Per Gessle Unplugged Tour – #6 – 22nd November 2021 – Göteborg

Göteborg’s first show on this tour got sold out so fast that an extra gig had to be added for the next day, so Göteborg gets two concerts at Lorensbergsteatern.

The gig started a couple of minutes after 19:30 and when the band got up on stage, Per greeted the audience and said it’s a bit cold in there. Christoffer agreed and said he was freezig in his feet. Everyone was laughing, since – as you know – he is barefoot on stage.

The capo sometimes lived its own life again, but it’s always fun to see Per’s adventures with fixing it on the guitar. When he managed to fix it, Chris said he’s so talented and Mr. G replied he is impressed himself. Haha.

Before Det hjärta som brinner Per said if even just one band member is changed in Gyllene Tider, the songs sound different. It’s like Titanic, it sinks. Haha. After the song Chris, Magnus and Helena stood up and Christoffer said they go and get their schnapps.

When Micke N-S brought Per his ukulele and PG told the coolest thing is to play the ukulele at Ullevi, the crowd just loved it. After Tuffa tider Per stood up a bit to stretch his legs and said he likes to stand. He even sleeps standing. The guys asked him if he is a horse. PG replied „whatever you want”!

The crowd actually had the best reactions on GT songs during the whole concert, mainly Ljudet av ett annat hjärta and Juni, juli, augusti, but they were clapping a lot too. They also liked the anecdotes and „stand-up comedy” parts very much.

When the guys and girl went off stage for the first time, part of the audience was giving a standing ovation. Then when they came back, somone shouted they should start it from the beginning. The gang liked the idea, but they went on with Födelsedag as the first song in the first encore.

When Per mentioned before När vi två blir en that one can write certain songs when he is very young and he means Flickorna på TV2, Chris reacted that nowadays it could be Flickorna på Netflix.

Last night It Must Have Been Love became It Must Have Been Jul a la Chris.

During the band presentation PG introduced Clarence and said he doesn’t have a mic, because he doesn’t sing well, but he talks a lot. Despite this they have been working together since 1986 and he has produced almost all what Per recorded. Mr. G said Clarence is amazingly talented and besides that he has his birthday today. The audience was cheering and Christoffer played a tune. We held up two GRATTIS signs for Clarence. Chris said he turned 64 and Per said he is definitely the oldest in the band. He thanked Clarence for being there.

Before Sommartider Per told the story that there was one song he didn’t want to play at all. Chris joked that it was Hotel California. Haha. Per went on with his anecdote saying that Magnus became very upset and here Magnus joked that it was because he loves Hotel California. Everyone was laughing. When Per said he stands up for this song and everyone who wants to stand up can do so, the crowd didn’t really get it. We stood up in the front, then everyone else jumped up on their feet too and stayed standing for the last song as well.

PG said he hopes to meet again and added maybe there are some in the crowd who come back tomorrow too. At the end of the show, when they took a bow, Chris put his hat on Per’s head again, but this time Per took it off and wanted to throw it on the mic stand, but it fell off. Chris picked it up when leaving the stage.

After the concert some of us waited for Clarence to come out so we could sing him the birthday song in Swedish. Magnus and Chris joined us in the singing and the birthday boy was happy. We exchanged some words with the band and Per, thanked for the evening and said goodbye.


1. Kung av sand
2. På promenad genom stan
3. Flickan i en Cole Porter-sång
4. Småstadsprat
5. Min plats
6. Tycker om när du tar på mej
7. Det hjärta som brinner
8. Ljudet av ett annat hjärta
9. Varmt igen
10. Tuffa tider
11. Juni, juli, augusti
12. It Must Have Been Love
13. Vilket håll du än går

Band introduction

14. Här kommer alla känslorna
15. Min hälsning

Encore 1
16. Födelsedag
17. Listen To Your Heart (dedicated to Marie Fredriksson & Pelle Alsing)
18. När vi två blir en

Encore 2
19. Vid hennes sida
20. Sommartider
21. När alla vännerna gått hem

Photos in the article are taken by Patrícia Peres.

Per after the show:

Thx for an amazing Monday evening in Gothenburg. Always feel very welcome here! Lovely crowd, pretty decent band, very nice theatre. See you tonight for another go, folks! /PG