Bag of Trix – Music from the Roxette Vaults

The time has come! Vol. 1 of Bag of Trix is out on 30th October on streaming sites and until 11th December, the official physical release date of the complete Bag of Trix collection we will get to hear more ear candies on digital platforms on a regular basis. Vol. 2 on 13th November, Vol. 3 on 27th November, Vol. 4 on 11th December together with the physical release.

The booklet in the physical editions will include track by track comments from Per Gessle and Mikael Bolyos!

Per about Bag of Trix:

Lots of memories and plenty of joy, hopefully not only for me but also for people interested in what Roxette is all about.


Now comes Volume 1 of “Bag of Trix” – the Roxette collection which presents a total of 47 unreleased or so far unavailable recordings: demos, alternative mixes and recordings, Spanish versions, bonus songs plus other fun stuff from the band’s long and successful career 1986-2016.

The first volume will be released on October 30th and contains twelve songs that have been recorded over a 30-year period. From the demo of “Like Lovers Do”, recorded during an early demo session as Marie and Per prepare Roxette’s debut album “Pearls of Passion” in the summer of 1986, to the new single “Let Your Heart Dance With Me” which was never completed during the “Good Karma” recordings 2016.

“Bag Of Trix” provides a unique insight into one of Sweden’s most successful pop groups’ fascinating career. Take just one of the gold nuggets of the first volume – Brian Malouf’s American single mix of “Joyride”, which in the spring of 1991 became Roxette’s fourth number one on the Billboard charts. The song in its album version is a classic in Roxette’s repertoire, but most people outside the US have probably never heard this hot-tempered and special single mix.

“Bag Of Trix” Volume 1 also offers Per and Marie’s acoustic demo of the – at the time of recording – brand new “Hotblooded”, as well as an acoustic version of “Listen To Your Heart” which together with the interpretation of the Beatles masterpiece “Help!” was recorded in the Abbey Road studio in London in the autumn of 1995.

And for Marie Fredriksson’s millions of fans around the world, it is perhaps with extra great anticipation that they want to listen to her three home-recorded demo versions of her own songs “Pocketful Of Rain”, “Beautiful Boy” and “Waiting For The Rain” – of which only the latter ended up on a Roxette album.

“Both Marie and I loved being in the studio and recording our music – and now that you look back on our career, it is quite overwhelming how much material we managed to produce. Significantly more than we could ever release. We were really spurred on by the whole fantastic Roxette circus”, says Per Gessle with a smile.

“Much of what “only” ended up as bonus material on CD singles in Japan and in some cases never even released stuff today feels like an interesting complement to our regular catalogue. So we believe that “Bag of Trix” can offer a lot of interesting listening for those who have followed us over the years”, says Per.

4LP box

Volume 1:

  1. Help! (Abbey Road Sessions – Nov 15, 1995)
  2. Listen To Your Heart (Abbey Road Sessions – Nov 15, 1995)
  3. Let Your Heart Dance With Me GOOD KARMA OUTTAKE ***
  4. Waiting For The Rain (Studio Vinden Demo 1997)
  5. Joyride (Brian Malouf US Single Mix 1991)
  6. Like Lovers Do (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  7. Pocketful Of Rain (Skinnarviksringen Demo – Feb 1993) ***
  8. Wish I Could Fly (Live EMP Sky Church, Seattle Oct 7, 2000) ***
  9. Happy Together (T&A Demo – Jul 1-2, 1998)
  10. Beautiful Boy (Studio Vinden Demo – Mar 2000) ***
  11. You Don’t Understand Me (T&A Demo – Jul 30, 1995) ***
  12. Hotblooded (T&A Demo – Dec 13, 1990) ***

Volume 2

  1. The Look (Abbey Road Sessions – Nov 15, 1995)
  2. Tu no me comprendes (You Don’t Understand Me) ***
  3. Soul Deep (Tom Lord-Alge Mix)
  4. Always The Last To Know (Studio Vinden Demo 1998) ***
  5. Sleeping In My Car (The Stockholm Demo Version 1993)
  6. Watercolours In The Rain (T&A Demo – Jan 24, 1990) ***
  7. From One Heart To Another (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  8. I Remember You (T&A Demo – Mar 15, 1990) ***
  9. It Hurts (T&A Demo – Aug 3, 1995) ***
  10. Perfect Day (T&A Demo – Aug 23, 1990) ***
  11. New World (Studio Vinden Demo 1996)
  12. Lo Siento (Salvation)

Volume 3

  1. Piece Of Cake GOOD KARMA OUTTAKE ***
  2. You Don’t Understand Me (Abbey Road Sessions – Nov 15, 1995)
  3. Dangerous (Swedish Single Version)
  4. Every Day (Studio Vinden Demo – Mar 2000) ***
  5. The Big L (T&A Demo – Mar 29, 1990) ***
  6. It Will Take A Long Long Time (Modern Rock Version)
  7. Little Girl (Studio Vinden Demo – March 2000) ***
  8. Cry (Live Norrköping Dec 16, 1988)
  9. Goodbye To You (Montezuma demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  10. Go To Sleep (Skinnarviksringen demo – Feb 1993) ***
  11. Quisiera Volar (Wish I Could Fly)

Volume 4

  1. The Centre Of The Heart (Is A Suburb To The Brain) (Have A Nice Day Version) ***
  2. Pearls And Passion (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  3. Things Will Never Be The Same (T&A Demo – Dec 13, 1990) ***
  4. Entering Your Heart (Long Version)
  5. Cooper (Closer To God)
  6. Joy Of A Toy (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  7. It Takes You No Time To Get Here (Long Version) ***
  8. Before You Go To Sleep (T&A demo – Oct 23, 1992) ***
  9. I Was So Lucky (The Golden Blow) ***
  10. Jag älskar (Surrender) (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  11. Som i en dröm (So Far Away) (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  12. Alguien (Anyone)

*** Previously unreleased


3CD set

CD 1

  1. Help! (Abbey Road Sessions – Nov 15, 1995)
  2. Listen To Your Heart (Abbey Road Sessions – Nov 15, 1995)
  3. Let Your Heart Dance With Me GOOD KARMA OUTTAKE ***
  4. Waiting For The Rain (Studio Vinden Demo 1997)
  5. Joyride (Brian Malouf US Single Mix 1991)
  6. Like Lovers Do (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  7. Pocketful Of Rain (Skinnarviksringen Demo – Feb 1993) ***
  8. Tu no me comprendes (You Don’t Understand Me) ***
  9. Happy Together (T&A Demo – Jul 1-2, 1998)
  10. Beautiful Boy (Studio Vinden Demo – Mar 2000) ***
  11. Cooper (Closer To God)
  12. Hotblooded (T&A Demo – Dec 13, 1990) ***
  13. The Centre Of The Heart (Is A Suburb To The Brain) (Have A Nice Day Version) ***
  14. Pearls And Passion (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  15. Things Will Never Be The Same (T&A Demo – Dec 13, 1990) ***
  16. Alguien (Anyone)

CD 2

  1. The Look (Abbey Road Sessions – Nov 15, 1995)
  2. You Don’t Understand Me (Abbey Road Sessions – Nov 15, 1995)
  3. Soul Deep (Tom Lord-Alge Mix)
  4. Wish I Could Fly (Live EMP Sky Church, Seattle Oct 7, 2000) ***
  5. New World (Studio Vinden Demo 1996)
  6. Sleeping In My Car (The Stockholm Demo Version 1993)
  7. Watercolours In The Rain (T&A Demo – Jan 24, 1990) ***
  8. From One Heart To Another (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  9. I Remember You (T&A Demo – Mar 15, 1990) ***
  10. It Hurts (T&A Demo – Aug 3, 1995) ***
  11. Perfect Day (T&A Demo – Aug 23, 1990) ***
  12. Joy Of A Toy (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  13. Always The Last To Know (Studio Vinden Demo 1998) ***
  14. It Takes You No Time To Get Here (Long Version) ***
  15. Before You Go To Sleep (T&A demo – Oct 23, 1992) ***
  16. Lo Siento (Salvation)

CD 3

  1. Piece Of Cake GOOD KARMA OUTTAKE ***
  2. You Don’t Understand Me (T&A Demo – Jul 30, 1995) ***
  3. Dangerous (Swedish Single Version)
  4. Every Day (Studio Vinden Demo – Mar 2000) ***
  5. The Big L (T&A Demo – Mar 29, 1990) ***
  6. It Will Take A Long Long Time (Modern Rock Version)
  7. Little Girl (Studio Vinden Demo – March 2000) ***
  8. Cry (Live Norrköping Dec 16, 1988)
  9. Goodbye To You (Montezuma demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  10. Go To Sleep (Skinnarviksringen demo – Feb 1993) ***
  11. I Was So Lucky (The Golden Blow) ***
  12. Entering Your Heart (Long Version)
  13. Jag älskar (Surrender) (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  14. Som i en dröm (So Far Away) (Montezuma Demo – Jul 25-26, 1986) ***
  15. Quisiera Volar (Wish I Could Fly)

*** Previously unreleased


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Mikael Bolyos: “Hopefully we can release something more..”

Mikael Bolyos on 30th May 2017. (Foto: Annie Heart)

After Marie surprisingly released a new jazz single on her birthday, we felt the urge to talk to one of the driving forces behind the project: Mikael Bolyos. Luckily enough he found the time to answer some of our questions and we want to thank him very much for doing so. We know he is a busy man.

RXB: Mikael, thanks for stopping a second to take the time to talk to us. It was probably quite busy lately with Marie’s birthday and the release of the new song – and both topics that made us think we desperately need to talk to you. So, first of all: Is your house still a normal house or did it turn into a huge garden on Marie’s birthday? Just kidding, of course, but we are well aware that many fans still send their cards and flowers and presents and we are curious: Did it become more now that Marie has retired from the touring life?
Mikael Bolyos: No, our home still always look like a flowershop  on every Maries birthday.

RXB: And talking about Marie’s birthday: We were very surprised to find out that she or you decided to release a new single (Alone Again) on her birthday. Did you choose this date on purpose or was it a coincidence? This definitely feels like you made yourself a present and you gave a present to us as well.
MB: Yes, the whole idea was to try to give a little something back to all her fans. Call it a little “thank you” for all the support over the years.

RXB: Do you still read the Roxette internet and Facebook fan pages such as Roxetteblog and The Daily Roxette – so are you aware that the fan world went totally crazy after the song was announced on several streaming services such as iTunes, Amazon and Google play?
MB: Yes, we noticed some comments!

RXB: The response so far has been amazing, lots of positive comments everywhere, how do you feel about this?
MB: We, Marie, Magnus, Max & me are so happy about this. Max told me the other day that people are telling him daily on the bus, in the streets, everywhere how much they like the song and production.

RXB: What can you actually tell us about the single? When did you have the idea, when did you record it?
MB: I had an idea back in 2002 to make an instrumental album with my favorite sax and guitar players in Sweden. Magnus Lindgren and Max Schultz. We started the recordings at Vinden studio in January 2003. Soon we asked Marie to add some vocals to one of the songs (on a Sunday). We also made the first recording of Max´s song “Alone again” back then. At that time it was an instrumental song. A couple of years later I wrote the lyrics and in 2009 we recorded the song with Marie. At that time we even had plans of doing some light touring with this trio. But as you know history wanted something else.

RXB: Is there a reason you chose English over Swedish?
MB: No, not really ! Maybe it´s because Magnus’ instrumental song’s name was “On a Sunday” so Marie and me wrote english lyrics to it.

RXB: The song came together with a (surprise) video – what was the idea behind this?
MB: We thought it would be easier to present the song if it contained a video. It’s much more funny to click a link and be able to listen and watch.

RXB: You worked with two musicians with who you already worked with before, why did you choose to work with them? How did this collaboration come up?
MB: Marie and me heard a duo in a hotelbar in London 2002. Two guys playing sax and guitar. It felt as an odd combination, but still so interesting. It felt natural to ask Max & Magnus if they were interested of trying something like this, but playing only original songs.

RXB: Does the single mean that a new album is coming out soon?
MB: I wish I could say yes, but this was meant to be a one-time event, but after the massive positive reaction….. we’ll see…..Hopefully we can release something more in the same category in the future…at least I hope.

RXB: Both musicians are known for their jazz music, if there will be a new album, will it be THE jazz album Marie always wanted to do?
MB: Yes, I think it’s a good guess that in that case, jazz & blues will dominate, but I don’t know about a whole album.

RXB: Have you listened to Per’s solo album? What do you think?
MB: Yes we have and we think it´s great. We like it a lot !

RXB: We read a rumour some weeks ago that you and Marie became grandparents in the meantime. It spread like a bush fire and many people were speculating about this being right. We really don’t want to fuel the rumor mill, but in case it is true…
MB: HA! Not as far as we know.

Interview with Christoffer Lundquist: “When you have the chance to work with such great people it’s very hard to say no”

Chris1We met Christoffer Lundquist in Göteborg before Marie’s concert in this city. The last time we met Christoffer was June 2011 in Prague and a lot has happened since then, so we thought it was about time again to sit down and chat about all the Rox-related projects he has been involved in as well as his solo and Brainpool projects.


Judith: Thank you for your time! It’s been a long time, we met in 2011 last… You’ve been very busy since then!

Christoffer: Sure, a pleasure as always. And yes, lots of things going on.

Let’s start with Marie’s album. How did you get involved with it?

Micke and Marie started working on some of the songs a long time ago, some of them even 10 years ago. They asked during Roxette’s tour if I wanted to be part of recording the vocals because we did that with Roxette and we had lots of fun and it worked out very well. So that’s how it started, and then I got more and more involved. We recorded about half of the album in my studio, for the other half we used mainly what Marie and Micke had recorded themselves and built on those.

So how did you arrange the recordings? Did all the musicians come to your studio in Skåne?
Micke and Marie spent about 10 days in my studio the first time. Then they came to the studio a second time for five days. We also had Jens for a few days recording drums for some tracks. And then the rest we worked out together the three of us.

In an interview Micke told us that there are demos for most of the songs, but that we wouldn’t want to hear those, haha! Did they change a lot from demos to final?
Haha! Oscar is singing in some of them, actually. And I can’t really remember how much we changed. We built on some of the demos so the original kind of ended up on the album, but other songs were done from scratch in the studio, I don’t remember the demos to those. In that case we just heard the demo maybe once or twice and then we did the rest more or less on the fly. In some cases there were ideas on the demos that we wanted to keep, on other cases we started from scratch.

Marie and Micke worked with other song writers, were they involved in the recordings too?
Not really. They were not involved in the recording but more in the background and working with Marie on the lyrics. That was the most difficult part because lyrics are a huge part of Marie’s career and now that she doesn’t write many songs herself, she really needs lyrics that she can feel as if she had written them. That’s really tricky; it’s very personal, especially for Marie because she’s such an emotional singer. She cannot just sing something; she always sings texts that really mean something. So there were lots of attempts that didn’t work, we had new lyrics coming in all the time and every now and then we were like “Yes! This works!” It’s a tricky process because all of the song writers are very great writers; it’s hard to turn them down, someone writes a great text and you have to say “no sorry”, not because it’s not good enough, but because it doesn’t feel right for Marie, and you don’t want to hurt people… But Micke and Marie handled all that, it was their friends and colleagues, I was just standing by.

Did you use many new or interesting instruments this time, besides the sitar?
That was Micke’s or Marie’s idea, I cannot remember. They had that line on the demo “dididididi” (imitating the sound of the sitar at the beginning of the song) done with a cimbalo or something like that, but they wanted to find something more unique. It’s funny because that kind of guitar is used in a Swedish hit called “Jag vill ha en egen måne” by Ted Gärdestad. It was a huge 70ies hit and the artist is great, so it is also a bit of a hint to that song too. We used many of the other instruments as always, we just tried them out and used what we felt worked out. Micke played the church organ as well on “Jag undrar vad du tänker på”.

This album is very different to the other Marie albums, you can hear a lot of country and other styles that Marie hadn’t touched before. Did Marie and Micke already come with this in mind? How much of it is your influence?
Yes, that was not my influence, actually. The second track, “Det bästa som nånsin kan hända”, was almost finished when I heard it, for example. I hardly added anything to that one, one or two guitars maybe. That has the most country flavor I think. I just realised this when I listened to Marie’s previous albums to prepare for this tour that there are such different styles in the other albums, almost every album has its own style. And that is very much Marie, whatever the feeling at the moment is. So how do you like the album and the current style?

I think it’s great. Marie loves guitars… and you can hear that on the album. This album is one of her best. I had always wished she would do something like this.
Oh, great to hear. And yes, she loves electric guitars! We also had Staffan Astner on the album, he has this flashy style and Marie loves that. Whenever he goes crazy with the guitar she is like “Yes! Perfect!”

You could see that on Äntligen tour and on the current tour when she looks at you or Jokke and completely enjoys the solos!
Haha! It’s great to play that too.

So let’s move to another of the projects, mixing of Roxette live album/DVD/Blu-ray.
Yes, and it finally came out! Believe it or not, haha!

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Miracles, thankfulness, a whole new world and much affection from both sides

It’s over! 19 shows in 2 months – the solo tour of Marie Fredriksson is finished. But there are many things that feel neverending – all memories and feelings we shared on this tour stay forever. We were the first crowd that made people stand up in Luleå – at least that’s what they (the media) say.

Starting with the first show in Helsingborg mixed feelings are around – some say it was one of the best shows just because it happened, just because Marie was on stage, performing her own songs, some others missed her talking but very well knew that she seemed to be very nervous that night. In fact, Marie got more and more relaxed from show to show and it felt great to be part of that. We were there for her only, to support her and show the rest of the audience why we were there. Most of the people in the audience didn’t join our cheering and supporting and it felt like they even had problems clapping their hands. At the beginning of the tour we didn’t quite know how and if to stand up and how long. In the end we just did and nobody cared about the reactions of the Swedish people. And yes, in the end it was totally clear we would already stand up during “Kom Vila Hos Mig”, which was the second song of the set. Once, Jokke had told us that Marie feels much better when she knows we are there from the beginning and supporting her to the fullest and so it became like a secret agreement to stand up during the 2nd song. We never stopped it again since then, we kept it till the end. Sometimes we just shared a look with other fans, making a move to stand up and then we stood.

It’s hard to choose THE best show since everybody probably has their own favourite night, moment, memory – for me, in Jönköping Marie seemed to be very relaxed, talked a lot, cared less about everything else and just enjoyed herself (and maybe us). In Göteborg the audience was the loudest and the best – it was nice to see that it in fact IS possible to get people stand.

Malmö will be in the heads forever, just because Marie didn’t feel well and struggled with her leg. Oh, many would have loved to help her that night. But to see that she never gives up, never ever, that she is just going on, fighting, being strong – it shows a lot to everyone and provides a lot of strength to everyone. No, she didn’t want a chair, no, she didn’t want to stop, so she came back on socks after the break and gave her best.

These are the moments when suddenly it’s totally clear why she is such an inspiration for so many people. She is a fighter, always smiling, always going strong. And just, when everyone thought that she is somehow making it on her own (but of course with a lot of help and support of her husband!) she tells us to help her again when the next Roxette tour is on. So it happened after the last show in Umeå. First she promised that we see us soon again and then she said: “You have to help me again.” Ah, yes, we will, we so will, that’s what we try to do all the time and that’s exactly what is my personal story with Marie which I adore for 23 years now.

I remember the first show of the Night Of The Proms concerts in Antwerp. I sat in the audience, far away. The lights went down, Marie came up sitting on a stool, walking shyly to the microphone and sang. They started with  “Wish I could fly” and she must have had a little blackout back then. She repeated the first line of the song three times. I was shocked, it wasn’t the Marie I remembered. I was shocked for about 20 seconds and then it was totally clear: I wasn’t there for my own entertainment, I was there to support her and it made me buy so many tickets that I saw 16 shows in total in the end. The motivation is still the same – support, support, support, nothing else.

But back to this year, back to “Nu!” – we experienced a lot of miracles again, we got a lot of thankfulness of the band and found a whole new world ourselves. There was so much affection from both sides that it will keep us going until the next tour.

We heard a lot of wonderful new veIMG_9168rsions, Så stilla så långsamt, Bara för en dag or Den Sjunde Vågen – just to mention only a few. Every concert had its special moments. Every concert seemed to feature at least one crazy fan that decided maybe 10 hours before the show to come and support Marie, to never let this energy stop. Almost every concert brought some surprises – be it roses, lights, signs or just loud cheering. And every concert was a part of a true miracle.

If only Marie knew how many lifes she has saved throughout the years and how many lifes she turned to the better, she wouldn’t believe it. So it feels more than right to give something back, yes, exactly, to give something back. It feels good to know that it’s possible at all.

And there is one memory that stays forever – the little talk some fans had after the last show in Umeå. We finally realized that we never really thanked Micke for being the one in a million. We knew there wouldn’t be a chance to do so very soon and felt a bit sad. We said that we at least hope that he knows that we know what he is doing and the we very well appreciate it.

Last but not least we take all the wonderful memories of this tour with us – be it meetings (see mine in Umeå with Astrid), great concerts which can’t be forgotten, bad beers after the shows and a lot of nice people on the way.

Marie’s tour: Västerås, 12th April #17

Yesterday Marie and the band rocked Västerås big time!

The first row was again mostly full of fans, but there were some also in the other rows, which probably helped to keep the mood happy and loud throughout the whole concert. Of course, the band was awesome and Marie was in a very good mood, so all this were the perfect ingredients that made the Swedes want to join the party. And they did already on song #2. After a few shows where we had to wait until towards the end to see some action, I was pretty surprised and felt so happy for the girl and boys on stage. They seemed to be happy with the response as well because they were all smiles, proud smiles.

Of course, Efter stormen was the song where really everybody (not only the fans) stood up and clapped and sang along, but you could see that in many other songs as well. Even the people at the balcony were standing and having fun, and Marie saw that and waved to them with a big smile. At some places we have seen skeptic or a bit angry faces when we stood up to some songs, but yesterday the audience seemed to like that. Like the 70-something ladies in the first row who had a blast; or the 4-6 Swedes that were sitting in row 2 who first looked shocked when we stood up but at the end thanked us in the first row for spreading the fun; or the two mid 50 ladies in the first row who were faster standing up than some of us!

The craziest rockiest song was Mellan sommar och höst. The audience was already standing up when Marie walked out to the stage again and everybody went wild with the amazing guitars and Marie’s rocky voice.

This concert was also the last one for many fans and Marie and band knew it, so they gave special attention to the ones on first row. Specially during Tro when everybody hugged and moved to the rythm of the song and many of us were all tears she gave those looks of hers to many of us. At the end, she also made sad faces to some of the fans she knew were saying goodbye to the tour yesterday night. It was not possible to  hold back the tears, it is actually also not possible as I am writing this now. It has been so special… the love tour 🙂

Some fans had prepared flowers and a card for Marie to thank her for the great tour. Many fans had signed it and Anne gave it to Chris at the end of the show. The fans who waited for Marie after the concert explained that Micke had thanked them for coming to the concerts and said that fans turned the tour to something completely different and special and he added that the reviews were all very good because of that.

By the way, Clarence was in the audience yesterday night.

So now it’s just 2 concerts left: Luleå and Umeå. Those who are going to the last shows will surely give our best and party until the end!

Setlist (no changes)

1. Så stilla så långsamt [1992 – DSR]
2. Kom vila hos mig [2013 – Nu!]
3. Bara för en dag [1987 – ES]
4. Det regnar igen [1992 – DSR]
5. Sista sommarens vals [2013 – Nu!]
6. Ber bara en gång [1996 – IETSV]
7. Sparvöga [1989 off the Swedish drama TV series]
8. Ett hus vid havet [1985 – DSV]
9. Ett bord i solen [2007 – TFT]
10. Så skimrande var aldrig havet [1990 off Taube compilation album]
11. Ännu doftar kärlek [1984 – HV]
12. Så länge det lyser mittemot [1992 – DSR]
13. Om du såg mig nu [1987 – ES]
14. Efter stormen [1987 – ES]
15. Den sjunde vågen [1985 – DSV]

16. Mellan sommar och höst [1992 – DSR]
17. Den bästa dagen [1985 – DSV]
18. Tro [1996 – IETSV]