“Hitlåtens historia” with “The look” available to watch

Have you ever known that it was Clarence who counted 1-2-3-4 in “The look”? This and more in the exclusive footage from the recording studios in SVT’s “The look” documentary. It seems it was co-produced by Danish and Norwegian TV-stations, so it’s very probable it will be broadcasted in other Scandinavian countries.

In my opinion – the best Roxette documentary of 21st century.

Update: Fellow rox fan shirley is working on an English translation of the documentary, which should lead to a subtitled video. You can read her work in progress at R2R forums and maybe help her!

“The look” in “Hitlåtens historia” on SVT 1

the_lookAs Roxette.se has previously informed (RoxetteBlog.com article) there will be a new programme in Swedish TV in which one of its part will be dedicated to Roxette’s “The look” hit single.

After the success of “Dom kallar oss artister” (They call us artists) show (Per Gessle was one of the stars), the Swedish public television decided to produce another interesting music document series – “Hitlåtens historia” (The hit song’s history) based on the stories behind the most important Swedish songs.

Roxette’s “The look” will be presented as the first song on January 20th, 2010 on SVT 1. Don’t miss it!

Source: SvD.se
Thanks to Alexander at Roxette.se forum