World tour 2011: Porto Alegre, Brazil – April 12 #14


01. Dressed for Success
02. Sleeping In My Car
03. The Big L.
04. Wish I Could Fly
05. Only When I Dream
06. She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
07. Perfect Day
08. Things Will Never Be the Same
09. It Must Have Been Love
10. Opportunity Nox
11. 7twenty7
12. Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)
13. Stars
14. How Do You Do!
15. Dangerous
Band presentation
16. Joyride (Rio Grande do Sul state anthem played before the song)

17. Watercolours in the Rain
18. Spending my Time
19. The Look

20. Way Out
21. Listen to Your Heart
22. Church of Your Heart

Concert videos



8 thoughts on “World tour 2011: Porto Alegre, Brazil – April 12 #14”

  1. I wasn’t there but here are some local reviews. All of them very good =) speciall this one : Roxette gives flawless concert,380,3273244,Roxette-encanta-fas-em-Porto-Alegre.html

    and this one is an interview with Per, apparently he gave by phone while he was in Russia or something…the wrong thing is that it says Gabriel is 17 now =)

  2. okay so Marie ended up singing the 1st verse of Perfect Day twice… 🙂

    but her voice was so strong! Only When I Dream is probably the best of the tour so far.

    The band really seems to be settling in to the songs really nicely at this point and are having a really good time (no doubt also thanks to the incredible audiences they’ve been having) I was watching the one clip that is 27 minutes long and covers “The Big L.” right through to “Things WIll Never Be The Same” and I was reminded of the best shows from the Crash! Boom! Bang! tour.

    I continue to be very impressed! 😀

  3. Hey guys, the anthem played by Christoffer before Joyride wasn’t the Brazilian Anthen bu the “Rio Grande do Sul State Anthem”. Rio Grande do Sul is the southest state in Brazil and it’s capital is Porto Alegre. The people of Rio Grande so Sul use to say that first they are “Riograndeses” and afterwards they say that are “Brazilians”.
    The show was unforgetable. Even better than that I’ve been in Buenos Aires on April 4th!
    Christoffer Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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