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You want to share your thoughts about your Meet and Greet with Per Gessle? Did you take pictures? What did Per say? Or did you meet Marie? Or other band members?
Send us your reports and photos of Meets and Greets from the NOTP tour and share your story about this special moment!

Luis is the first to share his thoughts and pictures of his meeting with Per Gessle on October 24th in Antwerp after the 2nd show. Luis says:

Hi, here is my pics with Per, Fans from Hungry and of course Spain!!!  It was so special, it was my first time front to Per. Woooo!!!! he so friendly, we took many photos and autographs!!!! Roxette are still strong on the stage with an increible crowd front of them…. I wish i could heard new songs in 2010!!!!! a big salute all the Roxette freekfans like me.  see ya.. in Rotterdam 21..

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  1. thank you. you can see to me in the middle in the third pic, between my friend Fabian, ME, Ana and other guy from southamerica… it was a fantastic night… and Per said “Argentina is a great country” i´m from Argentina, but I´m living in Madrid right now…. it was a pleasure met with him…

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    The translation is here:

    A dream come true for a roxoman
    I would like to tell you about the final performance of Night of the Proms, which was held in Dortmund on 20 December 2009.
    For me it was and still is the brightest and warmest memory of the tour in Germany.
    It all started in the morning when I arrived at a small railway station in Cologne. I agreed with a driver, who also traveled from Cologne to Paderborn, to give me a lift for 10 euros to Dortmund. There were also a guy and a girl, both Germans, in a car. The driver’s name was Alex. He asked me what I was doing in Germany. I told him about the Night of the Proms, and about the Roxette’s reunion. How surprised were the Germans, that because of Roxette people came to their country from all parts of the world … We arrived in the city in an hour. The snow was just beginning to fall …
    I came to Westfalenhalle around noon. I was the first of the fans. I decided to walk, stroll along the arena and came across a hotel that had an entrance directly into the arena of bypassing the main entrance. Funny, but no one paid any attention to me. And so I walked everywhere.
    Then I saw that a few fans arrived who were surprised when they saw me on the other side of the Arena’s windows.
    Some time later Kirsten, a German fan, came who also writes for Roxetteblog. With her, I had agreed that we would go to the show for free, so she knew personally one of the organizers of the show. At 5 pm Kirsten and I got in the pit, where there was the first row, we took the place near Sandra Knospe. That Sandra who visited more than a hundred Rox and related concerts.
    The show was postponed due to snow for half an hour. But this excitement only grew.
    So here came ‘Wish I could fly’.
    Marie in a brilliant turquoise suit, and Per – a real dandy. Beside the chair on which Marie sat, there was a toy Santa Claus. Soon it would be Christmas.
    The song sounded like never weary and insanely sexy. After the song the whole audience cried: Bravo!
    In the second part of the show, Roxette rockes the hall with ‘The Look’. Marie improvised a song singing the famous ‘Na na na na na…’ from the Beatles’ “Hey Jude”.
    After a fabulous performance with The Look, on the stage there were only Marie and Per. All 12,000 spectators sang along the chorus of “It must have been love”, and Marie looked at us with a smile on her lips.
    And then we heard the roar of the machine. This was “Joyride”! And all the fans threw colored balloons. It was a really fascinating ride, which involved everyone in the hall.
    But the most striking impression was “Listen to your heart”. Every time I hear this powerful ballad sang by Marie, I feel goose bumps.
    When the performers and musicians were presented with bouquets, Marie’s son Oscar came on stage. He gave a bouquet to his mum, and she gently hugged him first, and then she kissed him.
    Marie gave her flowers to Manuel, a German fan. After the show, he came to me with a bouquet and hugged me. I was a little taken aback. But I now understand. Sometimes a friendly hug says more than any words.
    After the concert I went with German fans to the parking lot. In 10-15 minutes without stopping rode the bus with the artists. I saw Christoffer Lundquist on the second floor of the double decker. Then I said to Kirsten: Let’s follow them. Let’s remember our youth when we were running after cars in which were Marie and Per …
    Kirsten was in disarray. On the one hand she wanted to see Roxette, but the disadvantage was the fact that I had left my rucksack in the luggage at the railway station, and we need to take it first. Still, she decided to go to Düsseldorf Airport, located 75 km from Dortmund.
    After we got my bag at the station, we traveled for a very long time from the city. I think we got all the red lights during our trip. Then, all streets and the highway were covered with snow. When we arrived to Maritim hotel, there was no bus. I felt sad… But then Kirsten’s phone rang and it was Sandra, who went after the show to the hotel in her car, and she told us that now in the lobby they were chatting with Jonas Isacsson. We ran through the snowdrifts as fast as we could. Fans, sh+t!
    In the lobby we saw Jonas communicating with a dozen of German fans. When we came up with Kirsten, Jonas shook hands with Kirsten, called her by name, and then he turned to me and said: Hello Evgeny! How nice that you came.
    Two or three minutes later he said goodbye and went to have his supper.
    Then I noticed in a glass elevator there was Micke (Marie’s husband), going down in the lobby. When he turned to us he was followed by Marie…. Micke came to me and said: Hey, Evgeny! How are you? How are you feeling? I replied that I felt better than just cool. And I was very glad to see them again.
    Then Marie came to me. I said to her: Marie, you gave me three bunches of flowers, and I gave you only one… You deserve a lot more flowers for all the things that you did for us, your fans.
    Marie was looking at me all this time and then she embraced me. For quite a long time we were standing embracing. I saw Mikael’s eyes – so kind and smiling. Marie said she was very glad to see me.
    Then I said to Marie that this meeting could not have happened if not for Kirsten. Marie went to Kirsten and hugged her, too.
    Then Marie said that she was very proud of her fans, because we are the best. Thanks to all of us, our support and our faith, she was able to perform in public. She repeated several times that we are the best. That her fans are her real friends – always ready to support all her steps. Fantastic people! And while she was expressing her feelings, her eyes glistened with tears, which, together with the emotions, came rushing to this incredibly kind and frank lady.
    I told Marie that she is better anyway. She laughed through her tears.
    Then Sandra said that it’s our turn to give our due. Because Marie has done so much for us, roxette fans.
    This whole conversation was so quiet… no pictures, no one asked for autographs. Everyone listened attentively to what Marie said. Some of the girls stood and cried. So emotional was this meeting.
    Marie thanked us for what we got. She wished us a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Then she said that she needed to tell us goodbye. And along with Mikael she went to have supper.
    I stood silently for two minutes. I was so thankful to Kirsten that she helped me get to the hotel. We hugged for a long time with all the fans. We promised to meet soon.
    I walked with Kirsten and Jenni to Kirsten’s car to get my rucksack and I could not believe that such thing could happen to us. A truly magical night.
    And it ended on a high note. On a positive note.

  3. I’m dreaming of this moment. In 2011 the # Roxette will be in Brazil, cross country to go to Rio de Janeiro and hopefully have a chance to meet them. It would be my birthday present 36 years, Perfect and Unforgettable throughout my life.


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