What would you like to see among the upcoming Per Gessle merchandise?

During the past few years we all attended several tours. Roxette, Gyllene Tider, Marie Fredriksson, Per Gessle. One of the evergreen topics discussed among fans was the merchandise. There is a bunch of useful merch stuff, there are some gadgets which are good only to gather dust on a hardcore collector’s shelf and there are some which would never sell out of stock. Now, 5 months before the Per Gessle’s Roxette tour starts, we thought a poll could be an option to let your voice be heard and tell us what kind of merchandise you would happily buy during the tour. Please, vote for the ones you would definitely buy, because you find it cool, useful, a lovely thing to make you remember the tour anytime you use it or look at it. If you have any other idea to add to the list, please let us know in a comment on Facebook and we might add some more ideas to the list.

Of course, all items would ideally be printed with a PG pic or a tour logo. Regarding the T-shirts there are usually discussions about them including the tour dates or not, so there you will find two options.

Please, choose as many merch stuff as you wish, but don’t forget to choose ONLY those which you would definitely buy. This might be helpful for Mr. G’s team as well, to decide what to include. 😉


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Online store for Roxette merchandise

Official Roxette store for merchandiseAs ‘The Daily Roxette’ reports, an offical online store for Roxette merchandise has opened it’s doors pages. Currently it sells the same things as seen at the Proms tour: t-shirts, mugs, bags and more. It’s run from the UK, we don’t know yet by whom. Check it out!

Source: TDR

Edit: It’s run by EMI.

Update, November 2: I asked if they plan to sell additional articles like key-rings or also ‘retro’ stuff from the previous tours and got the following response:

At this moment in time, we only have merchandise for the current tour
> but we do hope to expand on that soon!

NOTP Countdown: Roxette merchandising.

Roxette will not only perform on “Night of the Proms” tour – they will also sell their own merchidise at the tour’s shop. It is the very first time since 2001 we will have an opportunity to purchase the official stuff. More informations to follow.

New pretty amazing Rox merchandise coming up for the Night of the Proms-tour

Source: Twitter