Exclusive premiere of Marie Fredriksson’s single on P4 radio station

Marie Fredriksson’s “Kom vila hos mig” will premiere exclusively on P4 national radio station just after 2PM CET on the 24th of September. Listen to it here.

Additionally two new Marie pictures were published – one being “Kom vila hos mig” single cover and one used for world’s premiere article on P4. Both pictures are credited to Fredrik Etoall, photographer previously responsible for Roxette’s “Travelling” photosession.


Consequential Lyrics – a podcast about Roxette lyrics

Cassettes & Chocolate Milk is a music blog and podcast series that examines the passionate antics of the mod revivalists, lovers of synth and mad devotees of British pop.” Missy El (Eleanor Gray), who is running C&CM since 10 years, is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Her new podcast series, Consequential Lyrics consists of 40-minute-long episodes (including the songs). Besides analyzing the lyrics of Queen, The Beatles, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, The Smiths and Erasure, she analyzed some Roxette lyrics as a bonus.

It sounded so familiar, when I heard her starting the show like this:

This episode looks at the lyricism of Roxette. Now I can almost hear you cry: ”But El, surely there is no real depth or meaning in Roxette lyrics!” Well, that’s where you’re wrong!

God, how many times I heard it from my non-Roxer friends. And when I asked them to tell me a Roxette song without any meaning, they all came up with ”Sleeping In My Car”. Maybe they just never had any back seat affair in their car… Whatever. I gave up convincing them. Now I could suggest them listening to this podcast at least.

Roxette_2012_liveBy the way, listening to Missy El, you can clearly hear she’s a fan of Per Gessle lyrics. I can totally understand her. 😉 Songs analyzed (not a typical list of Roxette songs / demos): Sleeping Single, Come Back (Before You Leave), I Do Believe, (I Could Never) Give You Up, Love Spins, Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave) and Always Breaking My Heart. You can listen to this episode by clicking here.


Gyllene Tider + new single is out = dizzy Monday!

Gyllene Tider’s first single out of “Dags att tänka på refrängen” – “Man blir yr” is out! And there is a lot going on around this release today.

Here are some links and information:

Gyllene Tider – radio visits today:

07:30 – Mix Megapol Göteborg (or here)
07:50 – Mix Megapol ”Äntligen Morron” (or here)
08:30 – NRJ, Vakna Med NRJ-Kanal 5
14:30 – SR P4 Extra med Lotta Bromé

On newspapers:

Aftonbladet: Gyllene Tider låter yngre än någonsin

Per Gessle tells that the album is 37 minutes long. You can also listen to the 2 tracks “Man blir yr” and “Chikaboom #2” if you have WIMP.

Aftonbladet gives the single 3 pluses.

Expressen: Anders Nunstedt writes about the single in his typical style and gives it 2 bees. Expressen also interviewed Gyllene Tider, Per reveals that some concerts are sold-out and that they will do some “adjustments” around Easter.


Just rumours: no new (Roxette) songs with Jonas Isacsson in the end

In case you are wondering, there is some information spread in Facebook which seems not to be true.

According to the fan, Jonas Isacsson told in an interview broadcasted on Sirius Radio on August 14 that Per Gessle has recorded three new demos. Jonas explained that the songs are “for sure” for Roxette and that he was called to play the guitar base for these songs because Christoffer was busy touring with Roxette.

See what Jonas said about this:

Update, August 17: We contacted Jonas and he disclaims the report:

I have not done an interview for sirius radio, and I don’t know anything about 3 new songs. I’m afraid it’s all made up.