Aussie fan has a word: Christoffer is a God

Here is the little text we got from Natasha Zdziesinski, Aussie fan.

I have a confession to make, yes, my husband and I travelled from Australia to Poland last June just to see Roxette perform. The Warsaw show was brilliant and it was always going to be hard to top but last night in Brisbane may have been just that little bit extra special. This was the first time Roxette have performed in Brisbane since 95 and not much has changed since then – we’re all just that little bit older.

Due to the cancelled Auckland show, Brisbane was now the first city to start off the third leg of the “Never Ending Tour”. his show was a sell out (10,500 fans) and from the 1st few unmistakable cords of DFS the crowd was with Marie all the way. The crowd sung along to all the classics with the die-hard fans singing along to the new and lesser known songs from their other albums.

Both the stage and set list are slightly different from the European Summer leg, which is a good thing (if you’ve been a part of this tour already).

Dea is a great addition to the band and fits right in, but I do count myself lucky to have also seen Helena perform. And what do you say about Christoffer – except that he’s a GOD!! His rendition of Waltzing Matilda brought the house down. Both Per & Marie looked well and Per seems to have recovered well.

As they went through their catalogue of hits, the only 2 songs played from Charm School were “She’s got Nothing on…” & “Only When I Dream”. I’m happy with that but “Speak to Me” would have been fantastic to hear live.

I have to say one of the highlights was Perfect Day with Marie & Christoffer – simply stunning. Listen to your Heart was also another standout performance.

I really enjoyed How do you do/Dangerous, 7Twenty7 and opportunity Nox. These songs just kiss ass live – they make you get up and move.

Having been to both shows, it was totally what I expected and couldn’t fault it. Others may disagree but that’s their opinion. We are so blessed to have Marie performing again and the fact they even made it back to OZ is something special.

I’m now off to the Sydney show on Friday and back to Brisbane for the 24th and all I can say is I CAN’T WAIT!!!

It will just be a shame to see them leave with the possibility they may not be back to our shores. But hey, there’s always that unexpected holiday to Europe to look forward to!!

Love you Marie & Per. Thank you for a wonderful evening and enjoy the rest of the “Never Ending Tour”!!!

Natasha XXX