Roxette 30th Anniversary Tour: Vladivostok, Russia – October 28 – #1

Roxette’s 30th Anniversary tour just started today in Vladivostok, Russia!

The setlist has some surprises. Three songs are new on the setlist for this tour:  Real Sugar, which was just played a handfull of times back in 2001, The Heart Shaped Sea, probably seen live only by those who joined the tour in 1992 (besides the Unplugged in 1993) and Queen Of Rain, which was also part of the setlist in 2001 and the Unplugged ’93.

Besides that, Watercolours In The Rain is back on (after a break during the last concerts of 2012) in a stripped down version with only Marie’s voice and Dea Norberg on the piano. Otherwise, the setlist is a nice mix of greatest hits, both ballads and power-pop songs. Sounds like fun!

As always, we will collect newspaper articles, videos and pictures for all concerts whenever possible!

Per’s comment on FB:

VLADIVOSTOK UPDATE: Yeeehaaaaa! Fab concert in front a full house in Vladi, around 7000 ppl I guess. Superb crowd, great band, we loved every second of it!!!! Thanks everyone who made our new world tour happening!!!! Cheers, P&M & Co.
PS. Clips will follow. Sooner or later. Campagne now. Pelle is singing karaoke. Only Alla Pugatjova songs….

Sleeping In My Car
The Big L!
Spending My Time
Crash! Boom! Bang!
Real Sugar
She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
The Heart Shaped Sea
Perfect Day
Watercolours In The Rain
Fading Like A Flower
How Do You Do!
It Must Have Been Love
Dressed For Success

Listen To Your Heart
The Look
Queen of Rain

Articles and pictures:
Pictures by Evgeny
Pictures on Instagram: | | setlist ; Anton Balashov’s photos 1; 2


Audio bootleg

From Instagram: Queen of Rain #1, Sleeping In My Car, Real Sugar, It Must Have Been Love, Queen Of Rain #2
Youtube by Vladivostok Art: Listen To Your Heart | Sleeping In My Car | Real Sugar | Queen Of rain
Spending My Time & Crash! Boom! Bang!

TV report about the concert

The Heart Shaped Sea

Watercolours In The Rain

Interview with Per #1

Interview with Per #2

Interview with Per Gessle on Finnish newspaper

Mari Pudas (a Roxette fan from Finland) interviewed Per Gessle for the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti (and interview #2). Here is a summary of the interview.

I’m like any other person, just a normal person. I am grateful for my success, the fact that people are interested in what I do, because it should not be taken for granted. Today, songs and artists come and go, so it is rare for a career to last so long. Every now and then I have to pinch myself,” he explains.

As we all know, Roxette go on tour starting this upcoming Tuesday in Vladivostok . After summer 2015 Roxette plans to release a new album – with the first single to be released early 2015. Per started to work on the album in summer 2013, and he tells that it will be “modern, almost electonic/techno”, but still keeping the pop sounds.I wanted to challenge myself to write music in a new way, and see where it leads. Of course, the album will have typical Roxette components but they will sound fresher. I’m really glad that we have moved on and are not just repeating ourselves.” Per has also been working with David Guetta and other Swedish DJs for other projects.

Roxette will play in Finland end of November, “Finland is fun to play,” says Per. He also explains that he has got more self-confidence with his voice and that he discovered he is not a bad singer and his voice has some strenghts. He also comments on the fact that they have taken their music to many places around the world. “We wanted to go out from Sweden to the world and we managed it. Sometimes Marie and I look at each other on stage with a smile, and we realise what we have reached”. And he explains that he realised in the previous tour that one tour is not enough for Marie, “she wants more and more concerts”
Per also says that he doesn’t know which is the most important song they have done, but that they realised during the rehearsals how good “Queen Of Rain” is, which they haven’t played for a while. Will we hear this one on tour? We will see!
Thanks Mari for your help!
SETTING THINGS STRAIGHT FROM SEOUL: No, at this point in time there won’t be any collaborations with David G and/or any other DJ’s on the new Rox-album. Misunderstandings. Stuff lost in translation. I am working with different ppl on different tremendously exciting projects but it has got nothing to do with Rox. So you know. /P.

Which Roxette songs would you like to hear live? #9

Travelling CoverAnd here is the last of the album polls with “Travelling”. As always, you can choose two songs. In this case, “It’s Possible”  as well as the live tracks (songs released on other albums) are out.

The results of “Charm School” are quite interesting. A clear majority is for “Speak To Me”, followed by #2 is “No One Makes It On Her Own” and #3 “Only When I Dream”.

Next week we’ll have the big hits and probably some rare tracks… and we should be ready on time when Roxette starts to rehearse!

Thank you for participating!

[yop_poll id=”12″]

Pearls of Passion:
#1 – Neverending Love (247 votes)
#2 – So Far Away (222 votes)
#3 – Secrets That She Keeps (217 votes)

Look Sharp!
#1 – Paint (504 votes)
#2 – (I Could Never) Give You Up (282)
#3 – Sleeping Single (207)

#1 – (Do You Get) Excited? (404 votes)
#2 – Hotblooded (292 votes)
#3 – Knockin’ On Every Door (278 votes)

#1 – The Rain (296 votes)
#2 – Fingertips (252 votes)
#3 – Queen Of Rain (239 votes)

Crash! Boom! Bang!
#1 – Fireworks (407 votes)
#2 – What’s She Like? (385 votes)
#3 – Run To You (384 votes)

Have A Nice Day
#1 – Crush On You (465 votes)
#2 – Anyone (257 votes)
#3 – Beautiful Things (222 votes)

Room Service
#1 – The Center Of The Heart (378 votes)
#2 – Milk And Toast And Honey (374 votes)
#3 – Real Sugar (324 votes)

Charm School
#1 – Speak To Me (613 votes)
#2 – No One Makes It On Her Own (302 votes)
#3 – Only When I Dream (301 votes)

Which Roxette songs would you like to hear live? #4

05_tourism_coverPoll time again! Now it’s the time for “Tourism”.

Again, the big hits (that were played during most tours at least) are excluded from this poll. “So Far Away” was already included in the “Pearls of Passion” poll. “Silver Blue” was already #1 in our previous poll back in 2010 and Roxette played it during the tour 2010-2012, but we think it’s just fair to include it again.

If you are new here and want to know more about the idea behind this poll series, check this article!

You can choose 2 songs – and the poll will run until next Sunday, June 29th.

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The top 3 results per album:

Pearls of Passion:
#1 – Neverending Love (247 votes)
#2 – So Far Away (222 votes)
#3 – Secrets That She Keeps (217 votes)

Look Sharp!
#1 – Paint (504 votes)
#2 – (I Could Never) Give You Up (282)
#3 – Sleeping Single (207)

#1 – (Do You Get) Excited? (404 votes)
#2 – Hotblooded (292 votes)
#3 – Knockin’ On Every Door (278 votes)