Roxette nominated for “Echo” award in Germany

Roxette are nominated for the German Echo award with their album “Charm School”. The category Roxette is nominated is called “Gruppe International Rock / Pop” – best international Rock/Pop group.  The award is really important in Germany, as much important as the Grammys in the US. There’s not a jury choosing the winner. The sales charts decide the nominees and in the end – the winner.

On the Wikipedia site it says (used Google translate):

The ranking of the winners in most categories results from the added up weeks results of the Media Control sales charts in February of one year to January of the following year. This has the consequence that the absolute sales figures – should be – distributed over the entire year. This easy distortion of the results is possible. Good sales of the artists who achieve over longer periods (no weekly current top positions in the charts) good sales results will be penalized. [1] In some categories (lifetime achievement and special rates) are the winners selected by a jury, the most successful live act is nationally determined via online voting.

The awarding will take place on March 22th in Berlin. The show will be broadcast the same evening. Other nominees are Coldplay, Sunrise Avenue, Snow Patrol and Superheavy.

Our reader Dennis informs that Roxette have been nominated several times before:

According to wikipedia Roxette were nominated for the ECHO award in the categorie “best international group” at least in the years 1992, 1993 & 1995 – (For the year 1994 no nominations were listed, but as Roxette had no new album out the year before, I guess they weren’t nominated).

Thanks for letting us know.

Source: Musikwoche


“No One Makes It On Her Own” video got officially launched

This week saw the official media release of Roxette’s music video for the 4th “Charm School” single “No One Makes It On Her Own”. The beautiful animated video for the download-only single was made by Russian fan Tanya Rush and got published already in March. EMI now decided to buy and use it as the official video for the ballad.

Roxette – No one Makes it on Her Own von EMI_Music

The animated work appears to be retouched a bit if you compare the old Youtube with the new DailyMotion or MyVideo (D-A-CH) upload. There’s also a new end screen.

The single itself has no specific release date, since there’s no CD or download bundle – not even a cover. Just buy an album version if you haven’t yet!

Coldplay single “Paradise” inspired by “Wish I Could Fly”?

Belgian newspaper “Het Nieuwsblad” reports about a striking similarity between the backing tracks (not the vocal melody) of Coldplay’s new single “Paradise” and Roxette’s hit “Wish I Could Fly” from 1999. Coldplay have been in the focus of plagiarism claims before with previous singles, so the author asks if Chris Martin & Co. have asked Marie & Per in advance for this kind of “inspiration”. Judge for yourself:


New interview: Roxette to triumph over the world

Per Gessle gave a fresh interview regarding Roxette’s present and future to TT Spektra, appearing here and there. Some interesting bits:

  • The tour album under the working title “Tourism 2” or “2rism” is still planned for release in Spring 2012 and will include several entirely new songs. Per is not keen on a project that is only retrospective, the same goes for a possible future Gyllene Tider project.
  • He is writing new songs all the time, but with no specific project in mind. Now it’s Roxette, but he would like to do more solo and GT in the future.
  • Roxette are producing a live documentary which may be released alongside the new album next year.
  • In Sweden the situation is a bit difficult for Roxette. It’s much easier to sell GT tickets there.
  • Roxette’s World Tour is running until August 2012. Maybe with additional Canada dates in the Fall. In the end they will have played 130 concerts for around 1.3 million people. So far they count 53 concerts for 750,000 fans.
  • Per is well aware that the nostalgia factor plays a big role in Roxette’s current success. In areas like Australia where they sold 50.000 tickets in one day, people thought Roxette was inactive since 2001.

About their motivation:

The most important thing is that we have a blast and that Marie feels like a princess. This is the world’s weirdest rehab!