Joyride the Musical – feel-good musical based on the songs of Roxette

The much anticipated Roxette musical, inspired by the pop duo’s music and with a plot taken from the Jane Fallon book Got You Back, now has a name – Joyride the Musical. It will be directed by Guy Unsworth and the world premiere will take place at Malmö Opera 6th September 2024. C’mon join the joyride! Tickets available now HERE!

An unforgettable rollercoaster ride filled with joy, humour, uptempo songs and power ballads – Joyride the Musical is a new feel-good musical featuring music by the legendary pop duo Roxette and a story based on the English bestselling author Jane Fallon’s book Got You Back.

Fashion designer Stephanie lives in London with her husband Joe. What she doesn’t know is that when Joe commutes weekly to his job as a veterinarian in Lincolnshire, he has a girlfriend, Katie. When the two women finally discover each other’s existence and meet, they decide to give Joe what he deserves…

The key roles of Stephanie, Katie and Joe are played by Eurovision Song Contest participant Jessica Marberger, West End musical artist Marsha Songcome and Alexander Lycke, international musical actor and frequent leading man at the Stockholm City Theatre.

The direction and adaptation for the stage of Klas Abrahamsson’s original script are made by English director Guy Unsworth, who recently directed Miss Saigon in Oslo.

Guy Unsworth says:

It’s a new way to experience the music. I think it will be a perfect evening for those who love musicals but also for those who love Roxette.

It’s a real ‘joyride’ through the complexity of life and love.

Roxette’s Per Gessle has been involved in the project from the start.

My immediate feeling is that Roxette’s music is perfect for a musical, a rich bunch of songs with lots of familiar melodies. The mix of our legacy and Jane Fallon’s brilliant story feels like a match made in heaven. I look forward to this exciting project.

Joyride the Musical, musical in two acts. World premiere 6th September 2024 at Malmö Opera’s Main stage. Plays through 29th December 2024. Performed in Swedish with English lyrics. Swedish and English surtitles. Duration 3 h including interval.


BOOK Klas Abrahamsson
Based on the novel Got You Back by Jane Fallon
DIRECTED & ADAPTED by Guy Unsworth
CONDUCTOR Joakim Hallin
SET DESIGN David Woodhead
COSTUME & MASK DESIGN Torbjörn Bergström
SOUND DESIGN Avgoustos Psillas
MUSICAL ARRANGEMENTS Joakim Hallin, Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundquist


KATIE Marsha Songcome (US Kerstin Hilldén)
STEPHANIE Jessica Marberger (US Caroline Gustafsson)
JOE Alexander Lycke (US Patrik Martinsson)
NATASHA Sara Lehmann (US Sienna Sebek)
GARY Oscar Pierrou Lindén (US Rasmus Mononen)
MEREDITH Sanna Martin (US Emilie Larsson)


Marcus Elander
Kerstin Hilldén
Michael Jansson
Caroline Gustafsson
Patrik Martinsson
Fredrik Sjöstedt
Erik Gullbransson
Sienna Sebek
Rasmus Mononen
Emilie Larsson
David Lindell
Emmie Asplund
Joel Zerpe
Steffen Hulehøj Frederiksen
Robin Lake
David Auxoilte
Oliver Gramenius
Hanna Carlbrand
Emma Kumlien
Leila Jung

Malmö Opera Orchestra
US = Understudy
PUBLISHER/AGENCY Nordiska ApS/Jimmy Fun Music

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APRIL FOOLS’ DAY! – Per Gessle to appear on stage in the Roxette musical!

APRIL FOOLS’ DAY – There is still quite some time left until the Roxette musical hits the theatres in autumn 2024, but it has just been confirmed in a recent interview that besides taking huge part of the job in matching Roxette’s music with the play, Per will also appear on stage each night the musical is on. Well, not exactly on stage, but in the orchestra. Actually, in front of the orchestra, because he accepted the challenge to be the conductor. This way he can make sure everything sounds exactly how he imagines it, so the audience will have an extraordinary experience each night. This is going to be a very new role for Mr. G, of course, but the more he dives into this project, the more his curiosity about theatre life is growing. Who knows, maybe one day we even see his name in the cast of some play. Haha.

The script of the musical is not yet ready, but as you already know, it will be based on Got You Back, a book by Jane Fallon and is being written by Swedish playwright and director Klas Abrahamsson. The premiere will happen in Malmö Opera in autumn 2024.

Dates will be out and tickets for the musical will go on sale in autumn 2023. Until then, you can always read the book. HERE you can find the first chapter.

Conductor Gessle stills are from PG Roxette’s Nothing Else Matters cover video.

Got You Back – base book for the upcoming Roxette musical

When Per in the past talked about the fact that Roxette’s music has theatrical potential, I always thought that one day there will be a big musical written based on Roxette songs. Now the thing is, a book is already written and a script from that with matching Roxette songs will be adapted to theatre stage. (We wrote about it in May HERE.) I don’t know which direction is more difficult. To write a story based on existing songs or find the most fitting songs for an already existing story.

The base book from which the script will be written is a novel by Jane Fallon. She is an English author and television producer who debuted as a full-time novelist with her first national bestseller, Getting Rid of Matthew in 2007. She has followed this with several other bestsellers. Her books have been translated into more than 20 languages.

Got You Back is the second novel written by Jane, published in 2008. It’s an entertaining story about the triangle between a husband, his wife and his mistress and the revenge of the latter two gone wrong.

A husband. A wife. A mistress. And the ultimate plan for revenge…

The husband James never intended to lead a double life with a wife in London and a mistress in the country, it’s exhausting. But that’s all about to change…

The wife Stephanie isn’t really snooping when she finds a text message from a strange woman on her husband’s mobile. But now she’s found it, how can she ignore it? It’s time to track the woman down and find out what’s going on…

The mistress Katie has no reason to believe her boyfriend, James, is cheating until someone claiming to be his wife gets in touch. Now she’s been cast in the role of mistress. Not one she’s happy with…

Once Stephanie and Katie know about each other, they must decide what to do. They could both just throw him out or they could join forces to make his life hell first…

But revenge isn’t always sweet. And what happens when one woman thinks enough is enough but the other doesn’t know when to stop?

I had the chance to read it this weekend and what I really like about the novel is that Jane tells the story from all three angles, so you have an in-depth view of these three characters’ personalities. Some of their actions make them sympathetic, others make you roll your eyes – like Finn, the 7-year-old son of Stephanie (stylist) and James (vet) roll them sometimes. Until a certain point you keep your fingers crossed that James pays for all his mistakes, but after a while you feel it’s getting too much and you feel sorry for him. The tension is built up very cleverly and it is also kept after everything turns out to all three parties. You never know how all your la-la-la-la-lies affect your Lover, Lover, Lover until you realize she already knows everything and your wife knows everything too.

And yes… with this, let’s get down to the main thing. The story being the base of an upcoming Roxette musical. There is actually a tremendous amount of Roxette songs that popped up in my mind while reading. The ones that would be obvious choices (for me) are Spending My Time, Listen To Your Heart, The Look, It Must Have Been Love, Things Will Never Be The Same, Dangerous, Sleeping Single, Dressed For Success, Joyride, Come Back (Before You Leave), What’s She Like?, You Don’t Understand Me, A Thing About You. But there are several more that could be included. Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave), I Don’t Want To Get Hurt, Lies, Paint, Lover, Lover, Lover, Pay The Price, The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye, Wish I Could Fly, I’m Sorry, Secrets That She Keeps, Vulnerable, Staring At The Ground, The Centre Of The Heart (Is A Suburb To The Brain), Easy Way Out, Cry, From One Heart To Another, Dance Away, Do You Wanna Go the Whole Way?, It Just Happens

Now I stop making a list here, because in the end, all Rox tracks will be added to this article and „only” 20-25 songs fit in a real musical. Oh well… how about a musical version of Crush On You? Haha. Nah, OK, I really stop it. Certainly, the most well-known Roxette hits will be included.

Besides being a Roxer, another passion of mine is theatre. I love dramas, comedies and musicals the most. Coming it from Webber or anyone else, I like it when stories are told by the help of songs.

This musical is set to premiere in Malmö Opera in autumn 2024. The script will be written by Swedish playwright and director Klas Abrahamsson. That makes me wonder about the language of the play. Roxette lyrics are in English of course, but if I look at musicals I saw in Hungary, the lyrics (also in Mamma Mia!) are translated into Hungarian. Thinking about Jesus Christ Superstar that toured around Sweden recently, it was performed in English, but I also saw Swedish versions in the past. For the time being, we are talking about the musical getting on stage in Sweden and of course, in Sweden there is no issue with it being in English. Later it will be interesting to see how the project develops and how many theatres will join worldwide. I already heard a Hungarian version of The Look in a play a couple of years ago and It Must Have Been Love also has a Hungarian version. Hm… I think it will also be different when you hear your top favourite band’s songs in another language than the original. Do I care when I see Mamma Mia! the musical that the songs are sung in Hungarian? Not really. I have the original English lyrics in my head, but I watch the musical as a theatre play, not as an ABBA „show”. Then it’s totally fine.

Let’s see what happens! Only 2 more years to go! Haha. It’s an exciting project, that’s for sure. Good luck to the whole team involved!

Until then, you can get yourself Got You Back to read. HERE you can read the first chapter!

Fun fact: Jane Fallon is the partner of comedian Ricky Gervais and you might remember Ricky’s guilty pleasures video from 2014… Still much fun!

Roxette’s music becomes a musical

Roxette’s vast catalogue of hits is the soundtrack for generations all over the world. It is now time for it to be used in a brand new musical, based on the hit author Jane Fallon’s novel “Got You Back”. The opening is scheduled to be in the autumn of 2024 at Malmö Opera in Malmö, Sweden.

The Swedish duo Roxette, Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, is one of the most successful pop groups ever. Their iconic songs like “Listen To Your Heart”, “It Must Have Been Love”, “The Look”, “Joyride” and many more have ruled the charts around the globe. The classic Roxette catalogue will be the soundtrack for a brand new musical, based on the English hit novelist Jane Fallon’s book “Got You Back” with a script by the Swedish playwright and director Klas Abrahamsson. Per Gessle is the hugely successful songwriter and frontman of Roxette which he formed with singer Marie Fredriksson in 1986. Their sales to late exceeds 80 million albums since their first release.

Per Gessle says:

My immediate feeling is that Roxette’s music is perfect for a musical, a rich bunch of songs with lots of familiar melodies. The mix of our legacy and Jane Fallon’s brilliant story feels like a match made in heaven. I look forward to this exciting project.

Jane Fallon is the celebrated TV-producer who became a successful author. Fallon has published eleven novels since her debut “Getting Rid Of Matthew” in 2007 and the sales has passed the million mark in UK alone.

Jane says:

I love musicals and I love Scandinavia and I love Roxette’s music so this is like a dream come true. I’m so happy to be part of this production.

The playright and director Klas Abrahamsson has been praised for several of his plays like “Camping”, “My Friend The Fascist” and “Ingvar! A Musical Furniture Tale” – the two latter together with composer Erik Gedeon.

Klas says:

The music is so great and cool and the story is important and has a most relevant intrigue. I’m so thrilled.

Malmö Opera is one of Sweden’s biggest producer of musical theatre. Carina Ostrander says:

Malmö Opera has yet again shown the power to launch new projects, from the first idea to a full stage production. We do look forward to the collaboration with Per Gessle, Jane Fallon, Klas Abrahamsson and all of the skilled professional craftsmen necessary for a successful stage show.

The musical is a collaboration between Per Gessle, Nordiska ApS and Malmö Opera.

Tickets will go on sale in 2023/24.

Musical with Per Gessle’s songs

Teater Halland got green light from Per Gessle to use his music in their upcoming musical “Halland Love Stories”. The approximately 2-hour-long (plus break) musical’s premiere is set to 2nd March 2018 on the Main Stage of Teater Halland in Varberg and then they will tour with it in other theaters of Halland and neighbouring regions in Sweden. There will be 4 actors in the musical.

The theater plans to ask the audience, those living in Halland to tell them their own love stories and from this collection, to Mr. G’s songs they will create a musical which will be a celebration of love.

According to the theater’s director, Anna Sjövall, Per thought it sounded like a very funny and nice idea. The musical will consist of Per’s Swedish songs and it will be a bit like Mamma Mia!


SVT talked to Per about the project and he said many of his songs are somehow rooted in Halmstad and the west coast so it felt nice that the theater thought of him. To the question which of his solo songs Per could relate spontaneously to the theme “Halland Love Stories” he replied:

“På promenad genom stan” or “För bra för att vara sant” are very much home for me. There are several songs on my new album (out in April), which also belong to Halmstad. Small town genes never disappear.

Per says he quite often receives international inquiries on various musical projects and ideas. It will certainly happen “down the road” when everything feels right. To the question if he has ever thought about writing a musical Mr. G replied:

No, but I’m still young.

SVT asked Per what songs he listened to more than once this year so far. Per says Linnea Henriksson’s new song “Säga mig” is very good. Bon Iver’s latest album is wonderfully weird. Mr. G says that after his trip to Nashville he ended up in an old-fashioned country-coma. Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson and such. Adorable. Alex Shields’ “New York City Ways” has been hot in the kitchen since Christmas, but he is biased there, as he was involved in writing it.