Gyllene Tider – GT40 – Halmstad – 4th July 2019 – #1

Gyllene Tider started their GT40 farewell tour yesterday in Halmstad. Still hard to believe that this is their very last tour, but well… there are 18 more gigs to enjoy their playing live. If you don’t have a ticket for any of their shows yet, do yourself a favour and get one! Try to find a concert that is not sold out yet and go see them live!

Weather God in Halmstad seemed not to be on our side. It was raining all day, sometimes only showers, sometimes heavy rain. No sun at all. I was thinking of past gigs in the rain and as I remembered, all of them turned out fab, so there was nothing to be afraid of.

The guys had their soundcheck in the afternoon and we heard they were rehearsing Vandrar i ett sommarregn among other songs. How stylish. Haha. The gates opened at 6 pm and a few hundred people were let in. The rest of the audience arrived continuously a bit later. When we entered we could see the stage. It looked wonderful! The old Gyllene Tider logo above the stage (that appeared in different colours during the gig), GT40 written on the backdrop screens and on the side screens. From this, one could think the backdrop would show different designs during the night and yes, the whole projection was of premium quality and each song got its own backdrop. Beautiful!

The crew was constantly wiping off the stage, because even if there was a roof above it, the rain didn’t let it stay dry.

There were 2 support acts: Christof Jeppsson, a Halmstad troubadour who was on stage from 19:30 and then Chris Kläfford, known mostly from Swedish Idol. He entered the stage some minutes after 20:00. Both acts played for appr. 30 minutes.

We all couldn’t wait anymore for Gyllene Tider to come up on stage and guess what! It stopped raining 10 minutes before the show! But it’s Sweden and we thought it wouldn’t last until the end of the concert, so it came back after an hour, at Kung av sand. But no one really cared. The gig was so amazing! And sold out! Appr. 11000 people went to see GT on the first Halmstad night on this tour.

The intro was the theme song from Pink Panther. First we didn’t realize it would be the intro, but the guys suddenly appeared on stage and the crowd was cheering them loudly. Their stage clothes looked fab on them, I immediately saw that Per’s black nails are back too and hey, it wasn’t only the 5 guys performing this time, but 2 ladies joined them for doing backing vocals (and more): Malin-My Wall and Dea Norberg. We know them well from previous Roxette and Per Gessle tours. Everyone on stage looked excited and maybe a bit nervous. It was a premiere gig after all. But they shouldn’t have been worried about anything, all turned out to be fantastic!


  1. Skicka ett vykort, älskling
  2. Juni, juli, augusti
  3. Vanliga saker
  4. Det hjärta som brinner
  5. Vandrar i ett sommarregn
  6. Flickorna på TV2
  7. (Dansar inte lika bra som) Sjömän
  8. Det kändes inte som maj
  9. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång
  10. Tuffa tider


  1. Låt denna trumslagarpojke sjunga!
  2. Kung av sand
  3. En sten vid en sjö i en skog
  4. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta
  5. Ska vi älska, så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly
  6. (Kom så ska vi) Leva livet
  7. Tylö Sun

Encore 1

  1. Skrot och korn
  2. Det är över nu
  3. Gå & fiska!

Encore 2

  1. När vi två blir en
  2. Sommartider
  3. När alla vännerna gått hem

It was a good choice to start with uptempo songs. Per first talked to the crowd after Juni, juli, augusti. He greeted the crowd, welcomed us on GT’s 40th anniversary tour and said it ’s nice to see so many people here despite the wonderful Swedish weather. He mentioned they are happy to start the tour at home in Halmstad and the audience was happy about it too. He asked us to sing along and dance if we can, but it might be tight for that. Haha. Then came Vanliga saker from the new album and it sounded cool live too. Det hjärta som brinner was quite obvious that it would appear on the setlist being one of the guys’ favourites. Then it slowed down a bit with Vandrar i ett sommarregn which is from the album Puls and GT never played it live before. Before they played this song, Per was kidding Anders with his 80’s title, Sweden’s most good-looking guy. A story that never gets old.

Flickorna på TV2 is still on of Gyllene Tider’s biggest hit, no matter what year we are in and what the lyrics contain. It was great to hear the song live again. Per also said it’s still fun to play. Another hit (Dansar inte lika bra som) Sjömän came after that, a real party song. Then the (for me) most GT-ish song from the new album, Det kändes inte som maj was played. Another uptempo gem that made the crowd clap along heavily.

Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång was introduced by Per as a song that is about dreaming and was curious if we recognized it. We did, of course! Sing along guaranteed! Dubi dubi dam da!

Per’s beautiful colorful ukulele was brought to the stage and he said when he was listening to Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple in his room when he was a kid, he never thought one day he would be performing on an ukulele in front of 11000 people. It was Tuffa tider’s turn and after Micke Syd changed is shoes, he also came to the front. Göran also came and played melodika in the front next to Micke Syd.

Per first introduced the new members of the band and greeted Dea and Malin-My. Then one after another introduced the guys in GT. Halmstad’s own boogie king, MP and the pride of Oskartsröm, Göran. Referring to Sweden’s most good-looking guy, Per said, you know who it is on bass, Anders Herrlin! Micke Syd was sitting in front of his drum set and stood up when Per introduced him, last but least. Haha. They high-fived each other and then Micke introduced Per as the best from Simlångsdalen, Per Håkan Gessle. Then Micke Syd said now it would be him standing in the limelight and Per sat in front of Micke’s drum set, still holding the ukulele in his hands. Micke Syd told we probably think he would sing Min tjej och jag, but he wouldn’t do that again. He said we all grew up and Per anyway wrote a new song for him. He asked the crowd to hold up their hands if they could sing along. Many held up their hands, Per did that too. Haha. Micke Syd switched on the pre-recorded drumming on this song, put on a shiny jacket and he stayed in the front to sing Låt denna trumslagarpojke sjunga! Per was playing the ukulele during the song, the girls supported Micke too and it sounded cool! At the end of it Micke Syd sat next to Per and then Per jumped up and played the last chord on the ukulele in front of his mic and said it’s hard to top what Micke Syd did now.

Kung av sand brought the rain back, but it really didn’t matter. We enjoyed the concert regardless, hearing such a beautiful ballad. Then came 5 good old uptempo songs one after another, real party again. It wasn’t a medley, actually, to my surprise, there was no medley at all during the whole show. We got complete songs only, which is a plus! There was no pause between these 5 songs, only a guitar change before Ska vi älska, så ska vi älska till Buddy Holly.

After Tylö Sun, Per thanked the crowd and they all went off stage. But the concert didn’t end here of course. The crowd wanted them back and after a few minutes, giving the chance for Per to change clothes they came back and played their first encore of 3 songs, starting with Skrot och korn from the new album. Per thanked for the crowd for staying there despite the weather, he said we are fantastic. Skrot och korn was a cool addition to the setlist too. It was nice to hear a fourth song from the new album. Then 2 uptempo hits from the 90’s and they went off stage again.

Many of us wondered if the second encore would contain Billy or Puls and if the guys finish the set with Sommartider, but the last 3 songs started with När vi två blir en, another must-play-live GT hit. The guys and girls then performed Sommartider with crowd sing along, but it wasn’t the last song. They kept När alla vännerna gått hem to say goodbye to all. Before the last song the girls went off stage. Per told the crowd they are wonderful and thanked for coming. Micke Syd came to the front, only Göran stayed in the back, at his Farfisa. At the end of the show both Micke Syd and Per thanked the crowd again, Per told to take care of each other. The girls came back, Göran came to the front and they took a bow and waved goodbye. The girls went off again and the Golden Guys stayed there for some more time to take a bow again and off they went.

Gosh! It was such an amazing tour start! I liked everything about it. The setlist (maybe adding at least 1 song from DATPR would have been nice though), the stage, the stage clothes, the energy of these guys being almost or over 60, but still rocking big time, the addition of the girls who were partying throught the whole concert. Is it tonight yet??? Let’s see how the second Halmstad show will be. The sun is out, just saying! 😉

All pics in the article are taken by Patrícia Peres.


Per & Co. after the gig:

Lägesrapport 5 juli 2019. Oj, klockan är redan 3 på eftermiddagen. Dags för nytt kaffe. Solen lyser! Det gjorde den minsann inte igår. Tack alla som pallade med höstrusket på Brottet i Halmstad och gjorde vår premiärspelning till en enda lång fanfar! Vilken underbar publik vi har!!!! Ofattbart bra!!! Svårjobbat rent tekniskt för oss såklart, många instrument stämde ur sig blixtsnabbt i fukten, golvet ute mot publiken var glashalt men vad gjorde det när man bara såg glada miner överallt. Nya tag ikväll. Vilken turne’ det här kommer att bli!!!! Love from the GT camp via P.