Per Gessle Unplugged – Hotel Tylösand – #2 – 8th July 2021

Last night’s concert was absolutely amazing! It definitely topped the premiere gig in spontaneity, in mood both on and off stage and also regarding the setlist. Experiencing the crowd’s totally positive reactions at the premiere concert, this time the whole band and of course, also Per was more relaxed during the show.

Regarding the stage set, one thing was changed before the gig started: a big metal star was put in front of Per’s prompter. Looking good!

The concert started at 20:50, but before that, BoJo came up the stage and shared safety, as well as merchandise information. Now there are not only black tees and white tees, but also a poster with the „tour’s” graphic design.

Per was in top shape (and in his leopard shirt) and all smiles! The band was in the same joyous mood. The talks in between the songs were mostly about the same topics as at the premiere concert, but the guys were kidding each other even more times. That also added a lot to the live experience. The songs sounded wonderful last night too and the setlist was a bit different vs. the premiere show. After It Must Have Been Love, Om du bara vill was skipped and Ömhet was played instead. I was glad to hear this song live, because it fits the whole set and I missed it from the first gig. I thought, nothing to be played from Gammal kärlek rostar aldrig? Can’t be! Fab it didn’t stay like that. Hopefully, Ömhet now stays on the setlist.

If you think Om du bara vill was totally skipped, you are wrong! It appeared on the setlist later.

Funny story that before playing Småstadsprat, Per forgot to put the capo on the guitar. When he relaized that, he started fixing it. Christoffer said now we will have to wait a lot. Per told him: „you sound like my wife” and laughed.

Before playing Det hjärta som brinner, Per mentioned that the early Gyllene Tider songs are the hardest to be played acoustically, because they weren’t written this way, they were formed in the rehearsal studio. Last night’s crowd loved this unplugged version and we were clapping almost during the whole song.

When Mr. G talked about his father and grandfather who were plumbers, he said maybe he should have become a plumber too. The crowd’s reaction was a definite „no”. Haha.

When he said they would finish with Min hälsning, he got an immediate crowd reaction last night again. No one wanted the concert to end so soon.

It Must Have Been Love and Listen To Your Heart were difficult, tearful songs for a part of the audience this time too. Before IMHBL, Per told it’s 5 month until Christmas, so they thought to play a Christmas song. At the end of it he wished „merry Christmas”. LTYH was of course dedicated to Marie and Pelle last night again.

The band introduction was very funny, how Per turned towards Clarence and Magnus (who are sitting behind him) while he was still sitting. Chris suggested Per to use a rearview mirror. Haha. Also when he mentioned that Clarence worked on almost all his records since 1986, he asked if records are still called records. The crowd shouted yes.

When the gang went off stage, the audience was clapping very loudly, so they came back soon. Per thanked and told „you are very kind”, someone in the audience reacted with a loud „you are very good” to it.

At some point during the encore, Micke N-S brought a new mug of ginger tea for Per and while taking the previous mug away, he also wanted to take the water bottle, but Per defended it to keep it for himself. He was defending his water. It was just fun.

Sommartider was an absolute highlight last night too. It was such a fab cooperation between the band and the audience that the crowd wanted it to be played once again, shouting out loudly to ask for it. Christoffer also tried to convince PG, he said he heard we want to it once again, but Per wanted to move on according to the setlist. And he is the boss. Haha. It would have been much fun to play Sommartider twice after one another. Why not. Hm, maybe next time?

After När alla vännerna gått hem, Per thanked everyone for coming and wished a wonderful summer. He said he is sure we will see each other again. The band came to the front and took a bow, waved goodbye and off they went. Last night’s crowd was totally amazing and the loud clapping and shouting had its effect. I’m glad it is now no question that the band comes back to play more after such a reaction. And this time it was again Vid hennes sida, but the concert didn’t end ith that. Per first put down the guitar, then hearing the crowds still very loud clapping he asked if we want one more. Of course! So this is how Om du bara vill was still on the setlist, just at another spot.


1. Kung av sand
2. På promenad genom stan
3. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång
4. Småstadsprat
5. Tycker om när du tar på mej
6. Det hjärta som brinner
7. Tuffa tider
8. Honung och guld
9. It Must Have Been Love
10. Ömhet

Band introduction

11. Här kommer alla känslorna
12. Min hälsning

Encore 1
13. Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke
14. Listen To Your Heart (dedicated to Marie Fredriksson & Pelle Alsing)
15. Sommartider
16. När alla vännerna gått hem

Encore 2 (spontaneous)
17. Vid hennes sida
18. Om du bara vill


Photos in the article are taken by Patrícia Peres.


Per about the concert on his Facebook page:

Grymt kul kväll igår i Tylösand. Underbar publik och härlig stämning. Ledsen att vi inte hade fler låtar inrepade, folks, kunde ju hållit på hela natten kändes det som. TACK alla för suverän respons och galant allsång. Syns nästa vecka igen! Trevlig helg alla.

Per Gessle Unplugged – Hotel Tylösand – #1 – 7th July 2021

The premiere gig – which sold out in no time – of Per Gessle’s Unplugged sessions at Hotel Tylösand happened last night and it was a wonderful evening. The stage was set for the concert during the day and we realized it’s Åsa who designed it all and was there in person to arrange the decoration. It was very detailed with the lights and all gadgets and furniture. The real effect of the lights could be seen after the sun went down, but it looked very cool in the bright daylight too.

It was nice to see well-known faces from the crew who made all things work for the evening. It was new that Mats MP Persson was responsible for the sound during the event. And he did a fantastic job!

The weather was perfect for an openair concert. We could enter the concert area – both the terrace spots and the Solgården places at 19:00. In Solgården we got picnic bags, so one could eat and drink before (and during) the concert. This was a different experience vs. previous concerts where the only thing you can (and want to) focus on is what’s happening on stage. For those who go to concerts to enjoy live music and are not used to other surrounding noises (eating, drinking, talking during songs, waiters taking the empty glasses and bottles away etc.), it might be harder to exclude these sounds.

Before the concert started at appr. 20:45, BoJo came up the stage and shared some safety information and asked everyone to stay seated during the whole gig and promised to come back on stage and stop the happening if he sees anyone standing up or dancing. He also told not to forget to buy PG T-shirts at the stand.

I have to mention that all PG guitar pick collectors will be sad, because there are no plectrums played at these gigs. It’s fingerpicking! And it sounds fab!

Fortunately, Per was talking a lot in between the songs. He had some paper sheets in front of him and flicked through them during the concert. No story could stay untold. So instead of the 1-hour-long concert many expected based on the Hallandsposten interview, it became a 1.5-hour-long gig.

Per greeted the audience and said they thought to play songs he has written during the past 43 years. Kung av sand was a strong starter.

Before På promenad genom stan Mr. G said he hasn’t played unplugged in front of an audience since 1993, when Roxette did the MTV Unplugged, so it’s special for him now. Magnus added it’s super exclusive. Per told it’s fun to play the songs acoustically, because that’s how most often the songs are written. He also talked a bit about how he and a friend of his started as a troubadours employed by the city council.

When PG moved from Söndrum to Halmstad city in the beginning of the 80’s, one of the first songs he wrote there was Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång.

Before Småstadsprat he told the Nashville story, that in 2016 he went there to record with the musicians sitting around him. He emphasized „almost with all of them”. Here he waved at Magnus, because he is the only one from the gang who wasn’t there. Per told he is friends with Roy Orbison’s son who is called Roy Orbison and Roy suggested to use his father’s guitar during the Nashville sessions. So they did.

Mr. G told that after 17 years it was time for him to record his next Swedish solo album in 2002, which later became Mazarin. For the recordings he went down to Christoffer’s studio that has many vintage gadgets. Then he joked he heard a story that Marie once booked a hairdresser appointment for Chris in secret. Then they played one of the nicest songs from Mazarin, Tycker om när du tar på mej.

Before another GT song, Det hjärta som brinner was played, Per noticed that it’s very rare they can see the audience they are playing for, because of the spotlights. Which is a pity, because „you are so good-looking”.

Micke N-S brought the ukulele for Per and Mr. G told people often ask what’s the coolest place to play. He says he played Wembley and the Sydney Opera House, but the absolute coolest is to play the ukulele at Ullevi. Tuffa tider came next, of course.

Honung och guld is one of Per’s favourite GT songs, so it had to be played too. Which guitar he should play was told him via his earplug he said.

Here came the story of It Must Have Been Love, how it started as a Christmas song and ended up in a movie. The song had its effect on many of us. It brought us into tears, for obvious reasons.

Before Om du bara vill Per told how he started to work with Helena. He was looking for a female vocalist for his upcoming solo album and Christoffer organized an audition with several singers. The first voice he played for Per was absolutely magical, so Per immediately decided it should be that singer. Helena told how lucky she is. Per tells Helena was to sing on two songs, but her vocals ended up on ten.

After this song, Per introduced the band one by one. First Christoffer, then Clarence, then Magnus and last but not least, Helena.

Another Mazarin song came, Här kommer alla känslorna and then Per told he thought to finish with a song he wrote for Gyllene Tider, it was Min hälsning. When the word „finish” left his mouth, everyone was loud, being against they finish the concert already. Haha. It was cool.

After the song they went off stage, but the audience was so loud, wanting them back that after a few minutes they just couldn’t resist coming back for an encore.

They went on with Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke.

The next song was heartbreaking again. Per told they all worked with Roxette for so many years and during the past 1.5 years they lost two of their very best friends. They dedicated Listen To Your Heart to Marie and Pelle, because it was one of their favourite Roxette songs.

The next one Per thought they should skip, but Magnus insisted on playing it. And how good he did that! Haha. Sommartider was one of the absolute highlights. The order on the setlist is a bit strange, having a rollercoaster of emotions after LTYH. Anyway, the whole crowd was most active during this song. It sounded fab in this acoustic arrangement and involved all the people in the audience.

Before the last song, Per thanked everyone for coming and they played När alla vännerna gått hem. After that he wished a wonderful summer and thanked once again. The whole band took a bow several times and they went off stage waving goodbye, but the audience didn’t want to stop clapping and asking for more. It doesn’t really happen that after the show is over, Per & Co. come back on stage, so it was a huge surprise that they came back this time. Everyone in the crowd was extremely happy for that.

The very last song really wasn’t planned, it wasn’t written on the setlist either. Per was very happy about the crowd reaction. Someone shouted they should play En händig man and Per repeated what he heard, BUT, the closing song was Vid hennes sida. Per told it’s a song that ended up on GT’s maybe last album – he emphasized the word „maybe”. This was a real spontaneous action and it fit so well! This could happen more often, if you ask me. Fab way to end an awesome evening!


1. Kung av sand
2. På promenad genom stan
3. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång
4. Småstadsprat
5. Tycker om när du tar på mej
6. Det hjärta som brinner
7. Tuffa tider
8. Honung och guld
9. It Must Have Been Love
10. Om du bara vill

Band introduction

11. Här kommer alla känslorna
12. Min hälsning

Encore 1
13. Jag skulle vilja tänka en underbar tanke
14. Listen To Your Heart (dedicated to Marie Fredriksson & Pelle Alsing)
15. Sommartider
16. När alla vännerna gått hem

Encore 2 (spontaneous)
17. Vid hennes sida

Photos in the article are taken by Patrícia Peres.


Per about the concert on his Facebook page:

Wow! Vilken fantastisk kväll vädermakterna bjöd på igår i Tylösand. En sådan finns bara i Sverige. Otroligt kul att få spela igen med mitt vassa band och fantastiskt såklart att få möta VÄRLDENS BÄSTA PUBLIK igen! Tack för all hjälp med att göra vår nervösa premiär till en skön och lätt promenad längs stranden. New balls tonight, folks!

On Roxette’s Facebook page:

Amazing opening night last night. Thanx everyone who came by from abroad. I know it’s been tricky for you. You mean a lot to us! Love always!

Per Gessle’s unplugged gigs at Hotel Tylösand

On 3rd June, Per Gessle shared an announcement in a video that he will perform on Hotel Tylösand’s small stage in Solgården this summer. He will dive into his huge song catalogue and do stripped down, relaxed, acoustic gigs. Part of his band, Helena Josefsson, Clarence Öfwerman, Magnus Börjeson and Christoffer Lundquist will join him on stage.

Oh, how I’ve longed to meet my audience again! Now that life is starting to open up after the pandemic, I take the opportunity to do some acoustic gigs at home in Halmstad, the best summer city in the world. Major and minor in different colours are promised.

The concerts start at 20.30. Admission is from 19.00. The first 4 shows sold out in no time when tickets went on sale at 10.00 on 4th June, so 4 extra gigs were added, for which the ticket sales starts at 12.00 CEST on 7th June.

7th July Wednesday – sold out!
8th July Thursday – sold out!
13th July Tuesday – sold out!
14th July Wednesday – sold out!
21st July Wednesday – sold out!
22nd July Thursday – only a very few places left, together with room booking
28th July Wednesday – sold out!
29th July Thursday – sold out!
2nd August Monday – only a very few places left, together with room booking
3rd August Tuesday – only a very few places left, together with room booking

UPDATE: After the rush for tickets for the second 4 July gigs, again the phone and website crashed on 7th June at the release of tickets. For the last 2 shows in August tickets will be released at 12.00 CEST on 8th June. So altogether it will be 10 unplugged shows in the end!


Wow! Totally amazing. I’m incredibly happy and proud that so many want to come to Hotel Tylösand and hear us play and sing. I’ll do everything I can to make those evenings to remember.
– says Per.


The current restriction rules will be followed. The availability of tickets is therefore very limited, appr. 500 per gig, as hotel manager Elisabeth Haglund says.

Ticket info:

Of course, thousands would love to join from all over the world, but the travelling restrictions make it impossible for many fans from outside Sweden to attend these gigs. If not a live stream (for example of the last show? – fans would even be happy to pay for it!), then maybe recording a show and releasing it after all gigs are done would be fab!

Hallandsposten did an interview with Per where he says he is looking very much forward to these gigs. He doesn’t know yet what songs the setlist will contain, but he will do mainly Swedish songs from his Gyllene Tider and solo catalogue. He also talks about his upcoming English solo album that it is now planned to be released this autumn or winter.

Press release in Swedish can be found HERE.

Updated on 7th June (18:45 CEST).

Per Gessle’s pre-premiere gig at Leif’s or a night to remember

A night to remember! Exactly. Per Gessle fortunately kept the tradition of doing a pre-tour show at Leif’s Lounge. When in the beginning of May I asked him in our interview about it, the only thing he could tell was that there ”could be” a gig like that. In the whole interview context it sounded more like a ”yeah, sure”, but still, the date was unknown. Then at the beginning of June there was a corporate gig at Hotel Tylösand and we kept our fingers crossed that there is still something else at the holy place for us, fans. And tadaaa, on 16th June THE gig was announced to be held on 27th June. Since the place is not too big, all who wanted to attend had to decide very fast and buy the tickets. There were 50 tickets released twice after the show got sold out and in the end 700 lucky and very happy people could get to experience this fabulous event last night.

We wouldn’t be hardcore enough if we didn’t start queueing already in the morning. For a gig that starts at 21:00 and the entrance opens at 19:00… Tough life. Haha. So a handful of fans gathered at the entrance of Leif’s Lounge and spent some time together while we could listen to Roxette, Gessle solo and Gyllene Tider music via the speakers in front of Leif’s. There were hours to kill and the marketing manager of Hotel Tylösand, Andrea Hanné realized quite early that there were fans waiting outside. So she came to us, brought us coffee and asked if we were OK with doing some social media content for Hotel Tylösand. Sure. That’s how we became a boomerang video on Hotel Tylösand’s Facebook page and Instagram account. Later Andrea got back to us and brought Leif postcards and VIP Leif tattoos for us as a present. Very nice of her. We appreciate Hotel Tylösand’s whole staff so much. They are always so nice to us fans.

While waiting we could see the stage being built during the day, BoJo arriving, the crew arriving, then the band. Åsa was also busy around the hotel. After 3 pm we could hear the sound of a Ferrari and ooops, Per came and brought Marie Dimberg. Mr. G waved at us and some seconds later got a little depression treatment from 2-3 people coming out of the hotel. I mean they asked him for a selfie in front of his Ferrari. He looked happy. Then he left and came back only after 5 pm for the rehearsal. From that we couldn’t hear much, but those who walked around could hear that they rehearsed Spegelboll. Spegelboll!!! So cool! We hoped it was to be played at the concert too.

We could see Per leaving again after the rehearsal and we were ready to be let in. By 19:00, not more than 30 people were there in the queue. Some minutes after 19:00 the door opened and we could get in one by one in a line. The space was enough for appr. 15 people in the front row, so those who were waiting there during all day could stand at extremely fine spots. The stage was tiny, the instruments and mics and plecs all set to their places. The crowd was getting bigger and bigger and by appr. 20:30 the place got full. VIP guests had their places at the Chef’s table, the rest were either sitting on the side or standing as close to the stage as they could. The technicians, the good old team came to prepare everything at appr. 20:40. The fun part was with the setlist. Jakob Johnzén and Micke N-S were taping the setlist in front of all band member’s places and we could take photos of those. The stage was so low. When we checked them, we realized that Per got a different setlist. The first song on it was Här kommer alla känslorna and his included It Must Have Been Love, the others’ didn’t. That made us curious, but some minutes later Micke N-S came and cut out and taped Min plats as the first song, what was already on everyone else’s setlist and he cut out Här kommer alla känslorna and taped it to the end. Then we saw MNS counting the songs and he realized that there were 15 songs on Per’s list instead of 14. Then he checked which song was extra and he taped IMHBL not to be visible for Per on the list. It was really funny. Another thing we realized that Micke placed a photo of a guy on the gear holding boxes. Face towards the stage. We were wondering who he might have been and today it turned out he was a technician who died not too long ago. So in the picture and in soul he was there with the guys and girls last night.

We expected a 10 minute delay in the start and the crowd was impatient, clapping and shouting for the band to come up on stage, but we had to wait until 21:22 to see them coming. Per Gessle and the band: Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundquist, Helena Josefsson, Magnus Börjeson, Ola Gustafsson, Malin My-Wall and Andreas Dahlbäck. 4 good old, beloved members and 3 new, soon to be beloved musicians. They came from the Spa area. The crowd went crazy and couldn’t wait for them to start playing. PG & Co seemed to be on a high, they were all smiles. First I paste the setlist here, then I go into details.


1. Min plats
2. På promenad genom stan
3. Juni, juli, augusti
4. Det hjärta som brinner
5. Första pris
6. Småstadsprat
7. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta
8. Spegelboll
9. Gå & fiska!

Band presentation
10. The Look

11. Dressed for Success
12. Joyride
13. Sommartider

Encore 2:
14. Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång) / Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång

So the first song was the opening song from Per’s latest album, En vacker natt. Min plats sounded absolutely awesome in that cozy place, on that tiny little, intimate stage, played for those 700 people in the crowd. After the first song Mr. G talked a few words, greeted the international friends in the front row (fans were there from Germany, Poland, Hungary, Spain, the Netherlands, the UK, Finland, Sweden of course) and mentioned its the debut gig of this great band of 8.

Then they played  På promenad genom stan which also sounded phenomenal, including the crowd’s shalalala sing along. And here I have a personal touch, literally… After the song Per came to me and with a huge smile on his face he shocked me and put the acoustic plectrum he played into my hands. It was an out of the world experience for me, that’s for sure. What a fab thing to happen in a fan’s life. Much appreciated!

After my pulse got high, the band kept it up with Juni, juli, augusti. The crowd was happy to hear a Gyllene Tider song and of course, on a summer tour you can’t leave this one out. And then came another GT song, Det hjärta som brinner. The stage was so tiny for those 8 beautiful people that they (mostly Per, Chris, Ola and Magnus, sometimes Helena and Malin too) bumped into each other while moving on the stage, crossing each other’s ways.

After a short GT section it was time to bring back En vacker natt and the band played Första pris. Wow! What a crowd reaction to that one. I wouldn’t have expected that, but the crowd knew the lyrics and Helena got a heavy applause for this song and after it ended the crowd shouted ”Helena, Helena!”. She was so happy. But actually, after each song she looked very happy to hear the crowd reaction. Such a lovely lady!

Before another En vacker natt song, Småstadsprat, Per talked a bit again and said rumour has it he wrote a lot of songs about Halmstad. The part Lars Winnerbäck sings on the album version was sung by Helena. It sounded fab too. Here I have to mention Malin’s wonderful violin playing and Ola’s fantastic pedal steel guitar playing. They are so talented musicians. And they can play these instruments so softly on the ballads, while they are rocking out on the uptempo songs. Great to have them in the gang!

After this song, Per asked how about a bit more Gyllene Tider and they went on with Ljudet av ett annat hjärta. The crowd was clapping like hell! Here I also highlight Andreas. He is just another fab musician. Playing the drums like nothing can stop him! Not only on this song. Great to have him in the gang too!

The next song… oh yeah!!! Spegelboll! It got on the setlist, so awesome! When the crowd realized what song it was, they went wild. Heavy sing along here too! Woohoo!

Some more  Gyllene Tider? Why not! Gå & fiska! was next and the crowd stayed wild. After the song Per thanked and said to the crowd they were really fantastic. Just like the band up on stage! And here came the band presentation. First Per introduced the one and only Helena, then Malin, Ola, Andreas, Clarence, Magnus (the Swedish sex machine) and ”last, but absolutely least”, Chris. A video of this presentation is coming soon on RoxBlog. 😉 Besides the 3 new faces it was so great to see all the good old musicians, still enjoying playing and giving their 120%.

After being introduced, Chris started playing the intro to The Look. The crowd went wild for that too, hearing the first Roxette hit during the night. Heavy sing along again and HERE in this video you can see how PG surprised Sandra, who was filming the crowd’s nanananana. Such a cool guy!

After The Look, the band left the stage. They didn’t tell a word, they were just waving to the crowd bye-bye. The crowd started clapping heavily and it lasted for a few minutes until the band came back for an encore.

They started the section with Dressed for Success and it hit the crowd again. Sing along and the well-known clapping choreography worked totally fine. Not only during this song, but Per got so close to us we sometimes thought he would bump into us with his guitar. What a nice way it would be to end up in hospital. ”What happened?” ”Per Gessle hit me with his guitar…” Haha. It was incredibly great to see him playing so close to us. The distance between us changed from 1-2 meters to 5 centimeters!

After DFS came Joyride. Oh, Joyride! Balloons!!! Thank God Basia Konarzewska didn’t forget about bringing some, so the front row could start blowing them up. But blowing the balloons up after Dressed for Success…, really??? When it’s hard to breathe even. LOL. Whatever. We succeeded and for the right moment all balloons were ready to be released. There weren’t many, but it fit the tiny place and the crowd was happy to play with them and PG and the band were happy to see the balloons too.

One more uptempo in the encore section, this time GT. We couldn’t have left without hearing Sommartider. Hej hej! We had a blast during this song too and the band enjoyed playing it very much. All of them. We couldn’t believe they leave the stage again. Per thanked and pointed at the front row to thank separately. We love it!

The crowd didn’t want to leave Leif’s Lounge and shouted ”en gång till” all the time and we were clapping hard for 2-3 minutes. Then the gang came back on stage again for the second encore. Mr. G had a used tissue in his hands, probably he wiped the sweat off his face backstage (having no towel there) and he couldn’t do anything else with the tissue, but handing it over to MNS while getting the guitar from him. Haha. Poor guy. I mean MNS. Well, next time you just throw it away, Mr. G. Talking about a tissue, BoJo brought a mug of ginger tea up on stage before the concert started and gave it to Micke N-S. He put it on his counter and PG sipped it every now and then.

OK, back to encore No. 2, Per started playing Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång) very slowly, then the band started again faster and it became yet another fab sing along happening. I wouldn’t have thought this song could be a great last song, but hey… first of all, we love mid- or uptempo songs as last songs, and as you know the lyrics, ”Att allting har ett slut / Att allt det vackra är kort” ( =That everything has an end / That all that beautiful is short). So true! Sadly. BUT, it didn’t really end like this, as the song suddenly became Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång. It was an even greater ending. Doobie doobie dum doh and the concert was over.

The crowd was wild, clapping hard, shouting woohoo. The band took a bow, took another bow, Per pointed at the front row again to thank for the cheering. All were happy, satisfied and we all had a blast for 70 minutes.

There were so many other tiny little details which I probably didn’t write about, but it’s impossible to collect them all. The world needs more of such concerts! It was such a fantastic night! Killer Mr. G, the Duracell bunny who never gets old, gives 150% on stage and leaves you breathless, a beautiful band giving all their energy creating wonderful music, a loud, all-the-time cheering crowd, fantastic mood both on and off stage, a great (just too short) setlist. What else could you ask for? Oh well, maybe Tittar på dej när du dansar? We need some Mahi Nana on tour, Per! 😉 We are sure the setlist gets longer and there are more gems to be included. We can live with a 2-3-4-hour long concert too, can’t we?

Next stop: the tour premiere in Helsingborg on 6th July. Can’t wait!!!


Setlist evolution (from left to right: Helena’s setlist, Magnus’ setlist, Per’s 1st setlist, Per’s 2nd setlist, Per’s 3rd /final/ setlist):


All pics in the article are taken by Patrícia Peres.


Judith’s review:

Not many details to add after Patrícia’s review but still wanted to write down my thoughts and impressions after the gig.

What can I say?? This was an amazing tour warming up evening! If you don’t have tickets for the shows yet… go get them!
I expected maybe a bit more relaxed country and all I remember is jumping and clapping and dancing. Of course, the ‘real’ thing will be different but that was a great sneak preview.
I had a lot of favourite moments and actually loved all songs and arrangements. Some things to mention:
– nice På promenad! It felt great to hear so many people sing along this song. Nice arrangements on this one, it sounded a bit faster and pop-ier.
– the drums!! I have a thing for drums, specially live. And Andreas sounded fab! Very different to what we are used to. He gives a nice touch to songs we are used to hear with other beats. Later a fan told me that he has seen him play with Ulf Lundell and that he saw him break drum sticks at many shows. I did not see any broken one so I look forward to some awesome crazy drums during the tour!
– Första pris!!
– the band had so much fun. We had so much fun. It was great to see Helena again and get to know the new guys and girl. Ola as extra guitar when he is not on pedal makes it all rockier. I have seen him with Eva Dahlgren in 99 and 2013 and you may remember he was on Tack för musiken where Marie performed so I was looking forward to seeing him with Per. I thought he would be mostly on pedal steel but he did grab the guitar many times and ooohhh he is an amazing guitar player and he and Chris together wooow!! Malin and the violin sound incredible (Gå & fiska! Nice touch there.)
– when The Look started I felt weird and I could not help the tears, went on with Dressed. Missed Marie so much! Of course, I know it is a Gessle tour, it was more the feeling and thought of knowing that we probably won’t hear those songs again with Marie. But at the same time it felt good to listen to them again, Helena did a great job taking over some of Marie’s parts. Pure fun!! And we got to surprise them with the balloons (thanks Basia!).
I am sure I will remember more things but the best feeling to take away from yesterday: fun!!

Ps: Per asked on FB how much we can take because they have lots of songs to play. Oooh I can assure you we could do more than 4 hours!! Just try us out 😉


Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång) / Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång
Första pris

Per about the show:

Thanx everyone for an unforgettable evening at Leif’s Lounge. Superb crowd, fab band, lots of laughs, a few tiny mistakes to make you smile. All in all the best night you can dream up when it’s a debut gig with a new band!

This weekend we start working properly on the production (lights, set design etc) and promise to be ready, willing and able next Thursday at Sofiero. Hope to see you there!

Looks like we have too many songs in the setlist. How much can you take? Good to know….. /P.


Per Gessle gig at Hotel Tylösand

Just having a look at Instagram before going to bed my heart almost stopped when I saw Per Gessle performed at Hotel Tylösand tonight. OMG! He played for the Atea Bootcamp 2017 guests in Solgården, so it was an open-air performance. In the band we can see Helena Josefsson, Christoffer Lundquist, Magnus Börjeson, Clarence Öfwerman and Pelle Alsing.

We don’t know the running order, but these songs were played for sure (as you can see in the instavids and in this summary video):

  • Det hjärta som brinner: 1; 2; 3; 4;
  • Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång): 1; 2;
  • Tycker om när du tar på mej
  • Dressed For Success: 1; 2; 3;
  • På promenad genom stan: 1; 2;
  • Gå & fiska!: 1; 2; 3;
  • Band introduction
  • Christoffer’s intro to Joyride: Ljudet av ett annat hjärta
  • Joyride: 1;
  • The Look: 1;
  • Sommartider: 1; 2;

Per informs they played 9 songs. These seem to have a big chance to be included in the summer tour setlist as well. Let’s see what happens! Is it July yet???

Some pics from the happening you will find here: 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; Per played his guitar picks made for the 2015 Australian tour leg of the Roxette XXX Anniversary Tour.

Still is from this video.