True or false game with Per Gessle on Mix Megapol

Per was a guest on Gry Forssell med vänner on Mix Megapol on 24th October. The program is available as podcast HERE (last 3 minutes), but only a short version of the conversation is online. The program leaders played a „true or false” game with PG. They also shared a short video HERE.

One of the questions was if it’s true that Per has a house (here Per replies immediately that it’s true, haha), a house that moves with the sun. Mr. G thinks it’s a brilliant idea, but it’s unfortunately false. Rumor has it that Per called the municipality of Halmstad and asked them to remove all speed bumps in the surroundings, so that his Ferrari wouldn’t hit them. Per says he has also heard about it and he thinks it’s also a good idea, but that is not true either. He heard this story from his neighbours. Gry asks Per how it feels that there are made up stuff like this about him. PG thinks it’s quite fun. It makes everything a little more confused about him and he likes that.

One of the guys asks Per if it’s true that he picked songs for their Spanish album in which he doesn’t sing, so that he didn’t have to sing in Spanish. PG smiles and says it’s true. He says he sang only one song, Vulnerable (Tímida in Spanish). Mr. G thinks it was a miserable project. Marie was perfect though. She even sang Spending My Time live in Spanish when they played in South America.

Gry says they talked about this with PG before, but maybe things have changed since then. They are curious if it’s true or false that has never bathed in Tylösand. One of the guys asks if there was no swimming this summer. Per replies he was on tour this summer, so no. He has never swam in Tylösand. He tells the story that his father and grandfather were plumbers and they built the whole water system in Tylösand, Frösakull and Ringenäs. It was in the ’50s and ’60s and when Per was a kid, he went with his father to Frösakull a lot. They had a little shed there and Per spent a lot of time in Frösakull. That’s the beach next to Tylösand. So he swam there. The program leaders say that now Per doesn’t bathe in Tylösand, because that’s a story that should live on. Per says he can still bathe there and lie afterwards. Haha.

Stills are from the video.