NOTP tour: Roxette live in Munich, 11.12.2009

German radio station Bayern 3 broadcasted 4 Roxette songs in the high quality a week ago. If you missed that, you can read more here or listen to them on YouTube. It’s our little X-mas present. More to come 🙂

Wish I could fly

Interview with the Band (Clarance, Christoffer & Pelle) + The Look


It must have been love

6 thoughts on “NOTP tour: Roxette live in Munich, 11.12.2009”

  1. Thank you very much for these clips !

    I was there on the 10th, but I don’t think these recordings are from that night (judging by the clips I have taken myself). I finally managed to put together this little compilation (software problems 🙁 and at first I was waiting if someone might upload something in higher quality):

    On the radio broadcast (I only heard the second one) the host mentioned friday, so that would be the 11th, not the 10th.

  2. Thanks Jana for clearing it up. Yea, now comparing these clips with our recordings the versions are different so the audio is from the 11th then. I first wasn’t sure about the correct date myself as in the first broadcast they would mention Thursday quite often so that sounded quite misleading; but in the second one they already did mention Friday 🙂

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