Night of the Proms 2009 on German TV.

The programme will be broadcasted on German chanell – Deluxe Music in two parts:

– on April 4th (Easter Sunday), 19.00 – 20.00
– on Aprli 5th (Easter Monday), 19.00 – 20.00

It seems like there is a chance that we will get all five Roxette songs in this broadcast. Up till now there is no professional footage only from “It must have been love” – other songs were broadcasted on Belgian and Dutch TV-chanells.


NOTP tour: Hannover, December 17, #39

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Per Gessle’s comments:

Great day recording in Chris’ room. 7 songs down so far. Marie’s singin’ takes my breath away sometimes. 2nd Hannover-gig tonite.

Official videos:

Starting here!

Fans stories:


Yesterdays show was terrific!!! To be honest…I really don’t care about who is singing the beginning of “WICF”… sounded great anyway ..and normally I’m busy with my shaky legs than so I don’t notice anyway :) …Marie got angry about mixing up the lyrics in WICF again and this time she also got a bit too “creative” with the lyrics during Listen to your heart too….:’). Singing along with “It must have been love” was great and sounded fantastic with the audience even if the hall wasn’t filled as much as yesterday.

I had a perfect seat in the front row right in the middle behind a camera man and we got filmed here and there I guess while we were partying!! My brother and his wife next to me enjoyed the show too very much and got amused as Marie smiled at the faces she recognized, including me. “Hej…she knows you…” And in that second I just had watched Per and didn’t notice…. :) :) I’m a big fan of the first row of concerts and so I enjoyed also the other artists a bit more than in the shows before. You just get more details and you are able to communicate. It was pure fun!
The quote of the day became a sentence I heard from some older ladys during the break on the corridors. They where just busy with discussing the show so far and one of them said: “Well……that is not Annie Lennox… Annie Lennox is from the Eurythmics….She is named Fredriksson and the other one is named Per.” In german the woman sad SHE by naming Per to and we just couldn’t help and bursted out in laughter some metres away…. Maybe I heard it wrong and they said he…but no..I understood “she”.

In the finale I was so lucky to get the flowers from Per. We suddenly got eyecontact and of course I gave signals that I really would like to get the flowers. Yeah…smart throw right into my arms. Thank you dear!!! Marie picked one of my best friends but as she can’t throw so well she tried to give them to him….and than there was this paranoid security girl again who tried to stop him to come closer to the stage. But he got the flowers and we both were really sparkling afterwards.
For me it was the perfect ending for my last NOTP concert. I’m sooo thankful for everything I experienced this year with Per and Marie. I’m sort of speechless when I look back from spring to winter.
They don’t only make fantastic music they are also great people. I knew that already before but anyway… ;) ;) Also the band of course!!! Clarence, Pelle, Jonas, Christoffer…you rock!!!! 2009…what a year!! Hard to believe!

To all the others who are still on tour now: Have fun in Cologne and Dortmund!
Merry Xmas to everyone and a happy new year 2010.
Let’s keep on roxing!!!

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Media reports/reviews:

According to the NOTP Fanpage the Hannover show was filmed for German TV. Most likely on Thursday since extra equipment arrived Wednesday night.

NOTP tour: Hannover, December 16, #38

We need your help. Each and every concert will have a such topic. If you find something connected with this particular gig, post it in the comment section. Thanks for your help and cooperation!


Per Gessle’s comments:

Official videos:

Starting here.

Fans stories:


Our seats were located on the left side of the stage, as the classical swedish stuff was played I could see Marie with her blue glitter-clothing entering the area under the stage, a little later she appeared in the ’stage-hole,’ which was really funny because she waited there by ducking her head 😉 Finally she started singing WICF and was lifted up, the crowd went crazy for the first time this evening and nearly everybody stood up, it was a really touching moment filled with goose bumps and a lot of happiness. Her vocal/textual performence was nearly perfect, some word was missing here and there and one or the other ‘word-change’, but no big deal & nothing in comparison with some early belgian notp-performances (BTW didn’t pay attention what happend to the ’subways’). After the song she raised up her hands and had such a deep smile on her face that you had to fall in love with her, if that hasn’t already happenend in the past 🙂

After the break Roxette came back for the remaining four songs, the crowd was clapping all the time and for me these minutes were like a dream and I enjoyed it in a trance-similar status, overwhelmed by everything I saw: Marie rocked the stage, 9.000 viewers sang along IMHBL & Co and of course Per was also there 😉 Marie aswell did a great vocal job regarding this four tracks (no double-verse or sth. like that), at least it was much better than the recording on the notp-cd, she really gets better and better during this tour if you have a look at all the youtube-clips.
By the way at Joyride we had four (yes, incredible four!) balloons, but at least it was great to have some. To my shame I have to admit that I hadn’t brought some either, I really wanted to, but I forgot – but perhaps it would have been a little weird not to throw them from the interior space.

Of course it was over way too fast, but we gave them a long applause and then again as they came back for the ‘flower-ceremony’. At the end (as everybody threw their bouquets) another very sweet moment took place, the seats were so far away from the stage, that Marie hadn’t the chance to throw it that far, Marie walked to the front of the stage, a fan(?) in the first row was aware of the mentioned fact and went to her, then she gave it directly to him 🙂

All in all it was great evening, Alan Parsons was the highlight after Roxette, Christina was also very good and she seems to be a very nice person (but she should overthink her eyebrows), actually I had to say every artist had a really good live-voice. The Katona Twins were a litlle lame at first, but I liked her performance of modern songs. The host Uwe Bahn reminds me of watching “Bingo Lotto” and I don’t like his artificial looking dyed hair *g*
I also did some videoclips with my mobile, but I don’t think they’re worth to be uploaded, I’ll check it out when I transferred them to my pc.


It was already my 3rd show. Me and my friend Yvonne had seats unfortunately very far away in the 24th and 25th row in the indoor area but wanted to go to the front of the stage when Roxette second part came up.

I already knew the show so I began to watch the audience and this was for me the show with the most waltz dancing people so far. First I thought the audience was a bit lame but I was wrong. Unfortunately we didn’t get any lights at the entrance and I forgot mine from the Hamburg-show but for some strange reasons there were a lot of other people having lights and so there was this special atmosphere again. Christina Stürmer got big applause and also the Katona Twins. Of course me and Yvonne got nervous when the Swedish Midsommarvaka started and when it finally turned into “Wish I could fly” nobody could keep us on our seats. The audience needed some more seconds but as Marie appeared the Tui Arena was exploding suddenly!!! And she did a great job of course. If I remember it right she sang the part with the rooftops twice but who cares. I don’t! Her voice was beautiful. We stood there with shaking knees and enjoyed every second.

And even if I already saw 2 shows before…don’t ask me what comes after “Wish I could fly”. I have no idea. My Mind was blown away sort of. Wasn’t it Alan Parson who suddenly sounded like Roxette because of OUR great Jonas???? Yeah, Jonas did a fantastic job this evening too of course. We are very proud of him!

When Heaven 17 came up on stage later I noticed a little boy who wanted to go to the front but the security girl didn’t let him. She was right sitting next to our row and I noticed later too that she stopped everybody who wanted to go to the stage. I thought: WHAT??? In the beginning the host Uwe Bahn said that everyone was allowed to walk around and go and dance wherever they wanted……What was that??? I got nervous about our plan to leave our seats for the second Rox-Part. But who can fool Roxette-fans??? We had two possibilities. Push this small woman away not caring about her instructions or be more clever than she was…we decided to do it the polite way and just went to the toilet during the Bolero (it was damned necessary anyway) and just returned into the hall thru another entrance in the front. J And as the Band and Per and Marie finally entered the stage we walked down these big stairs I still remembered from the Roomservice Tour and finally stood really near to the stage. Of course the security people stopped us from coming too close but that was nicer than staying back in the 25th row! And then we roxed! It was great. Everyone was singing along and yes I also noticed the 4 balloons during Joyride. Thank you , I forgot mine and also have a little phobia to blow up that’s not my fave job…brrrrrr. The 4 songs went over too fast of course but Marie succeeded again with bringing some tears into my eyes with her voice. Per was great too of course and cheered up the crowd. The security people in front of us got really stressed as they noticed some of us filming. They tried to stop us. I have never experienced this before. Stupid!!! Well I prefer pictures anyway. After Roxettes great performance and the big noise of the audience we went back to our seats….and I couldn’t resist to give a grin to the security girl next to our row. J Behind and next to us some people had already left and didn’t return. That was strange. Well, I still don’t know for what my seat-neighbors came at all. They stayed on their seats during the whole show an didn’t look like they enjoyed anything at all. Drinking beer was their most important activity.

After the show we got a hint from Alex (THANKS GUY!!!!!!) about the possible hotel Per and Marie are staying in that night and so we went there. In front of the hotel there were (unfortunately) already some non-fans but autograph hunters and I really don’ t like these sort of guys. Of course they tried to appear as friendly people first but as finally the car with Per and Marie arrived they suddenly transformed into screaming, pushing stupid beings and surrounded Marie immediately. One of them was not even able to pronounce her name the right way. These people told us before that they have had trouble with the bodyguards already in the afternoon and now I could understand why. Per disappeared immediately inside the hotel (maybe he recognized the mob???) but Marie stayed outside for a short while. She hugged two of us 5 or 6 real fans waiting cause she recognized them and I guess she always wrote one or two autographs. The security guy tried his best to shelter her from the pushing non-fans and at the same time tried to let the fans thru. Strange situation. I didn’t like that at all but suddenly succeeded to reach her as she was hugging the other Chrissie from near Kassel because it was her birthday yesterday. ( Sorry girl…I forgot again the name of your hometown) Marie is soooo warmhearted and sweet. First she wanted to hug me too I guess but ended up in caressing my left cheek instead. But then she also wanted to get inside the warm hotel and disappeared.

What followed was a loud embarrassing stupid discussion from the autograph hunters with the bodyguards cause they didn’t get the autographs they wanted. I think I heard the bodyguard shout something like: “You just want to sell autographs at ebay…be honest…..” I’m so pissed about such people. They arrived there with a file full of things and treated Marie like an animal in a zoo. I already met such kind of people before and they seem to be the same all together.

I was satisfied anyway…of course I just could talk rubbish to Marie and let her know that I will have seats in the first row tomorrow (today!!) but well…I have to work on that.

It was a grrreeeeat evening and now I’m already in a hurry to get dressed for Roxette again.

YouTube clips:

Christina Stürmer posted a video on YouTube on the 16th, I am not sure where the video is from though. There is a little bit of Roxette on it.

Media reports/reviews:

WLZ/FZ: Roxette comeback: People are amazed, touched and stunned

According to the NOTP Fanpage the Hannover show is filmed for German TV. We don’t know if Wednesday, Thursday or both.

Update 20 Dec.: Added Christina Stürmer’s video link.

Extra concert in Hannover announced today.

Night of the Proms. It seems like The Nokia Night of the Proms is a kind of success in Germany. Today the third concert in Hannover, Germany on December 17 was added. The advanced sale has started today. According to Night of the Proms site, there will be no more further dates, because of the tight tour schedule.

Night of the Proms tickets are currently at 9 on charts.

Source: Twitter, NOTP