World Tour 2012: Birmingham Audio Bootleg

Torsten Dettlaff published on his website a high quality recording of the Birmingham Roxette concer that took place on July 6, 2012.

He decided to record it with a portable DR-100 recorder. The results are actually pretty good – as he write on the website. You will find a download link there as well. Unfortunately, “Dressed for success” is sadly missing.

Cover for this bootleg done by Roxette Cafe.

World Tour 2012: Melbourne #1 Video Bootleg

Here it comes – the very first video booleg from World Tour 2012 recorded by Aussie Fan who wants to stay anonymous – anyway we say big thank you for doing this and sharing your recordings.

If you don’t know what has happened during the first night in Melbourne, check here. Below you’ll find 13-part concert – download each part and then try to unzip it into one folder. Files were zipped by 7zip programme.

Has Per recorded soundtrack for Jonas Åkerlund movie “Small Apartments”?

Per revealed that he has written and recorded a soundtrack album for a movie during this year. Could it be a new 2012 Jonas Åkerlund film called “Small Apartments” starring Dolph Lundgren, Billy Crystal or Peter Stormare? IMDB Small Apartments 2012.

We are only guessing, you know 🙂

Update, December 2: Per Gessle’s comment seems to deny this rumour.

Wow, what a line-up! Wish it was true!

And Matt Lucas is in there! Hallelujah! And Jimmy Knoxville! And Billy Crystal! And james Caan! Jeezus, Jonas – how did you manage this?

Universal to acquire EMI Music

After a lot of turmoil during the last couple of years, it seems like Roxette’s long-term record company EMI Music found a new home at Universal Music, the world’s biggest record company. Universal finally won the bidding game against Warner Music, but the deal still has to go through regulatory investigations because of its huge combined market share in recorded music. That process could take up to a year.

Meanwhile, current and past EMI artists seem to be quite happy with the deal. Dave Holmes, the manager of Coldplay, said that the deal “can only be a positive” for EMI. “I look forward to working with the Universal team,” he added. Mick Jagger said that he “particularly welcomed” the new owners. The Rolling Stones switched from EMI to Universal in mid 2008. “This is a very positive development and I particularly welcome the fact that EMI will once again be owned by people who really do have music in their blood,” he said.

Time will tell if this deal will bring any changes to Roxette’s future at the record company. EMI’s publishing arm is likely to be sold to Sony/ATV.

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