Roxette nominated for best live band!

Roxette made it among the finalists for Aftonbladet’s annual Rockbjörnen awards. They are nominated for “live band of the year” (“Årets livegrupp”). Now the final voting is open to the public. There’s also a blank spot for “concert of the year” (“Årets konsert”), where a vote for Roxette’s Gothenburg show would be a lovely choice. You have to fill in artist, location and month (Roxette, Göteborg, Juli). The voting is open until August 24 and you can vote daily. Let’s go!

Making of the new video. La-la-la-lies.

If you read an article in today’s Aftonbladet, so forget about it. It was written there that extras for the “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” video did not receive any money (though they agreed on those conditions) and had no food…

According to Aftonbladet and translated by – the extras had been promised some food but had to content with nothing but coffee and white bread (nothing but the radio would have been better!). A spokesperson for the production company apologized explaining that “it was a difficult location, but there was heat and no more than 30 people in the room. I would like to call these people and apologize as that we did not intend them to feel this way.”

Here is the director Mats Udd’s words of truth:

Got an email yesterday that Aftonbladet was looking for extras who had felt mistreated during the making of the video. A man named Michael Garderud (he previously found a plastic in food – read more about it in Svenska Dagbladet’s article) was an extra on the Roxette video we did. He even wrote on his blog that it was a good recording. But he changed his mind when he read my interview that “”it was fun to work with a big budget”. He called Aftonbladet and said how he had been mistreated during the filming. It is of course amazingly boring, a making of the video should always be enjoyable and as comfortable as possible, especially if you are there for free. But before you cry out in Aftonbladet, you should know that a high budget to me is not a particularly high budget, I have made budget videos throughout 2010 for no more than 20,000 SEK. That is how it looks like, there is no money in the Swedish music video world – but Michael does not know that. Since Roxette has nothing to do with the recording, so the news’ value is approximately equal to zero.

Bravo to Mats then. The video for the single should be available in any day now.

radiorox contributed to the article.

Roxette to perform in front of 10,000 people on August 14th.

According to Aftonbladet‘s article Roxette is going to perform on a Anderstorp Raceway in Småland region, Sweden on August 14th during “The Race Legends” event. Over 10,000 people will be able to see Roxette’s performance, more than 45,000 will attend the whole event.

“Roxette hasn’t played Sweden since 2001, it feels great to be on stage in Sweden again. This will be much fun, I have been there several times and actually even raced there, too”, says Per Gessle.

According to TDR, the concert will last for about 90 minutes.

At the moment you can buy tickets only for the whole event. There will be few tickets especially dedicated for this concert, but it is unknown when they will be released.



Update: TDR added a short interview with Per. Yes, they aim to play a full show, running 60-70 minutes – but yes, there may be other artists as well. And there are more Roxette “things” to come beside this and the new album!

And Per likes to hear our wishes:

If you have nothing to do…. Pls write down your song suggestions for the Anderstorp show. Look forward to the hidden gems…

The gig is organized by Live Nation.

NOTP Countdown: “I have written many songs this summer”

Night of the Proms logoAftonbladet published a quite interesting interview with Per Gessle regarding “Night of the Proms” as well as “Gessle over Europe” release today.

I do not have really time to translate the whole article, but there are few informations worth knowing:

– Per has written many songs this summer and Roxette are going to try to record some tracks while their stay in Antwerp (almost 3 weeks in one town!). They have something called “Pro Tool” which allows to record music outside the studio with the same high quality.
– Marie on “Night of the Proms”: “I want to do this”
– 600,000 tickets for “Night of the Proms” 2009 are sold
– Marie & Per were more suprised with the check for “Night of the Proms” in 2002 than they were for 2009, but it doesn’t really mean they got less this time
– Per’s first thought about problems with German release of “Gessle over Europe” was: “Oh, finally I have become a little bit dangerous”

Edit: There’s also a new Expressen article with the same topic. (in Swedish). They also mention that Per has taken 16 songs with him to Belgium and Netherlands and that they have rented an extra room in the hotel where they have set up a studio. “We just have time enough between the shows”, tells Per. “I want to test some pre-recordings and see how it works.” Per also tells that if there should be some more of Roxette, it should be new stuff.  This sounds very promising! 🙂