#gtsommar Rumours & facts: what do we know about the tour so far?

Officially? Not much except that the tour schedule and tickets prices are to be announced tomorrow at 10 am CET – in less than 14 hours from now. But as always there is a lot of articles published in the Swedish press and on popular social media networks, where one can find a lot of exciting rumours and gossips. All positive for now! 😉

The tour is organized by Live Nation and Gyllene Tider plans to play in 18 places across Sweden. No other Scandinavian country is on the list yet, but we cannot exclude possibility that GT might give a concert in Norway or Finland where they are relatively popular and known. At least they did this in the past.

In the Swedish Radio interview Göran Fritzson revealed that the 2013 summer tour will kick off in Halmstad on July 5. So everything should be over by the middle of August – 45 hectic days as it seems!

Various Swedish regional dailies and websites confirmed places where Gyllene Tider’s concerts are booked by now – this is the so-far list in the alphabetical order: Gothenburg, Gävle, Halmstad, Kalmar, Leksand or Falun, Lysekil, Ronneby, Stockholm, one concert in Scania (Malmö?). So we know (or don’t) 50% of places, most of them will be located in the south of Sweden where 80% citizens live. The tour will be obviously smaller comparing to the 2004 half a million gigant – no Ullevi stadium at this point. But you never know where the #gtsommar leads.

The sale should start in January, but surely not tomorrow, official sources confirm. All international fans will have at least few days to plan their trip to the jolly Svea Riket. Please register yourself on the Ticnet website in time, so you will avoid unecessary stress during the ticket sale.

The only official ticket vendor at this point in Ticnet.se – please avoid other resellers. Those who own European credit cards should not have any problems with purchase of tickets. If any problem occurs, please contact at +46 771-707070 with Ticket call centre. We expect that ticket prices will not be higher than SEK 400-500 per concert.

More (& confirmed) news tomorrow! Stay tuned!