“Some other dude” goes viral

It definitely wasn’t intended to end like this, but some person who visited the Roxette show in Perth made an expression written in an angry posting go viral. Disappointed by Marie, writing that she shouldn’t be on stage when she’s not well and not leave “some other dude” singing.

It didn’t take long and the post – or to be more specific that “other dude” went viral. While we have no intention to embarrass the visitor more than it already happened, this “some other dude” joke is too funny to not share.

In the meantime, the post has been deleted, but the “some other dude” memes make their way through the social networks.
The Daily Roxette joined in with this one:



Earlier, some fans already had great ideas how to use Per’s name. The following photos are courtesy of Alexandra N., Basia K., Ricardo A. H., Marie D. and “some other dudes”.