Gyllene Tider to launch two new wines ahead of their summer tour

Pop icons Gyllene Tider, who for many mean Swedish summer, will launch two new wines in connection with their upcoming summer tour – a white and a rosé. The wines are selected by Domaine Rabiega in collaboration with Live Brands Factory AB, exclusively for Gyllene Tider’s Hux Flux Summer Tour 2023 and are released in a limited edition. Start of sales at Systembolaget is May 23.


Together with Domaine Rabiega, Live Brands Factory AB now presents another prestigious collaboration with an iconic brand. This time it concerns the pop legends of Gyllene Tider. The collaboration has resulted in two wines that are both limited and produced exclusively for Gyllene Tider’s Hux Flux Summer Tour 2023. It is a white Sauvignon Blanc and a rosé wine from Provence, both of which can be purchased via Systembolaget from May 23. Both wines are released in a strictly limited edition, so first come, first served for those who want to enjoy these refreshing summer wines.

Gyllene Tider’s extensive summer tour “Hux Flux” consists of 17 concerts around Sweden and starts on July 7 in Halmstad and ends at Ullevi in Gothenburg on August 5. The wines will be available at select venues in the beverage lineup during the summer tour.

Gyllene Tider Hux Flux Rosé

A fresh, fruity and well-balanced rosé wine from Provence. Light, salmon pink color and fine tones of red berries. The grape composition is Grenache 50%, Cinsault 45% and Syrah 5%. At harvest, the grapes are pressed immediately and then the must ferments into wine in temperature-controlled steel tanks. The wine has then been stored in steel tanks until bottling. Serve well chilled (+8°C) and best enjoyed in the company of good friends, preferably with something grilled on a sunny summer day.


Gyllene Tider Hux Flux Rosé
Article no: 53999-01
Alcohol content: 12%
Grapes: Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah
Year: 2022
Origin: France
Price: 149 Sek

Gyllene Tider Hux Flux White

This wine is a Sauvignon Blanc 100% with all attributes in perfect harmony. Fresh acidity and a balanced mouthfeel with notes of gooseberry, lemon and green apples. The wine has a light straw yellow color with a faint splash of green. The grapes are harvested early in the morning to maintain their freshness and pressed directly to then ferment into wine in temperature-controlled steel tanks. The wine then rests in steel tanks until bottling. Served well chilled (+8-10°C) and rhymes well with whole grilled fish, filled with fresh herbs and lemon accompanied by a summer salad.


Gyllene Tider Hux Flux White
Article no: 56292-01
Alcohol content: 12.5%
Grapes: Sauvignon Blanc
Year: 2022
Origin: France
Price: 149 Sek

Hux Flux wines at Systembolaget HERE!

Press release in Swedish HERE.

Fru Nordin Vitt wine out in the stores today


Starting today, The Per Gessle Selection has a new wine in the collection: Fru Nordin white alcohol-free wine (0,5% alcohol). “One should be able to drink something tasty and good even if you have to drive or you don’t want to drink alcohol for any reason,” says Per Gessle in the press release. You may have heard this name before – “Fru Nordin” is a track in Per’s album “En händig man”.

The wine was done in cooperation with the wine maker José Maria da Fonseca (Portugal), who is also behind the known wines Periquita and Periquita Reserva. The wine is produced using a new technique called spinning cone column.

Fru Nordin will be available at Systembolaget (article number 1915, 55 SEK) but also at ICA Maxi Flygstaden and Högskolan (Halmstad). Initially, the wine was supposed to be called “Klunk” but the name was changed due to problems with the rights on the name. I think “Fru Nordin” is a nicer name anyway. Fru Nordin rosé and Skumpa are in the works. More info soon!

Gessle wines are the 3rd best selling celebrity wines

Photo is from TPGS Facebook page
Photo is from TPGS Facebook page

All wines in The Per Gessle Selection – Kurt & Lisa and Furet launched in October 2012, Sommartider in April 2013 – were warmly welcomed on the wine market.

2013 was a perfect year for the Gyllene Tider comeback and launching Sommartider wines. Sommartider became a quite evident component of tons of picnic baskets during the tour in Sweden.

At the same time, all TPGS wines were travelling the world, since many fans brought some bottles / boxes with themselves home after the tour. If you’ve been checking the Facebook page of Per’s wines, you could see that many bottles and boxes were opened already during summer, but lots of fans were waiting patiently to open them on special days, like a birthday or at Xmas.




As the blog ”Ett eko av mat och vin” informs, according to Systembolaget’s sales in liters in 2013, Mr G’s wines are the 3rd best selling celebrity wines. Here is the complete list:



Celebrity Sales 2013 (litre)
Per Morberg 1479283
Tina Nordström 114812
Per Gessle 111134
Petter 88312
Bo Hagström 85658
Elvis Presley 68528
Motörhead 59088
Bengt Frithiofsson 56832
KISS 54688
Maria Montazami 45272
Ernst Kirchsteiger 32747
Lasse Stafanz 16968
Richard Juhlin 7442
Tomas Ledin 3737
Robert Gustafsson 2650
Slayer 2276
Lill-Babs 2162
Rolling Stones 2019
Sweden Rock 2000
Ernie Els 1816
Ulf Wagner 1604
Carl Jan Granqvist 1418
Kent 1344
Leif Mannerström 1331
David Bowie 749
Rocky 745
Hammerfall 696
Nils Liedholm 469
Francis Ford Coppola 442
Glenn Strömberg 429
Coldplay 367
Penélope Cruz 237
Erik Lallerstedt 180
Marilyn Monroe 134
Plura 22
Markus Aujalay 14
Ernst Billgren 5
Swedish House Maffia 2
Laila Bagge Wahlgrens 0
Total celebrity wine sales 2013: 2247607


So 111,134 liters of TPGS wines were sold last year. Wow! Congrats! No real surprise, but 95% of it was Sommartider rosé and white. Sommartider rosé boxed wine even made it to the Top50 rosé wines at Systembolaget, landing at the 48th place with the sales of 55,954 litres.

Elvis Presley is also selling well, but it seems that Swedes are no fan of David Bowie when it comes to his wine. Whatever. A kind of boost in TPGS sales is surely coming in February, March and April when fans are in Sweden for the Marie Fredriksson tour. Hopefully, Systembolaget is well-prepared for that in the concert cities.

Let’s see what kind of new items 2014 brings to all wine and champagne lover Gessle fans. Until then, some new short video ads like these for Sommartider wines during Vintertider would be fun, don’t you think? 😉