Per Gessle (feat. Helena Josefsson) – Around The Corner (The Comfort Song)

When a week ago Per informed on his social media sites that new music was coming, most of us probably thought of anything else but what he actually released today. The cover and the short snippet he shared 2 days ago made it clear what it is about. It became a very personal, heartbreaking, yet heartwarming song. Around The Corner (The Comfort Song). The comfort song. Wonderful lyrics, beautiful melody, vocals by Per and Helena matching the feelings.

Listen to it on , , , YouTube or any other digital platform. Mr. G informs that in a couple of weeks the song will be out as a vinyl single as well. Update (13th March 2020): The vinyl single is out in 1500 copies. Side A – Around The Corner (The Comfort Song), side B – Kissing Is The Key (2019). You can order it at , or . Watch the lyric video HERE.

Per’s heartfelt comments related to Around The Corner (The Comfort Song):

Music is an extraordinary thing. It can bring a smile to your face and create so many wonderful images in your heart and mind. It can also help you through grim times. Some songs even feel like they were written just for you, especially for you. Isn’t that strange? Or maybe it just means we’re all the same?

I finished writing ”Around The Corner” the day after Marie died. Three days later my mother-in-law died. Death was on the plate. I wrote it for me. But I guess I also wrote it for all of you out there. We are many who lost someone dear and don’t really know where to go.

I spent an intense afternoon in the T&A Studio with MP Persson on December 16th. Two days later Helena Josefsson jumped on a northbound train and joined us for some singing. I didn’t really listen that much over xmas but the first week of January 2020 I sent what we’d done to Clarence Öfwerman who wrapped it up with some beautiful sounds and poured even more love over it.

Here it is, my comfort song.


Around The Corner (The Comfort Song)

Hold a candle to your heart / Let the shadows on your face
Rock you gently with their grace / It’s been a long and lonely day

I don’t know what you’ve been through / You have to continue to care about you
Things have to end to start anew / No one can change those rules

In the dark the earth keeps on turning / Craving for some morning light
It takes the backroads, fools the night / It knows the sun is burning
Somewhere around the corner / Around the corner

Do get some rest, you need it bad / Sometimes the laughter just makes you sad
Sometimes the joy can make you so scared / It’s been a long and lonesome day

I can’t tell what you’ve been through / But I won’t ever stop telling you
Some things have to go to start anew / I know it I’ve been there too

In the dark the earth keeps on turning / Longing for the morning light
It takes the backroads and fools the night / It knows the sun is shining
Somewhere around the corner / Around the corner

Words & Music by Per Gessle
© Jimmy Fun Music


Front cover and A side of the single