Per Gessle – Gessles nio i topp is back!

Last time we could hear Per Gessle and Sven Lindström in Gessles nio i topp on Swedish Radio was 1st September 2019. Good news is that they are back very soon! The first episode out of 10 of the upcoming podcast series will be broadcast on 20th June! All new episodes will be on air at 22:05 CET each Saturday and there will also be a midsummer special at 15:03 CET on 20th June. The podcast will also be available for download.

On June 13th the radio will repeat an earlier episode, from 25th December 2017.

Dates known so far:

  • 13th June 22:05 – Nio låtar ingen tror att jag gillar! (Nine songs no one thinks I like!)
  • 20th June 15:03 – Midsummer special
  • 20th June 22:05 – Nio i Topp om Blommor (Nine songs about flowers)
  • 27th June 22:05 – Nio låtar om Bilar (Nine songs about cars)
  • 4th July 22:05
  • 11th July 22:05
  • 18th July 22:05
  • 25th July 22:05
  • 1st August 22:05

Don’t forget to tune in on Swedish Radio P4 this Saturday, 13th June at 22:05!

Pic of Per and Sven is taken from Roxette’s Instagram.