Gyllene Tider – Hux Flux – Uppsala – 3rd August 2023 – #16

It was already the penultimate Swedish show on the Hux Flux tour last night in the botanical garden of Uppsala. We saw no chance to be lucky with the weather again. It was raining almost all day. After the doors opened and we were inside the venue, it started raining cats and dogs (see this pic of mine for reference). The technicians had to remove the speakers from the front to save them from the rain and also cover everything they could. Ponchos and raincoats on, this is how we were waiting for the concert. We already saw the lakes under our feet and were wondering how fans would look for the guitar picks in the mud. Haha. We even thought about the schedule of the night, that maybe they would change something (beginning much later or much sooner than planned), because of the heavy rain. And then hux flux, it stopped raining before Uno Svenningsson went up on stage and we never heard of the rain again. GT must have had a good deal with the Weather Gods. Unbelievable! Really!

The technicians cleaned everything from the water on stage and dried up places where e.g. Micke Syd sits during the closing song. One place where they couldn’t remove the water from was the roof. And it would have been no problem if it didn’t fall down like a waterfall during Uno’s performance, exactly when he was standing in the front and exactly to that spot where he was standing. It must have been cold and it was really a lot of water falling on his neck, but he went on singing and tried to step away. He looked up several times to see if more might come, but fortunately, that was it. The audience cheered him and he got a loud applause. The technicians put a towel on his monitor, so that he can dry himself when he gets back to his starting spot, but he even threw the towel away, didn’t dry himself with it. Rock ’n’ roll! And it was funny that it was during the song Du kommer ångra det här, where he sings Det har regnat över oss / I så många år / Men jag håller mig vid liv (It’s been raining on us / For so many years / But I’m staying alive). He laughed and looked up at the roof again and the crowd laughed with him.

Malin-My and Dea joined Uno again for one song, Under ytan.

Gyllene Tider came up on stage at 21:15. The whole gang was full of energy and of course, they wanted to top their previous Uppsala gigs. I think they managed to do so. It was a fantastic concert with a loud sing-along crowd who enjoyed their Thursday night to the full. I would say it was one of the Top5 gigs on this tour.

Billy liked it so much in Karlstad that he decided to stay there, so the setlist contained 21 songs, including the medley. It was very nice to hear how the crowd accepted all the songs, cheered for each one of them.

When Per greeted the audience, he asked them to sing along if they know the songs and sing along anyway, even if they don’t know the lyrics. That’s what they in the band usually do. Haha.

The mix Micke prepared for PG last night had the effect that Per can only write and play sympho prog rock from now on, Micke said. Haha.

Before Min tjej och jag Micke pointed at a girl in the audience who was holding up a GT banner from 1981 that was available in the fan club. He asked for a shout-out to that girl and her mom who was standing behind her. She was shown on the screen too and the audience cheered.

During När alla vännerna gått hem, Per asked Uno to join them on stage and he was also singing part of the song. They hugged each other after the song and Uno stayed to take a bow with the whole gang.

Next stop is Gothenburg, the last Swedish show on Saturday. Let’s make some noise!


1. Gyllene Tider igen
2. Juni, juli, augusti
3. Det hjärta som brinner
4. Skicka ett vykort, älskling
5. Gammal kärlek rostar aldrig
6. Flickorna på TV2
7. Vandrar i ett sommarregn
8. (Hon vill ha) Puls
9. En sten vid en sjö i en skog
10. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång
11. Tuffa tider

Band presentation

12. Min tjej och jag
13. Kung av sand
14. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta
15. Ska vi älska, så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly
16. (Kom så ska vi) Leva livet / (Dansar inte lika bra som) Sjömän / Tylö Sun medley

Encore 1

17. Det är över nu
18. Gå & fiska!

Encore 2

19. När vi två blir en
20. Sommartider
21. När alla vännerna gått hem

All photos in the article by Patrícia Peres

Per after the show:

Tack för en fantastisk torsdag i Uppsala. Underbar publik, regngudarna på vår sida (igen!) och vi fick t o m upp Uno S på scenen i “När alla vännerna gått hem”. Nu reser vi till Götet och avslutar vår Sverige-sväng på Ullevi imorgon. Kommer att bli mäktigt!!!

Per Gessle Unplugged Tour – #5 – 20th November 2021 – Uppsala

Second gig in a row this week happened in Uppsala last night. The venue was the city’s concert hall where the sound was just amazing again.

When Per greeted the crowd he told the last time he remembers he was at this venue was 2007 when Nick Lowe played here. He said he hopes „this evening will be at least as good as it was then”. Someone in the crowd said it will be better. Haha.

The audience was rather reserved at the beginning of the show, but song by song they got more and more into the mood and were singing and clapping along, even discussing stuff with Per. E.g. at one point Per asked if everyone enjoys themselves and someone asked him if he has a good time on stage. Per replied they have much fun.

There are also more interactions among band members each time, they are kidding each other most often and this adds to the fun mood on and off stage.

Per did good with the capo in Uppsala. He probably practiced it enough times by now. Even if he mentioned at the first capo fixing that it usually doesn’t go so well for him, he managed to do it right and during the rest of the show he was just as handy when it came to fixing the capo on the guitar.

There was no change in the setlist vs. Stockholm.

Before Det hjärta som brinner Per said it’s difficult to play GT songs when it’s not them five playing. Chris asked what he means by that and Mr. G said they sound more like a cover band. Chris said „we will see”, and they started playing DHSB. After that Chris, Magnus and Helena stood up while PG said he would play another Gyllene Tider song. He asked Chris where he was going. Christoffer said it was enough for him, he goes and drinks a schnapps.

Do I say anything new if I mention that Ljudet av ett annat hjärta sounded b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.? The crowd loved it and was cheering also during the song. There was a little blackout for Per at the part „Värmen från en hand i hand i hand i hand”. He just skipped singing it and when he realized it he said „OK” while further playing the guitar. Haha.

When it was Tuffa tider’s turn, Micke N-S already brought the ukulele for Per and was standing behind Mr. G when Per reached out for his papers to check what’s next. It was funny that Micke pointed at the ukulele showing the audience that this is what comes next.

During the band presentation Per mentioned that he read in a review that Magnus is the most nicely dressed in the band. Magnus said he spent much time on it.

There was a standing ovation after the first encore and when PG & Co. got back on stage for the second encore, everyone sat back into their seats for Vid hennes sida. Then for Sommartider Per stood up and said we can also stand up if we want to. Of course we all did! After Sommartider the crowd gave a veeery long applause, so Per was walking a bit on stage and went even to Chris to adjust his hat. We stayed standing for the last song as well.

Helena changed her outfit for leather pants and silk top. Looked fab! And she of course sounded fab too and the audience confirmed it by applauding her loudly every time she was singing.

Per’s leopard shirt took a rest after the summer session at Hotel Tylösand, but it’s now back and it rulez!

At the very end, when the band was saying goodbye, Chris put his hat on Per’s head after one bow and put the hat back on his own head after the next bow. Per was adjusting his hair after this.

After the concert some stayed at the venue to maybe bump into Per and the band and they were lucky to meet the gang. Some went to a bar where it was a karaoke happening. Sommartider was a good choice from our side, because it was welcomed by also those ones who didn’t belong to our gang.

We are at 1/3 of the tour. Next stop is Göteborg, where the guys and girl perform twice!


1. Kung av sand
2. På promenad genom stan
3. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång
4. Småstadsprat
5. Min plats
6. Tycker om när du tar på mej
7. Det hjärta som brinner
8. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta
9. Varmt igen
10. Tuffa tider
11. Juni, juli, augusti
12. It Must Have Been Love
13. Vilket håll du än går

Band introduction

14. Här kommer alla känslorna
15. Min hälsning

Encore 1
16. Födelsedag
17. Listen To Your Heart (dedicated to Marie Fredriksson & Pelle Alsing)
18. När vi två blir en

Encore 2
19. Vid hennes sida
20. Sommartider
21. När alla vännerna gått hem

Photos in the article are taken by Patrícia Peres.

Per after the show on his social media sites:

Uppsala hej hej. Fantastisk kväll med en fantastisk publik. Lördagsgodis minsann. Tack för att ni kom förbi. Syns snart igen! /PG

Thanx all of you Roxers coming to so many of our Unplugged gigs. Noticed many of you in Sthlm + Uppsala. Appreciate your presence + that you’re fighting the freezing Swedish November! Keep it up! Lots of love from PG

Gyllene Tider – GT40 – Uppsala – 15th July 2019 – #7

After a day off, Gyllene Tider feat. Dea Norberg and Malin-My Wall visited Uppsala for yet another sold-out show. The venue was the city’s botanical garden, just like 2 years ago on Per’s tour, where Micke Syd appeared as a guest star during Sommartider. Last night’s gig was so sold out (8-9000 people) that some of those who couldn’t get in watched it from the Castle’s roof, for example. Haha.

After skipping 2 concerts, Anders Roos was back to take pictures of the Uppsala gig and Åsa was back too and filmed a lot, as well as Micke Syd’s wife, Helena.

The guys and girls on stage put 110% energy into the show. All of them were top! Duracell bunny Per was bouncing and stomping during the whole concert. MP was a pure rocker. Anders got to the left side of the stage already at the beginning, so now he moves a bit more and he is smiling much more. Göran Farfisa Guru Fritzon was also on a high, both when he played his Farfisa and the melodika on Tuffa Tider. Also, at the end of the show he came more to the front to thank the crowd. He was cool! Micke Syd also had his rock ’n’ roll moments behind his drum and then enjoyed very much being in the limelight on his trummis song. His intro talk was much fun last night too, starting with not being able to button up his jacket. He said his wife, Helena was watching him laughing and Per’s wife, Åsa was laughing at him too. Micke Syd also managed to make everyone snap their fingers for the song’s intro. It looked and sounded nice. The ladies were fantastic again. Their backing vocals, as well as Malin-My’s playing all the instruments and the girls’ dancing choreographies are just excellent.

Among the changing songs, last night it was Vandrar i ett sommarregn that was played and Det kändes inte som maj got back to the setlist. Woohoo! Instead of Skrot och korn, Billy got back too. Per introduced Vandrar i ett sommarregn as a song they all liked from Puls and they celebrated it with never playing it live. Until this tour.

The crowd was very loud, they were singing along all songs and it was great to hear. The most active they were on Flickorna på TV2, on the intro to Det kändes inte som maj and Sommartider.

The band presentation had a little twist in Uppsala. Per was kidding Malin-My so hard that she is from Hong Kong that he accidentally skipped MP. He already wanted to be joking to ask who else is left (thinking of Micke Syd), but then Anders pointed at MP and then it dawned on PG that he forgot to introduce him, the boogie king.

Another twist came from the audience’s side. Namely, someone wanted to throw a pink bra on stage during Tylö Sun. Unfortunately, it didn’t reach the stage, fell to the ground in front of it. Well, I was at a Backstreet Boys concert not too long ago and there were at least 10 bras flying during the whole concert and even there the guys couldn’t really do anything with the flying lingerie. I wonder what Per’s reaction would have been to it if it reached him… Or MP’s, because actually, the bra was flying into his direction. Haha.

The breaks before the encores were very loud, the crowd filled them with noise. It was lovely to hear them wanting GT back on stage so badly. When the guys and girls came back for the 2nd encore, Per asked the audience if they wanted more. We shouted yes and he said well, there is no other gig until Wednesday, so it’s OK. Haha.

The concert ended with När alla vännerna gått hem as usual and tons of people switched on the light on their mobiles. It looked very nice. After the last song, the guys and girls waved goodbye and took a bow and then Micke Syd took the remaining picks off Per’s mic stand and threw them to his wife to distribute them. Hm. Well… not the best way for a fan to get hold of a PG guitar pick. Mr. G should distribute his plecs himself. So next time hopefully he throws many more plectrums to the crowd during the show. Last night he wasn’t in a real pick-throwing mood. So many stayed on the mic stand that Micke N-S didn’t even have to add new ones for the encores. So maybe next time.

Now Tuesday off and Wednesday is concert day again. Next stop: Lysekil!


  1. Skicka ett vykort, älskling
  2. Juni, juli, augusti
  3. Det hjärta som brinner
  4. (Hon vill ha) Puls
  5. Flickorna på TV2
  6. Vandrar i ett sommarregn
  7. (Dansar inte lika bra som) Sjömän
  8. Det kändes inte som maj
  9. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång
  10. Tuffa tider


  1. Låt denna trumslagarpojke sjunga!
  2. Kung av sand
  3. En sten vid en sjö i en skog
  4. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta
  5. Ska vi älska, så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly
  6. (Kom så ska vi) Leva livet
  7. Tylö Sun

Encore 1

  1. Billy
  2. Det är över nu
  3. Gå & fiska!

Encore 2

  1. När vi två blir en
  2. Sommartider
  3. När alla vännerna gått hem




All pics in the article are taken by Patrícia Peres.

GT after the show:

UPPSALA!!! Oh yea. grymt gig – underbar publik, utsåld vacker Botanisk Trädgård + ett avslappnat band på scen. Vad kan man mer önska sig? Tack alla för att ni sjöng med. Syns imorgon i fagra Lysekil. /GT


Per Gessle – En vacker kväll in Uppsala, Sweden – 18th August 2017 – #18

After a few days off, getting closer to the end of the tour, Per Gessle and his band performed in Uppsala. It started as a rainy day, but fortunately, from afternoon it was all good and it stayed fine during the concert too.

Before the support acts came up on stage, we saw Mr. G leaving the backstage area with BoJo. First we thought they just walk around in the botanic garden, discussing stuff, but later when we saw other band members and support acts leaving to the same way, we realized the bathroom area was at a different place than the wardrobes, so they all had to walk a bit. And seeing PG walking back to the backstage area with a toothbrush in his hand, accompanied by BoJo was priceless. Lovely!

We also saw Niklas Strömstedt being there at the gig again. (He saw Per in Stockholm too.) Then while Strandels were performing, Micke Syd appeared on the side and came to the front row. We could sense there was another surprise in the making. Also, at 19:34 on Facebook Micke Syd shared a pic on which he and Per appear in PG’s wardrobe backstage.

Per was again like a Duracell bunny on stage, bouncing around, stomping full of energy and the band were also on a high. Everyone! Ola was jumping more than ever, Andreas went psychedelic on the drums, Chris went wild all the time, Malin-My rocked the violin, Helena was jumping around a lot and singing like an angel on the ballads, Clarence kicked ass behind the keyboards and Magnus was bouncing over more to the left side of the stage, having party with Ola and Chris. The whole show was very energetic, everyone was in top top top shape. Not only on stage, but also off stage. The crowd (8542 people) was loud and partying hard and jumping the most during Ljudet av ett annat hjärta, but also joined a bit the waving choreography for På promenad genom stan and was singing along loudly to almost all of the songs. Småstadsprat was a loud sing-along at the end of the show. I would say at least 70% of the audience let their voice heard.

The first surprise came with Honung och guld when Per told the audience he thought he would ask a little help from Good Harvest, so they joined Per on stage. The girls already rehearsed the song in Linköping and it sounded beautiful in Uppsala. HERE you can watch my video recording of it.

During Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång, while Åsa was filming Per, Mr. G was looking straight into the cam and was dancing a bit. Hopefully, it will make it into the GessleHomeVids collection on YouTube. It was quite cool!

During The Look, Per lost his voice a bit and let the crowd sing one line or so. It was fun and he was smiling at it.


For the second surprise, namely MICKE SYD, we had to wait until the 2nd encore, which since Linköping comes too fast after the gang goes off stage after the first encore. They don’t let the audience wait more than a minute, Andreas comes back and starts his psychedelic intro to Sommartider. This time Per invited Micke Syd on stage and Micke came up with his tambourine. The crowd was cheering him and he shaped a heart with his hands. Lovely! He was bouncing around the stage, singing in the mics of Chris and Magnus and getting close to Andreas as well. He definitely had an adrenalin rush, it was visible. We loved it! Haha. When it was the crowd sing-along part, first Per went to the left side, Micke Syd to the right, then vice versa and they animated the audience from both sides. After they finished the song, they hugged each other and Micke Syd went off the stage. The tambourine fell out of his hand and he was too cool kicking it away. HERE you can watch my video recording of the whole song. The first and last time I recorded Sommartider in its complete, that’s for sure. Next time I rather jump along! Haha.

This gig was also photographed by Anders Roos. Let’s hope we see tons of action pictures from this show, because it was full of such moments.

Per after the concert:

UPPSALA HEJ HEJ. Grymt gig igår i den sagolika Botaniska Trädgården. Mycket folk, drygt 8500, och underbar stämning för att uttrycka det milt. Vi är ett välsignat band som får all den här responsen och kärleken från publiken varje kväll. Inget att ta för givet. Jag hoppas att vi ger åtminstone en bråkdel tillbaka. Och herregud, visst var Good Harvest magnifika i Honung & guld och plipp-plupp så dök Micke Syd upp! Och var hör han hemma om inte med en gaffatejpad tamburin pumpandes åttondelar i Sommartider. En vacker kväll. /P.

All photos in the article are taken by Patrícia Peres.


1. På promenad genom stan
2. Vilket håll du än går
3. Juni, juli, augusti
4. Det hjärta som brinner
5. Segla på ett moln / Första pris
6. Min plats
7. It Must Have Been Love
8. Honung och guld (together with Good Harvest)
9. Kung av sand
10. Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång) / Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång
11. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta
12. Spegelboll
13. Gå & fiska!
Band presentation
14. The Look (with När vi två blir en as intro)

15. Varmt igen (with Queen of Rain as intro)
16. Tycker om när du tar på mej
17. Joyride

Encore 2:
18. Sommartider (together with Micke Syd)
19. Småstadsprat


Juni, juli, augusti
Honung och guld
Sommartider: 1; 2;

Articles, pictures:

Uppsala Nya Tidning
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Marie’s tour: Uppsala audio bootleg

After Norrköping audio and Göteborg and Halmstad video bootlegs, another audio bootleg showed up from Uppsala (19th March 2014). The sound is low, so turn up the volume to hear it better. Thanks a lot for sharing it, Bianca Martins Cappelletti from Roxette Brasil! In audio bootlegs I always enjoy the talking between the songs the most. Click here for the bootleg.

2 shows left from the tour, Friday in Luleå and Saturday in Umeå. Enjoy the concerts you all who are joining!