Per Gessle breathes new life into Roxette

Per Gessle gave a Zoom interview to TT News Agency in Sweden. You’ll find it in several Swedish newspapers now, e.g. in Borås Tidning.

After almost 30 years with Roxette, it’s time for a new chapter in the band’s history.

It actually results in two questions, says Per Gessle on a Zoom meeting. It’s possible to think about how and when or in what way and to find out if there is interest out there.

But if you go back to square one, the real question is: should I quit Roxette or should I continue?

For his part, he has come to the decision that feels right. With Marie Fredriksson’s blessing, Per Gessle continues to play Roxette’s songs and also releases new material.

The first single “The Loneliest Girl In The World” is released on Friday, 3rd June along with a new video. The song is the first taster from the upcoming album “Pop-Up Dynamo!”, which follows in September.

Big challenge

The idea was to write poppy uptempo songs, with an ’80s and ’90s feel, which turned out to be a big challenge.

It’s very difficult to write three chord songs at my age. When you have worked with music for several decades, you become too sophisticated in your writing. You know all the tricks and have found your style.

Per continues:

But when the chorus to “The Loneliest Girl In The World” was born, I felt “shit, this is a good chorus”. I was so happy when I wrote it.

Per Gessle emphasizes that the decision to start Roxette again was not something that “came about yesterday”.

I’ve tried to do it in a way that feels relevant. That’s why it felt important not to hire Belinda Carlisle or Annie Lennox or someone to replace Marie. It should be different, but still the same and that puzzle should be solved.

“30 years of my life”

TT: But why not just continue under the “Per Gessle” flag?

Because in the long run I want to tour and play my old Roxette songs. If I tour like Per Gessle, then I play my Per Gessle songs. It’s still almost 30 years of my life that I have given to Roxette and the songs are my little babies. This is a Roxette project, but to mark that it’s not the old Roxette, I have added PG.

And the craving for more Roxette seems to exist. Per Gessle points out that Roxette still means a lot to tons of people, which can be seen not least in the streaming statistics.

It would be stupid to turn your back on it. In my industry, you have to activate music all the time. You have to have people working towards Netflix and Hollywood. Look at Kate Bush who got a US No. 1 now with her song after “Stranger Things”. You have to be active and the one who can be most active when it comes to Roxette is me.

“The world’s biggest band”

TT: But why does it feel so important?

It’s my whole life. It started with Gyllene Tider and then Roxette. And Roxette was one of the world’s biggest bands for a couple of years. Everything I do today is based on Roxette’s success. Not continuing would feel like giving up and it would be such a defeat for me personally not to be able to complete my journey.

Hopefully, there will be a tour as well.

We are looking at getting a European tour together, but it’s tricky to find venues. I hope to know more about it soon.

PG Roxette – “The Loneliest Girl In The World” single is out!

The long-awaited first PG Roxette single is finally out! It contains two songs, The Loneliest Girl In The World and Sunflower.

Video – directed by Fredrik Etoall – recorded for TLGITW is set to premiere at 3 pm CET on 3rd June on Roxette’s YouTube channel. You’ll be able to watch it HERE. Don’t miss it!

The Loneliest Girl In The World is the first taste from the upcoming album Pop-Up Dynamo!, which follows this September. TLGITW feels like a natural next step for Per Gessle. With exuberant energy, the sweetest of melodies and their trademark don’t-bore-us-get-to-the-chorus addictiveness, it’s a song that would fit comfortably into any era of Roxette’s hefty back catalogue. Whether you consider it to be the poppiest rock around or pop with a little rock edge, it’s unmistakably Roxette.

Mr. G tells:

I had so much fun making these recordings. I really tried to go back to the writing style I had in the early days of Roxette and it was a blast. Some of the songs are the best I’ve ever done. And to work with all my Roxette-friends once again was amazing. We stick together like glue.

Read the complete press release related to the PG Roxette project HERE!

Per says about Sunflower:

I wrote the song “Sunflower” a long time ago but finished it just in time for the PG Roxette project. And no, it will NOT be included on the new album. Only on this single.

So, as you see your only chance to have the song on a physical release is to get the limited edition 7″ vinyl single. You can order it at Bengans or Ginza. For the digital version click Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, YouTube (TLGITW, Sunflower) or other digital platforms!

Additional info from PG regarding Sunflower:

It was actually written in January 2002 (!) but I made a new demo in August 2020 which is the foundation of the recording that’s now being released. And, of course, the lyrics are new. The original version from 2002 only had the lyrics in the chorus.

The Loneliest Girl In The World

I once was the chosen lucky one
Born under the sun and the powers he’s got

I once was a weirdo on a bus
Thinking about us
About me, about you, he-hey

It feels like I’ve been climbing over mountains
Like I’ve been riding jumping diving
Just to find out where you might be hiding
The loneliest girl in the world, uh huh

I recall (call call) shadows being tall
Kissing by the wall oh I felt so secure

I recall wishing we could be
The breeze across the trees
Just for fun, being like one

It feels like I’ve been climbing over mountains
Like I’ve been riding jumping diving
Just to find out where you might be hiding
The loneliest girl in the world

It feels like I’ve been flying over treetops
Like I’ve been scanning all my teardrops
Just to find out where you might be full stop
The loneliest girl in the world

It feels like I’ve been climbing over mountains
Like I’ve been driving all the highways
Just to find out where on earth you might stay
The loneliest girl in the world

It feels like I’ve been rushing through the moonlight
Like I’ve been searching every website
Just to find out where you might be tonight
The loneliest girl in the world, oh yea

The loneliest girl in the world aaaaahh
Feels like I’ve been running jumping diving
Just to find out where you might be hiding
Why is there no song playing
For the loneliest girl in the world?

Words + Music by Per Gessle
© Jimmy Fun Music

Produced by Magnus Börjeson + Clarence Öfwerman + Per Gessle. Co-produced by Christoffer Lundquist.
Recorded at Farozon, Malmö + Aerosol Grey Machine, Vallarum + Tits & Ass, Halmstad
Engineers: Magnus Börjeson + Christoffer Lundquist + MP Persson
Mixed by Ronny Lahti at Denebi Studios, Stockholm
Played by Magnus Börjeson: Programming + synthesizers + bass guitar
Clarence Öfwerman: Programming + synthesizers
Christoffer Lundquist: Electric guitars + synthesizers
Per Gessle: Lead vocals
Helena Josefsson: Vocals


Been living on my own with just a fork and spoon
Keeping my mind tidy in my tidy room

All I
All I ever really wanted
All I ever really needed
Was a minute to find my space in the show oh oh
Then I suddenly got to know
I heard a voice singing high and low
And it sounded like a love song to me

I’m a sunflower rising to the sky
Yellow, big and bright
A sunflower growing very high
Would you like to touch me, baby?

I felt so out of place like a man stuck on the moon
But everything has changed this crazy afternoon

All I
All I ever really wanted
All I ever really needed
Was a minute to find my spot in the show oh oh
Then I suddenly got to know
I heard a voice singing to and fro
And it sounded like a love song to me

I’m a sunflower rising to the sky
Yellow, big and bright
A sunflower growing very high
Would you like to touch me, baby?
Would you like to touch me, baby?

Words + music: Per Gessle
© Jimmy Fun Music

Produced by Per Gessle
Recorded at Tits & Ass, Halmstad
Engineer: MP Persson
Mixed by MP Persson + Per Gessle at Tits & Ass, Halmstad
Played by Per Gessle: Guitars + bass + synthesizers + piano + dobro + lead vocals
MP Persson: Programming
Helena Josefsson: Lead vocals

Vinyl sleeve design by Pär Wickholm, Wickholm Formavd., Stockholm. Photo by Fredrik Etoall.

Uno Svenningsson & Per Gessle – Bara få höra din röst

Uno Svenningsson and Per Gessle have released a new song together. Bara få höra din röst is now out on streaming services! Listen on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube (track 1, track 2), Apple Music and other platforms! The single contains two tracks, including an instrumental version as well.

It’s not the first time the guys collaborated. Actually, not the first time in the sense of already released material. The first duet we could hear from them was Du kommer så nära (du blir alldeles suddig) on Per’s Gammal kärlek rostar aldrig album, November 2020. In fact, BFHDR originates from an even earlier period!

Per tells RoxBlog:

We wrote and demoed the song in June 2018. The very first demo had just nonsense lyrics sung by Uno. I wrote “real” lyrics pretty quickly with a slightly different title, demoed it on my own and forgot about the song. Uno called me up one day in 2020 and said he would like to use it. He had an idea altering the melody/chords in the chorus a bit but that was fine with me. I wasn’t supposed to sing on it at all but he asked me to add some backing vocals just for fun. It sounded cool. We sound good together! Two very strange voices! And then he wanted some harmony vocals. I was flattered and started fooling around with the production a bit. And then I sang the entire second verse. Suddenly we had a duet. My Gosh.

In the press release Uno tells:

Writing songs together with others is a little craft and adventure in itself and then to have the chance to write with Per, the best songwriter, is fantastic. It’s been easy-going and much fun. Two guys from the countryside who like music, it can’t get any better! I’ve always liked Per’s voice and that our voices fit so well together is awesome. “Bara få höra din röst” is therefore a telling title! My son, Mark Bihli is responsible for arrangements and production, and he has done a brilliant job.

Per adds:

Uno and I have been running into each other for many years. Not least down in Tylösand in the summer. We’ve talked for a long time about writing something together and “Bara få höra din röst” popped up one summer day out of nowhere. Just like the best songs are born. It’s incredibly fun to work with Uno, our voices are so different but fit together in some strange way terribly well. Extra fun that his son Mark wanted to produce. He has done a fantastic job.

A video to the song is set to premiere at 10:00 am CET on 21st January. It was recorded at Andreas Dahlbäck’s Durango Studio in Stockholm at the end of 2021.

Bara få höra din röst

Jag vet det är tokigt
Och alldeles för sent
Jag har suttit framför datorn
Med korslagda ben

Och kvällen har blivit
Som en virvlande vals
Jag kan inte koncentrera mig
På något alls

Du kanske redan raderat mig
Så jag går mot ett annat håll
Logiken studsar som en boll
Mellan tak och golv

Jag vill bara få höra din röst
Ingenting annat nu
Svara mig snälla du
Jag vill bara få höra din röst
Säg vad du vill för du
Jag vill inget annat nu

Det kanske är vinet
Och allt socker och salt
Jag ser din kropp vänd emot mig
Nästan överallt

Så skål för historien
Två hjärtan som brann
Och för ett ensamt skepp
Som letar efter sin hamn

Jag tror du suddat ut mig nu
Jag har försvunnit i ett moln
Jag önskar allt var som förut
Helt under kontroll

Jag vill bara få höra din röst
Ingenting annat nu
Svara mig snälla du
Jag vill bara få höra din röst
Säg vad du vill för du
Jag vill inget annat nu

Words + Music: Uno Svenningsson + Per Gessle

Photo of Per & Uno by Pär Wickholm

Per Gessle releases two albums on his birthday

Since a while it’s a wonderful tradition that Per releases stuff on his birthday. This year he decided to give us access not only to one, but two albums full of demos. One of them is the updated Look Sharp! 30th Anniversary Edition. Many of us have the physical box (2018), but the good thing is that now we get some extras. 11 demos are added that weren’t released on the box and some of them haven’t been officially released at all before. Those 11 tracks are the ones marked with a * next to the title in the tracklist below.

The other surprise is 20 vackra demos, all the demos PG made and used for the Nashville-sessions in 2016. This album is released under The Per Gessle Archives.

It seems that Mr. G won’t ever run out of demos. Lucky fans we are! Haha. Per tells:

That’s the way it goes. I find recordings and demos all the time in my drawers and old pockets!

The two albums are now available on all streaming services (links next to the album titles above the tracklists). No physical release is planned.

LOOK SHARP! 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION tracklist (Spotify, Deezer, YouTube)

Disc 1 (Original album)

  1. The Look
  2. Dressed For Success
  3. Sleeping Single
  4. Paint
  5. Dance Away
  6. Cry
  7. Chances
  8. Dangerous
  9. Half A Woman, Half A Shadow
  10. View From A Hill
  11. (I Could Never) Give You Up
  12. Shadow Of A Doubt
  13. Listen To Your Heart

Disc 2

  1. The Voice (B-side Dressed For Success-single)
  2. One Is Such A Lonely Number (Demo – September 1987) (B-side The Big L-single)
  3. Don’t Believe In Accidents (Demo – Spring 1988) (B-side Run To You-single)
  4. The Look (T&A Demo – Mar 30, 1988)
  5. Dressed For Success (T&A Demo – May 20, 1987)
  6. Dressed For Success (EMI Demo – May 26-30, 1987)
  7. Sleeping Single (T&A Demo – May 22, 1987)
  8. Sleeping Single (EMI Demo – May 26-30, 1987)
  9. Paint (T&A Demo – Apr 22, 1988) [On the physical release it’s Apr 28. /PP]
  10. Dance Away (T&A Demo – Feb 9, 1988)
  11. Cry (T&A Demo – Feb 9, 1988)
  12. Chances (T&A Demo – Nov 24, 1987)
  13. Dangerous (T&A Demo – Feb 11, 1987)*
  14. Dangerous (acoustic version) (T&A Demo – Feb 25, 1987)
  15. Dangerous (EMI Demo – May 26-30, 1987) [On the physical release it’s Sep 26-30, but the correct date is this on the streaming release. /PP]
  16. View From A Hill (T&A Demo – Nov 17, 1987)
  17. (I Could Never) Give You Up (T&A Demo – Dec 18, 1987)
  18. Shadow Of A Doubt (T&A Demo – Feb 9, 1988)
  19. Listen To Your Heart (T&A Demo – May 9, 1988)
  20. Boom Boom (And Boom Boom Again) (T&A Demo – Sep 15, 1987)*
  21. In My Own Way (T&A Demo – Sep 15, 1987)*
  22. Love Spins (T&A Demo – Sep 15, 1987)*
  23. Love Spins (T&A Demo – Nov 18, 1987)*
  24. One Is Such A Lonely Number (T&A Demo – Aug 26, 1987)*
  25. Drowning In You (T&A Demo – Apr 17, 1988)*
  26. Silver Blue (T&A Demo – May 21, 1987)*
  27. The Thrill Of It All (T&A Demo – Aug 26, 1987)*
  28. Physical Fascination (T&A Demo – Apr 17, 1988)*
  29. From Head To Toe (EMI Demo – May 26-30, 1987)
  30. Never Is A Long Time (EMI Demo – May 26-30, 1987)
  31. Never Is A Long Time (T&A Demo – Nov 11, 1987)*

Update on 1st February 2022: Mr. G added 6 songs to the Look Sharp! 30 set:

  1. Let’s Party! (T&A Demo – Jul 14, 1988) (B-side I Want You To Know-single)
  2. Start! (T&A Demo – Feb 19, 1988)
  3. Night Wire (T&A Demo – Apr 9, 1987)
  4. Pocketful Of Rain (T&A Demo – Jun 12, 1987)
  5. Rocket (T&A Demo – Apr 9, 1987)
  6. The Voice (T&A Demo – Mar 24, 1987)

Update on 7th February 2022: Mr. G added 1 song to the Look Sharp! 30 set:

38. Silver Blue (Demo)

Update on 25th February 2022: 1 more song added to the Look Sharp! 30 set:

39. Here Comes The Weekend (T&A Demo – Mar 30, 1988)


THE PER GESSLE ARCHIVES – 20 VACKRA DEMOS tracklist (Spotify, Deezer, YouTube)

  1. Min plats (T&A Demo – Sep 29, 2016)
  2. Första pris (T&A Demo – Apr 4, 2016)
  3. Småstadsprat (T&A Demo – May 9+17, 2016)
  4. Enkel resa (T&A Demo – Dec 14, 2015)
  5. Allt gick så fort (T&A Demo – Sep 14, 2016)
  6. Tittar på dig när du dansar (T&A Demo – Aug 4, 2016)
  7. Några glas rosé (T&A Demo – Jul 4, 2016)
  8. Far Too Close (T&A Demo – Mar 10, 2015)
  9. En vacker dag (T&A Demo – Jul 20+21, 2016)
  10. Det är vi tillsammans (T&A Demo – Mar 24, 2016)
  11. Känns som första gången (T&A Demo – Nov 6, 2012)
  12. Trodde inte mina ögon (T&A Demo – Apr 16, 2016)
  13. Parentes (T&A Demo – Jul 28+29, 2016)
  14. Känn dig som hemma (T&A Demo – Apr 13, 2016)
  15. Ge allt du kan (T&A Demo – Apr 26, 2016)
  16. Ruby and Me (T&A Demo – Sep 16, 2016)
  17. Nypon och ljung (T&A Demo – Dec 14, 2015)
  18. Första pris (T&A Demo – Mar 4, 2016)
  19. Tittar på dig när du dansar (T&A Demo – Dec 14, 2015)
  20. Måla mitt minne (T&A Demo – Nov 19, 2002)

Female vocals on 20VD are Helena Josefsson (Enkel resa + Nypon och ljung) and Anna Lönnberg-Volden (En vacker dag + Far Too Close + Måla mitt minne).

Happy birthday, Mr. G and many thanx for the prezzies!

Per Gessle releases the Finn 5 fel! demos

Lucky fans we are! Per Gessle continues releasing demos from his archives. The new set he thought to surprise us with this Christmas is the demos to Gyllene Tider’s Finn 5 fel! album. The album contains 14 songs, but there are only 9 tracks on this current release. Well, the album title is „Find 5 errors!” and… haha… 5 demos are missing: Solsken, Ta mej… nu är jag din!, Du måste skämta, Ande i en flaska (Gabba Gabba Gabba Come On Come On Karma Karma) and Har du nånsin sett en dröm gå förbi? Why, you might be wondering. Here is what PG says about it:

I only made these nine demos. The other songs were presented to the band when we got to the studio. “Ande i en flaska” is a silly version of “Ghost In The House”. “Ta mej… nu är jag din” is based on a Rox track I demoed in Nov 1999 called “I Don’t Care If It Rains”. It will pop up eventually… Or not.

This guy knows how to tease! Fingers crossed I Don’t Care If It Rains sees the light of day in the near future.

FINN 5 FEL! – DEMOS tracklist

1. En sten vid en sjö i en skog – T&A Demo, 28 Okt 2003 – 2:42
2. Tuffa tider (för en drömmare) – T&A Demo, 30 Dec 2003 – 3:25
3. Ordinärt mirakel – T&A Demo, 2 Dec 2003 – 2:42
4. Jag borde förstås vetat bättre – T&A Demo, 28 Okt 2003 – 3:20
5. Nere på gatan – T&A Demo, 3 Dec 2003 – 2:57
6. 72 – T&A Demo, 20 Juli 2002 – 3:47
7. Varje gång det regnar – T&A Demo, 27 Okt 2003 – 3:37
8. Hjärta utan hem – T&A Demo, 2 Dec 2003 – 3:00
9. Speciell – T&A Demo, 28 Dec 2003 – 2:32

Listen to the F5F demos on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube or other digital platforms! No physical release is planned.