Per Gessle – the book fair pop quiz sound recording

Pic by Patrícia Peres

You surely remember last year’s Göteborg Book Fair either you could personally be there or not. On 26th September Per, in between 2 signing sessions, took part in a very entertaining pop quiz that was led by Sven Lindström. Another participant of the quiz was the other lonely boy, Nisse Hellberg. 4 months after the event, the book fair team decided to share the sound recording of that seminar, so now everyone can enjoy it. A short summary of the day as chapter 1 you could already read here at RoxBlog in this article and 1/3 of the seminar you could already watch as a video summary in this RoxBlog article. The seminar was of course in Swedish, but it is worth listening to it even if you don’t speak the language. How these guys love music shines through their talking. Always! Oh and you can also hear how Per loves to win. Because he won. Of course.

Hopefully, chapter 2, i. e. the interview Jan Gradvall did with Per on 28th September will also be uploaded as a sound recording at least. Until then, enjoy this little pop quiz!


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Sneak peek of Roxette’s XXX stage design

What Per already said about the new stage design is that it was built in London, Patrick Woodroffe and Stufish designed it, it’s very expensive, it’s 8 tons of equipment (excl. band members) and it looks as stunning as Pelle’s beard, so we’re gonna love it.

Patrick Woodroffe (who appears at the end of the apple pie party video) has lit several artists over the last 40 years, e.g. ABBA, AC/DC, Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga, Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, etc.

Stufish created stage design for The Rolling Stones, U2, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Elton John and Simply Red among others.

This evening, Soundforce Scandinavian AB, the company that helps the band with sound and video technology shared a photo from the rehearsals. There is still much left to speculate until we see the stage set in action on 7th Ferbuary in Auckland, New Zealand where it has its premiere. Since there don’t seem to be too many physical elements (or maybe we just can’t see them all on the pic), the stunning factor will surely be the digital and lighting parts of it, so all the techniques they use to make the background move & shine. Exxxciting!

And of course, another stunning factor will be the band itself. Hard to wait to see them live again very soon! 2 weeks left until the XXX tour goes on!


Photo by Soundforce Scandinavian AB
Photo by Soundforce Scandinavian AB
























Update on 25th Jan: Soundforce was probably asked to remove the photo from their Facebook page. They were a bit too early posting it it seems.

Update on 24th Feb: Woodroffe Bassett Design shared some photos from the rehearsals. HERE you can check them out.

Would it be fun to have Roxette concerts on USB stix?

We already informed you about Roxette’s one and only Norway concert in 2015 being sold out. When I was checking the organizer’s Facebook site, I saw an interesting thing. Roxette’s concert is on 13th June in Trondheim and Mark Knopfler plays there one day before them. This fact is not quite interesting, but I realized Mark Knopfler records all his shows and gives the fans the opportunity to purchase high-quality, live soundboard recordings of every show on a guitar-shaped USB stick or as mp3 / FLAC download. Digging deeper in this topic, many more artists are providing such a treat.

This USB stick doesn't exist. It's just an illustration.
This USB stick doesn’t exist. It’s just an illustration.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have the professional sound recordings of the concert(s) you attend during the XXX tour? Since Roxette play 100% live, each concert is very much different to the others, even if the setlist doesn’t change much or not at all from one concert to another. On one hand, all concerts are most probably recorded anyway, so it would be just a nice extra to copy them on some sticks and provide Roxers with the possibility to buy them. On the other hand, Chris wouldn’t have the chance to mix all concerts one by one since it would be simply too much and maybe the PERfectionists they are, it wouldn’t feel comfortable for them to release such sticks.

Either way, let’s play with the thought it’s possible. Let us know about your opinion!


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The tour goes on in 18 days! Either we get live recordings or not, we are looking very much forward to all 2015 shows and more!


Any Per Gessle birthday party today?

Another year passed and Mr. G became 20454 days old today. Wishing a splendido birthday to Per! The past year was again full of fun, joy and treats in many forms and most importantly, we got some more gorgeous & cool music from him. Cheers to another busy year!

Do you have any plans about how to celebrate Per’s birthday? You can choose more than 1 from the list below. If you choose ”Other”, we would be glad to read about your plans in a comment.


These photos in the collage were shared by Per during the past year at the uncountable number of Facebook pages he is handling. We are ready for even more pics until his next birthday, aren’t we?

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Roxette’s one and only concert in Norway is sold out

Roxette_TrondheimAs we already informed you about it in an earlier post of ours, tickets for the one and only Roxette concert in Norway in 2015 were selling like hot cakes. Tickets went on sale on 14th November and the next day we could read it in Norwegian newspapers that half of the total amount of tickets had been sold only in a few hours.

Today at 13:30 it was announced that only 237 tickets were left, then some hours later the operators of the Facebook page of Trondheim Concerts posted (also at the event’s Facebook page) that the Roxette concert is officially sold out. 10,000 people will see Roxette at Sverresborg Arena on 13th June! Woohoo! Congrats!

Those of you who wanted to see Roxette in Norway, but haven’t bought your tickets yet, now you may want to plan another option. HERE you can check the complete list of already announced dates.