NOTP Countdown: Media is picking up!

jan-per-marieSwedish newspaper Expressen has a somewhat bigger article about Roxette’s stage comeback today. Including interview bits with Clarence! Read here (in Swedish)

And if possible, don’t miss the report about Rox at the Proms of Belgian TV channel EEN tonight: “Is Roxette ready for NOTP?” Seems to be an interview and footage from the rehearsals yesterday.

Edit: You can watch the report online (in English)

Update, December 30: The video was redirected to Youtube. Thanks Project_Z!

NOTP Countdown: Lightshow and Rehearsals

View from the stage at Night of the PromsThe Dutch NOTP Fanpage runs a series of articles and interviews up to the tour start next Friday. Yesterday they had an interview with Geert Vanhout, the man behind the lightshow. Some interesting excerpts:

Geert: ‘This year will be very special. The LED lights with a low resolution are used for a special light effect during the whole show; there will be less video images compared to last year but there will be more lights. On the stage itself, there will be separate light elements. Besides the artists and the orchestra, we also have to light up the dancers and the extras. All of this needs a lot of material and also a decent programming.’

Geert: ‘From Monday on the rehearsals start in the arena with the dancers, Tuesdays the extras start. On Wednesday the first rough show is done: everyone, also the artists get an explanation of what will happen; it’s a disaster for a musician or an artist not to know some fireworks will explode behind their backs! On Thursday and Friday general rehearsals are planned and Friday evening the first show.’

So fantastic, but the artists only see the design and the result of the light show from next week on. Doesn’t that create any problems?

Geert:’No, that’s not a problem. We discuss in advance with the artists, like recently with Sharon [den Adel]. But the artists know that they work with a professional organization that they can trust; the artists also know that they are part of NOTP and that the show is not build around them.

Read the whole interviews here:

Interviews with heads behind the Proms orchestra

The NOTP fanpage features interviews with the conductor and the arranger of Night of the Proms. The interviews from this summer reveal some bits about their work with Roxette so far.

Roxette with Robert Groslot in May 2009
Roxette with Robert Groslot in May 2009
Robert Groslot, conductor, on Marie:
Did you meet Roxette before? Were there any rehearsals yet?
No, there were some preparations; When I’ve met Marie in May she was still fragile. I hope she’s much better now; it looks important to me that she’s protected and not has too many contacts.

Franck van der Heijden, arranger, on the orchestra arrangements:
For example, how long do you work at a number for Roxette for the fall editions? However, they are coming with their own band.
Well, Roxette exists from control freaks who like to work with their own arranger. From 2002 there are some things ready for them.
About Roxette we’ve already talked about, since the arrangements of 2002 still exists.
I’m going to rewrite the arrangement because I’m no longer happy with what their arrangers made of it then.

Read the whole interviews here: NOTP Fanpage

Editor’s note: It looks like the arranger interview (from July) was done before he got the new arrangements Per talked about at twitter…