Roxette 30th Anniversary Tour: Rostov-on-Don, Russia – November 14 – #8

Roxette performed at Rostov-on-Don’s Sports Palace tonight. They met a loud crowd there and made everyone sweat on and off stage. Per was so much on a high he even stormed over Christoffer’s mic stand. Dea was fast enough to catch it and Jakob Johnzén (Christoffer’s technician) rushed up to the stage to set everything back to normal. You can see this action in the Joyride video (at about 3:30) taken by Tiina Pitkänen. During Christoffer’s intro to Joyride, Dea and Magnus did a warmly welcomed dance.

The plush toy koala, whose name is still unknown was watching the gig from next to Pelle’s drum again. As we mentioned in our post yesterday, it’s there since the 2nd show (Khabarovsk). As Evgeny Perekopskiy told us, a fan threw it to the stage in Vladivostok when Marie and Per were leaving after the show ended. We know about another plush toy kept as a talisman on stage during the tour in Brazil in 2011. It was a pink bunny. Thanks for helping us to find it, Bianca Martins Cappelletti.

The concert started with an appr. half an hour delay, again because of poor organization at the venue. So the setlist was shorter this time, too.

Per’s thoughts after the gig:

ROSTOV ON DON UPDATE: Fab gig tonite. Super lovely crowd and a very relaxed band. Hot + sweaty = we like it like that! >Thanx everyone for making so much noise!!! /P.

Next gig is on Sunday (16th November) in Krasnodar.


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