Gyllene Tider release 2 new compilation albums

Before they start recording their last album, Gyllene Tider released 2 compilation albums on Spotify today. Both contain bonus songs and also alternative versions of some gems. Tidiga Tider: Bonuslåtar och alternativa versioner 79-81 and Andra Tider: Bonuslåtar och alternativa versioner 82-84. Click on the album titles here and you can reach them on Spotify, even in countries where you can’t find them under “Gyllene Tider” or when you browse and try to search for the albums. However, 4 songs you will still not reach in every country. Hopefully, the albums are released on other digital platforms too.


Tidiga Tider: Bonuslåtar och alternativa versioner 79-81

  1. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta – 7” single 3:51
  2. Gyllene Tider för rock’n’roll – Swing & Sweet EP 2:59
  3. Teena – B-side ’Ljudet av ett annat hjärta’ 6:07
  4. Marie i Växeln – Parlophone pop! – Instant hits, singlar & out-takes… vol 1 3:43
  5. Vill ha ett svar – Swing & Sweet EP 2:14
  6. Leka med elden – B-side ’Kom så ska vi, Leva livet’ 4:50
  7. För dina bruna ögons skull – Fan-club single 3:38
  8. 24:e december – Out-take ’Gyllene Tider’ album 4:30
  9. Beating Heart – ’Modern Times’ promo single (not /yet?/ available in all countries) 3:04
  10. Tylö Sun – Early version (not /yet?/ available in all countries) 3:17
  11. Och jorden är rund… – Swing & Sweet EP 1:57
  12. Vem tycker om dig? – Fan-club single 4:31
  13. Åh Ziggy Stardust, var blev du av? – Parlophone pop! – Instant hits, singlar & out-takes… vol 1 3:21
  14. Ge mig inte det där – Swing & Sweet EP 2:22
  15. To Play With Fire – ’Modern Times’ promo single (not /yet?/ available in all countries) 4:56

Andra Tider: Bonuslåtar och alternativa versioner 82-84

  1. Hej! – Out-take ’Puls’ 1:51
  2. Bara vara nära – Out-take ’Puls’ 2:44
  3. Tylö Sun – B-side ’Sommartider’ single 2:41
  4. Vart tog alla vänner vägen? – B-side ’Sommartider’ single 2:51
  5. Marie, Marie – Radio Parlophone – Andra sändningen! (Rockfile) 2:16
  6. Offside! – ’Rockriff’ cassette compilation / Out-take ’Puls’ 2:39
  7. Hi Fidelity – ’Hi Fidelity’ compilation 2:05
  8. I Go To Pieces – B-side ’Flickan i en Cole Porter sång’ 2:37
  9. Skäl att tvivla – Out-take ’Puls’ 3:31
  10. Threnody – Radio Parlophone – Andra sändningen! 4:45
  11. Ingenting av vad du behöver – Covermount magazine ’Schlager’ 4:19
  12. Kiss From A Stranger – Out-take ’The Heartland Cafe’ 3:30
  13. Anytime – ’Hi Fidelity’ compilation 3:26
  14. Young Girl – B-side ’Teaser Japanese’ single 3:36
  15. Mr. Twilight – Out-take ’The Heartland Cafe’ 3:19
  16. Teaser Japanese – Oriental Version – 12” remix (not /yet?/ available in all countries) 5:46
  17. Rock On – Out-take ’The Heartland Cafe’ 4:05

The YouTube links probably work only in Sweden: Tidiga Tider; Andra Tider.


#gtsommar First look at “Soldans på din grammofon”

What can we say? It has really become golden summer – not only with a good weather outisde in this part of Europe, but also with release of the latest Gyllene Tider hit compilation. I think Golden Boys have more hit compilation albums than Roxette by now? 🙂 If you haven’t purchased it yet, you can do it via popular online Swedish shops such as or Daniel Kuhn shared his photo of the splending SPDG vinyl edition – including two massivly orange discs and a red EP with 4 bonus tracks with a disco ball cover.

If you are more like Henry being disco freak, you can buy it through iTunes and listen on Spotify, Deezer or WIMP.


Soldans & Disco & Henry & Hanna

After seeing Gyllene Tider’s Leifs Lounge gig setlist with ”Arabiska nätter” as the opening song and ”Vill ha ett svar!” among the extras, I was thinking about what other surprise song could they include in the tour setlist. Well, I think most of you would agree on ”Henry, dansa inte disco!” would be a great surprise to be performed live. This song so far appeared only on the album (”Jag har förstått allt, men jag kan inte ge några detaljer”) which Per released in 100 copies for MP’s 30th birthday.

Now it will be available for a wider audience on GT’s new compilation album, ”Soldans på din grammofon”, in 2 versions. Next to a new version (4m 27s long) the other might be the same as the one on MP’s birthday album, since it is stated on the tracklist as a live rehearsal studio version from January 1980 and the b-day album says rehearsal studio, Harplinge, 20th January, 1980. However, the old version is 4m 47s long and Soldans version is 5m 09s long. So there’s a little difference. You can have a listen to the old version by clicking here.

In case Henry is joining the guys on stage during the tour, you might want to sing along. If he won’t be dancing disco on tour, you’ll still need the lyrics to sing along in your living room after the album is out. 😉 So either way, start learning the lyrics! Thanks to Peter Mills, you can find an English translation next to it.


Henry, dansa inte disco! Henry, Don’t Dance Disco!
Lyrics by Per Gessle. Music by Per Gessle & M.P. Persson translation provided by Peter Mills
Harplinge, 20/January/1980
Hanna var ett rock n’ roll freak. Hanna was a rock ‘n’ roll freak.
Henry var en äkta discoboy. Henry was a genuine discoboy.
Henry köpte jämt Veckoreyn. Henry bought “Veckoreyn”. (Swedish teenage-magazine)
Hanna stod i kiosken vid Stora Torg. Hanna stood in a kiosk near Stora Torg
Så Hanna och Henry dom träffa varann, ooh. So Hanna and Henry they meet each other, ooh.
Allt dom gjorde, gjorde dom likt. Everything they did, did likewise.
Men det fanns ett problem, det gällde musik. But there was a problem, it was about music.
Hanna hade hemliga hobbys, Hanna had secret hobbies,
hon samlade plattor från fjärran tid. she collected albums from an older time.
Henry han höll huvudet högt, Henry he got the head high,
han dansade disco aaalltid. he danced disco aaalways.
Hon hade älskat Elvis och Lennon och Jagger. She had loved Elvis and Lennon and Jagger.
Henry han dansa som i trans, ooh. Henry he dances like in trance, ooh.
När han stod på golvet hade Hanna ingen chans. When he stood on the floor Hanna had no chance.
Hon sa: She said:
 -Henry, dansa inte disco. Henry, inte disco.  -Henry, don’t dance disco. Henry, no disco.
Hon sa: She said:
 -Henry, dansa inte disco. Henry, inte disco. -Henry, don’t dance disco. Henry, no disco.
Hanna hon var kär i Henry. Hanna she was in love with Henry.
Henry var också kär i sin vän. Henry was also in love with his friend.
Men varje kväll var det krig But every night was a war
framför den svarta skivspelaren. in front of that black record player.
Så Hanna och Henry dom lämna varann, ooh. So Hanna and Henry they left each other, ooh.
Henry svängde sina discoshoes Henry swinged his disco shoes
och Hanna blev hög på rhythm n’ blues. and Hanna became high on rhythm ‘n’ blues.
Hon säger: She says:
 -Henry, dansa inte disco. Henry, inte disco.  -Henry, don’t dance disco. Henry, no disco.
Hon säger: She says:
 -Henry, dansa inte disco. Henry, inte disco.  -Henry, don’t dance disco. Henry, no disco.
 -Henry, dansa inte disco. Henry, inte disco.  -Henry, don’t dance disco. Henry, no disco.
 -Henry, dansa inte disco. Henry, inte disco.  -Henry, don’t dance disco. Henry, no disco.


Please note that there might be some changes in the lyrics, just like it was the case with ”Är det jag?” when it became ”Det blir aldrig som man tänkt sej”. 😉


”Soldans på din grammofon” is released on 3rd July. Here you can check the complete tracklist.


soldans                  GT_jag har forstatt allt men jag kan inte ge nagra detaljer


Gyllene Tider goes ABBA

soldansPer revealed the tracklist of Gyllene Tider’s new compilation album, ”Soldans på din grammofon” and it turns out to be a double CD and a coloured double LP. Check the tracklist below.

You’ll find 4 bonus tracks on the album. One of the songs, ”45 minuter motorväg” is a leftover from GT’s latest record, ”Dags att tänka på refrängen”. As we already informed you earlier, you’ll find 2 versions of ”Henry, dansa inte disco!” on the album: a live one from 1980 recorded at the rehearsal studio and a new version.

One more interesting bonus track will see the light of day: a cover version of ABBA’s ”S.O.S.” from 1980 recorded at the rehearsal studio. If you are wondering how ABBA-ish GT can sound, you should listen to their cover in this video of Gyllene Tider’s live performance at Rock 300 /Karlskrona, 2nd August, 1980/ – God, I was just a half-year-old girl back then. 🙂 (The cover is from 20:55, but it is worth watching the whole video.):




For a comparison here’s ABBA’s ”S.O.S.” – Swedish version:



ABBA: ”S.O.S.” – English version:




CD #1
1. Sommartider
2. Gå & fiska!
3. En sten vid en sjö i en skog
4. Flickorna på TV2
5. (Dansar inte lika bra som) Sjömän
6. När vi två blir en
7. Det hjärta som brinner
8. (Kom så ska vi) Leva livet
9. Det är över nu
10. Kung av sand
11. Marie i växeln
12 Tylö Sun
13. Tuffa tider (för en drömmare)
14. Billy

CD #2
1. Skicka ett vykort, älskling!
2. Juni, Juli, Augusti
3. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång
4. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta
5. (Hon vill ha) Puls
6. Småstad
7. Ska vi älska, så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly
8. Vandrar i ett sommarregn
9. Faller ner på knä
10. När alla vännerna gått hem

11. Henry, dansa inte disco! (En 70-talsfabel)
12. 45 minuter motorväg
13. S.O.S. (live replokal juni 1980)
14. Henry, dansa inte disco! (live replokal jan 1980)


The album is out on 3rd July.



Gyllene Tider’s compilation album is out in June

Many of us were wondering why a new version of ”Henry, dansa inte disco!” is not appearing on Gyllene Tider’s new album – Dags att tänka på refrängen –, because we were kind of sure about it being included. Now we get to know from Gyllene Tider’s Facebook page that this song’s new version together with its 1980 live version played in the rehearsal studio will appear on ”Soldans på din grammofon”, the compilation album of some old pearls. The album is out in June, 2013.

”En soldans på din grammofon” is a line in GT’s big hit, Juni, juli, augusti, so any version of this song will most probably appear on this album, too.