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RoxetteBlog (also known as RXB) is a non-commercial online community by fans and for fans of Roxette and Roxette-related artists and we aim to cover all news around this band and artists. RXB is published by Judith S. with the contribution and help of many Roxette fans around the world. Disclaimer.

Who are we?

Founder, webmaster, all other technical stuff, co-Editor-in-Chief:
Judith S., Vienna, Austria.

Patrícia Peres (user: Patrícia Peres) – Hungary.

News Editors:
Sascha Strohmeier (user: Sascha) – Germany.

Former News Editors:
Tomasz Wysocki (user: Tomasz; formerly: tomos85) – Poland (from Facebook RoxettePL).
Kirsten Ohlwein (user: Kiwein) – Germany (from Planet Roxette, moderator in Planet Roxette’s forum. Also hosting another unofficial Marie Fredriksson page). Kirsten decided to step down from RoxetteBlog in June 2018.

Avatar Pictures

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You find our disclaimer and information about copyrights and privacy here.

The Project

This blog was born from my idea of wanting to have all events and news happening around Roxette in one single place. In March/April 2009, with Per Gessle’s tour and the rumours about Roxette joining NOTP, there was a lot going on.  I was regularly visiting 3 forums and 2 websites to get news, links to performances, pictures and so on and trying to keep track of all… but I failed.

I then started to collect all interesting links in “My Favourites”, but it soon became a mess.

So here’s where this website comes in. It’s not about being the fastest, it’s about having the MOST information. All packed in one website. Easy to search, easy to access. As our motto says, don’t miss a Roxette & Co thing! Or as our logo says, everything Rox!

Kirsten (Kiwein) joined this project as soon as I told her about this idea. She runs the German fanpage and forum. Tomasz and Sascha also joined the team at a very early stage. Patrícia from Hungary joined us end of 2012. And of course, we cannot forget all the regular readers and contributors!

Don’t stop keeping your eyes open and sending us everything you find about Rox & Co. We count on you!



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