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Per Gessle’s comments:

Absolutely stunning show last night. One of those rare moments where everything seems to fall into place. The band, the songs, the crowd.

No show today; working on new songs in Christoffer’s room. He needs a butler.

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Marie’s voice was very strong, although you can clearly notice she can’t reach certain notes anymore, but it doesn’t bother at all. Per was in a good mood, as usual. He made use of the ‘catwalk’ to try to cheer up the audience and did some hip moves. I found the audience to be rather calm during their songs (except for the visitors standing right in front of the stage of course). Still they did give M&P a very nice applause after each song and when Rox was finally done they got the most overwhelming applause of the evening and lots of people even gave a standing ovation (which they didn’t do for the other guest artists). One little embarrassing moment: Marie forgot the lyrics of the second verse of IMHBL. She was struggling and turned to Per for help (which caused some rumour in the audience). Fortunately she kept her smile and she didn’t even seem to worry about it. All in all it was very pleasing to see Rox play live! Great evening.

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