and saying thank you to Marie and the band. Thank you for two months full of not only amazing music but also two months full of emotions, feelings, happiness, tears, smiles, laughs, memories, kilometers driven / travelled, new friendships, old friendships getting stronger, love, affection, support, planes, airports, train stations, visiting new places……. Many fans added concerts on the run here and there. Just because it felt great, just because we wanted to feel those 1,5 hours again. And no concert was like the other. All concerts were as special.  And…  4 out of 5 of RXB Team met at the same place for the first time! Of course, we had to capture that forever in Jönköping.

rxb team1

For me, many things won’t be the same after this tour. Many things have got a different meaning or became special during these months. Bishops Arms, where we would meet the band after the show and give and get feedback and lots of smiles. Roses or hearts that we gave Marie at the end of quite some concerts. Elite hotels where we slept or could make our dreams come true and say hi to Marie. Somersby cider that we drunk after the shows to celebrate another night full of emotions and deep looks and laughs. And I could go on and on, probably you have your special things too. And, of course, who won’t feel the urge to stand up and clap when hearing the first drum beats of Kom vila hos mig? Or Efter stormen?

After the last concert in Umeå we were able to say bye to Marie and the band. We were all very touched by Marie and the band thanking us for being there and our support. And now it’s our turn. Many fans from all over the world travelled to Sweden to see Marie live the past months and cheered the first rows (and sometimes not really first rows, but we stood up and partied proudly!). Here are “thank you” messages from some of us.

PS: we are looking forward to the live CD (and would love to repeat this one day!!)

Juanjo + Roxana + Cristian + Silvana + Andreas + Bren + Leo

We just wanna say THANK U SO MUCH for this unforgettable tour! Juanjo & Roxy were in the first part of the tour. And us from Borås to Västerås. Andreas from Greece joined us for our last concerts in Gävle & Västerås. Marie what u did was PURE MAGIC! Everything was perfect! All of u are simply gr8. Thank u so much for the best tour in our lifes. With all our love from the bottom of the heart

I had waited six months to see Marie & Co. in concert. After reading everyone’s experience, I knew I would be in for a great treat. Even more so since the last concert is on my birthday! Marie did not disappoint. The band gel together very well and give Marie the good vibes that she uses on stage.


Dear Marie! This was the first time for me to see you on a Solo-tour. I was lucky to see you at 8 shows and every one was FANTASTIC!!! It´s always something very special for me to see you on stage, hear your voice that touches me so deep ( I can´t describe this with words) and to see you smiling makes me even more happy!!! So I´m really, really happy that I was part of this amazing tour I will never ever forget!!!! So, a big, big THANK YOU to you for maken this happen and also to Micke, Pelle, Christoffer, Jokke and Surjo for making something special out of it!
Altough I´m only back at home for one week I already miss you, the band, my Roxette-friends and this tour-life- So, I hope that we will see you very, very soon again!!!
But first of all take a rest and ALWAYS take care of you!!! Hugs and kisses from Austria

Judith (Austria/Spain)
Thank you Marie for being who you are and such an inspiration. Your voice and performance have brought me to places I had never been before and touched me more deeply than I could ever imagine. These two months have been something very special that I will always remember with a big smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart and thanks for all you’ve brought into my life, love & friends. Jokke, thanks for your smiles and always good mood, during the shows and after the shows. And, of course, those amazing solos! Surjo, thanks for the rythm and for turning Så länge det lyser mittemot into a big bas party! Loved your interaction with Pelle and dances from time to time and the cheering the audience for clapping. Chris, thanks for all the perfection and all those details when playing the guitars. You turned Så skimrande into something even more special than it was before, that soft tender steel guitar you played to the last very low but full of emotion note gave me goose bumps every time. Micke, keep on the groovy dances! If anybody was still not sure of what great musician you are, it is surely now clear. The piano on Så skimrande, or the intro of Tro, or that short solo on Ber bara en gång… and last but not least, Pelle, hidden behind the drum kit but always there when needed! Thanks for keeping the beat and giving Marie’s music this fresh pop sound that made us stand up every time, and for the drum stick! And last but not least, thank you to the crew for taking care of the sound and that everything runs smoothly and on time. Thank you!

Fernanda Lizardo

Hej, I’ve travelled over ten thousand kilometers (or six thousand miles) just to see you. Can’t describe how wonderful was to feel your energy on the stage again. Thank you all – Marie and this great, great band – for warming our hearts with your music.

Czech Republic
Jana Peskova

This was the best tour in my life. Never before had I experienced such an intense and intimate atmosphere of love and friendship and mutual support – among the fans, among the bandmembers, and between the fans and the band. And MARIE!!! Such great performances! Such beauty! Thank you.

Thank you, dearest Marie, for one of the most beautiful evenings of my life.. Though I only could see one show in Stockholm, it was more than fantastic, magic… Marie, du är bäst!! Tusen tack!!!


Käraste Marie, tack for en underbar turné med så många minnen båda för, under och efter värja konsert, (jag fick gå på 9 styk!). Så många återseende med vänner, så många speciella ögonblickar… Det minnen jag vill behålla i mitt hjärta är att jag fick möta dig till ett meet’n’greet på MIN födelsedag!!! Paula från Malmö vann ett möte for två med dig och hon tog med mig som min present. Jag glömmer aldrig bort det – tack för att du tog dig tid, tack for denna turnén, tack av hela mitt hjärta!


Kära Marie, thank you doesn’t really seem enough for what I, together with my dearest friends have experienced these last couple of months. All the many memories made will be treasured forever. Thank you for 5 amazing shows – I only wish I could have come to more! An extra-special thank you too for playing Ber Bara En Gång; one of my absolute favourites and an absolute dream come true to hear live!! Hoppas att vi ses snart igen – nånstans, nån gång….

Ketlin Rauk

Dear Marie,  I just have no words enough to thank you for the wonderful tour and those fantastic memories that stay with me for the rest of my life. It has been such an honor for me to see and hear you on stage. I hope there is a chance for it soon again! You will always, always be in my heart, I love you so much!
I wish you lots and lots of love and happiness and all the very best in the world. Also best wishes and greetings to your great band!

Astrid Lenhard

Dear Marie,
I just came back from the last two shows in Lulea & Umea and I can´t hardly describe what I´m feeling right now and it will take some time to handle what I have experienced through the tour and specially what happend at the last show. Unfortunately I joined only four shows, but the shows I saw were fantastic and amazing and really touching! It was definitely a miracle, to see you, Marie, again on stage with your swedish stuff. The performance of you, Marie, and the band grew so much durindg the tour!! Even your voice was more stronger at the last concerts.
The best moment for me was the Meet & Greet before the last show in Umea!! I have still no words for it! It was AMAZING!!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! Hopefully we will get a chance to see you and the band again on stage. I really loved it and enjoyed it to the fullest. I want even to thank Micke and the rest of the band! You guys really rocked!!!

Anja Hoppe
Tack för musiken, tack för styrkan, tack för tillgängligheten! Tack för att jag fick se dig stå på scen igen, höra din vackra röst och din ljuvliga musik! Tack för att du tog dig tid att byta några ord med oss efteråt!

Sandra Knospe
What a impressive, emotional and joyful tour that was. So many intense feelings and amazing memories that have been added to my mind. I feel so blessed that I was able this time to witness 11 fantastic concerts together with beloved friends. Thanks to Marie, the band, the crew and everyone else who was involved and made it possible!! And Marie, you will always give me lugn efter stormen!!

Kirsten Ohlwein
Dear Marie, I don’t have actually words for all the thoughts that are running through my head and all the feelings that are running wild in my heart after this amazing tour has come to an end. In the end I just hope that you could feel our support throughout all 19 shows and will remember this tour as one of the best you ever did. Thank you for wonderful 7 shows I saw, you are an inspiration for everyone and I really really adore you for this – and furthermore you are the only singer in the world who can make me cry with only one tone, and I promise this isn’t an easy thing to do. See you around soon!

And: thanks to Jokke for nice talks, a cool selfie and great memories, thanks to Chris for nice talks in the lift, thanks to Pelle for having a beer with us and thanks Micke for being who you are.

Christina “Chrissie” Röhrs
Thinking back to the six concerts I have seen during this tour, it is not so easy to find the right and enough words. The most important words are THANK YOU MARIE and also to your fantastic band! After your solotour in 2000 where I only could see one concert, this was a dream come true. Your solowork is so great and it was fantastic to hear the songs again and in such great new liveversions. I had a fantastic time with my friends travelling through Sweden following you. The memories will last forever. You are an outstanding artist and person. Thank you!

Patricia Bienko
Thank you for five fabulous concerts which I could attend! We had such a great time during the NU-tour while listening quietly, singing along, dancing and partying with friends at and after the concerts and I really hope that there will be many more possibilities for that in the future!

Christina Schäfer
I could only attend to 3 concerts this tour, but they were just awesome. The intimate atmosphere and the marvelous interaction of the band with Marie were something really special to witness. Thank you for a wonderful week in Sweden! And to Marie I can only say: You’re the strongest, bravest woman I’ve ever met and you never cease to amaze me – even after all these years! Thank you so much and see you next tour!

Tanja Schwebe
Not only that my dreams came true, but an even stronger Marie! I am so grateful for being a part of these amazing moments of this tour. I am so full of admiration for you Marie, Micke and the band. You did a great job and I’ll never be able to put it into proper and suitable words to express exactly what it all means to me, what or how I feel or think. So just let me put it into a huge “Tusen, tusen tack för allting. Ni är i mitt hjärta för evigt och för alltid”

Thank you for another happy “family meeting” and 8 wonderful concerts. Having always regretted to have missed the tour in 2000, I finally got to make up for it. It was just amazing and I am already looking forward to the next opportunity to sing along with you!

Time flies when you’re having fun. Thanks for the shortest two months in my life, the whole tour has been more than awesome!

Ivan Kelava
Thanks for these brilliant shows. I got memories for life! Tack tack! You will always be the best of all!!! Can’t wait to see you again on stage…

Nikolett Zentai

This tour was fantastic. She has very good voice, I enjoyed whole gig. My dream came true, because I was there and I saw her live on a solo tour in Halmstad.

Patrícia Peres
Kära Marie, först och främst: DU är världens bästa sångerska! It was a real dream come true to see you live on your solo tour. I expected it to be wonderful, but it turned out to be far much more fabulous than what I could imagine. Your voice is killer and your energy is indescribable! Every second of the ballads you performed was so emotional and touching and every second of the rocking songs was so powerful! I will keep this tour forever in my heart and in my mind! Tusen tack! Micke, you’re the man! Keep on dancing behind the keyboards! Thanks for always being so nice to us and for all your kind words! Chris, it was great to see you on stage again and hear your guitars bleeding! Also thanks for the smallest autograph you have ever given! Pelle, I enjoyed you playing the drums the most in Linköping. Love when you’re teasing & being silly! Don’t ever change! Jokke, after I saw your headbanging in a Kayser video, I was wondering what you would do on a stage next to Marie. You were a great surprise and I just love your guitar playing, as well as your voice! No surprise ”Ett hus vid havet” became one of my most fave songs off the setlist. Surjo, don’t wait so many concerts on a next tour to be more open towards the crowd. Loved when you started acting more and more besides your fab bass playing. Keep it up! Thank you all for this fantastic, magical and unforgettable tour! I’m grateful I could be part of the cheering crowd in Jönköping, Göteborg, Halmstad, Linköping and Stockholm. Hope to see you all soon! Have a good rest, Marie and enjoy the summer & listening to the birds!

Valeria Felluca
Attending her amazing concerts made me discover her real “soul” as an artist. The way she sings her songs has such a depth, you can clearly feel that it’s something much more personal, I also got the impression that her voice is used in a more intense way, I would say that she has the great gift of transmitting strong emotions, no doubt about it! I saw two concerts I will always keep in my heart: during the one in Malmö we all saw her in a difficult moment, but she gave everyone a priceless lesson: never give up and be strong no matter what happens! The secon one in Växjö was absolutely fantastic and full of energy. I want to thank all her fabulous band, Christoffer who is always really nice and super charismatic on stage and, last but not least, all the amazing international fans I saw again and the other ones I met for the first time who make concert trips always special.

Maria Salatino
If you look at Marie she looks so fragile but when she sings she transmits an inner strength so extraordinary that the sensation I feel is like giving a fist against a wall. I don’t go to the concert for just saying: “I went to Marie concert”; I go for coming back with emotions, feelings that I will bring with myself for the rest of my life. Thanks Marie!


Tack käraste Marie och ditt underbara band! Den här turnén har varit väldigt speciell och jag njutit så mycket av alla 5 konserter jag gick på. Tillsammans med mina vänner åkte jag Sverige runt och hade så fantastisk roligt! För och efter konserterna mötte vi andra fans/vänner och vi pratade och skrattade så mycket…en väldigt speciell känsla av att vara tillsammans, jag kommer aldrig att glömma det! Tack Marie för att du finns och hoppas vi syns igen någon gång, någonstans!

Nienke Griffioen
It was an amazing, moving and extremely emotional solo tour. Thank you for having the courage to take on this adventure!! I enjoyed it so much. You are the best! Love and hugs from nienke griffioen

Barbara Konarzewska

Small venues, intimate atmosphere, friends and a great band. Plus the best voice and a great personality in one on stage. Thanks for all the memories (and making it happen).

I wanna say thank you for 3 unforgettable concerts…for emotions,happines and chanc eto se you Marie live with your solo was something amazing and never forgot this days.

Evgeny Perekopskiy

Dear Marie, You cannot even imagine how happy I am! Seven conserts in different places of Sweden. Different months, different halls, one band, one strong woman. I told you in Visby that it was my first concert you played solo. It was so bright and joyful and so peaceful and quiet at the same time. During those 7 concerts I met very nice guys: some of them I had never seen before and now we are friends. And that’s because of you! You always bring this special mood that stays inside of me for a very long time. And your mind-blowing smiles: oh, what smiles they are! One more thank you for Det regnar igen: This song means so much for me. It was the first song of yours that I heard first 20 years ago and I still love it. I really hope you will tour Sweden one more time. Thank you for everything!

Alex Usero

Thank you Marie and the band for such a great turné! So many emotions all together!! It was such a great experience to be part of it so that I can’t find the words to describe it. Me and my friends (from all around the world) were planning this tour for such a long time… And we really enjoyed it all together!! The day of the first concert in Helsingborg I won a meet & greet from Aftonbladet and I was really nervous: I could manage to be there in the first concert and I was able to meet you before the show: wow! so many great feelings all together! Every concert was a different (and great) experience.. it’s so difficult to decide which one was the best!! You made it so great!, wining self confidence in every concert… your voice was amazing and with a such a great band that joined together so well!! So, thank you so much to all of you!! I hope that you repeat it again really soon!! We got so much energy and good vibrations from you and the band! Tack så mycket!!

Rosa Planas
It was worth waiting 14 years for a solo tour. Thank you for such a great tour and the good atmosphere you’ve created! I will miss the trips to Sweden, the concerts, the old and new friends I’ve met at every concert, but I will have a big smile on my face for a long time and I will keep all the lovely moments in my heart forever.

Ricardo Acosta
Since I was a kid, Marie’s music used to take me to faraway and wonderful places without leaving my room. Now that I’m an adult, her music has taken me from the South to the North of Sweden on this unforgettable tour. It feels like a dream which became true, and hopefully we can keep dreaming for a long long time

Paula Cafiero Högström
“NU!” är turnén över… så svårt att fatta! Så väldigt mycket har hänt under dessa två månader… 12 (ja, tolv!) konserter har jag varit på. “NU!” är det också dags att bearbeta allt som hänt oss alla. Det har varit en väldigt intensiv tid… Varje resa till (och från) ett nytt ställe, varje konsert… Förberedelser med vänner. Alla goa skratt med dem, alla minnen från förr vi har gemensamt som dök upp hela tiden och som vi pratade så kärt om, alla roliga och trevliga NYA minnen som nu etsat sig i hjärnan och hjärtat. Så mycket vi upplevt, med oss själva, med dessa gamla vänner emellan, med andra fans… med DIG och ditt fantastiska band. Ord räcker aldrig till. Jag känner mig oerhört glad. TACKSAM. Stolt… Ännu en gång har jag fått så mycket från dig, underbara Marie. Du anar inte hur mycket du betyder för mig. TACK för att du finns! Tack för denna turnén, en stor och stark dröm som gått i uppfylelse! Jag hoppas vi ses snart igen allihopa!


Hearing “Tro” live for at least once in my life was a goal since 14 years. I’ll never forget that moment in Göteborg. Great concert, amazing musicians, and this beautiful voice that goes straight to the heart. Thanks so much for that to everybody that was part of this tour!

Miedy Bishop

Dear Marie, I want to thank you for being who you are. So humble and sweet but at the same time so strong and amazing. To me, you’re not only my number one favorite singer, but part of my family that I respect and care so much. Thank you for being there for half of my life. Because of you, I visited the places I’ve never been, and most especially because of you I’ve met so many great friends. Your music has united us.

Thank you all for sending in your messages!


Concert pictures by Judith. Taken in Luleå 18-04-2014.