2010 tour: Sundsvall, August 7, tour premiere

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Fan stories

Swedish media reports about fans that made the long way to Sundsvall/Sweden:
Danyela Etchard from Brasil, who shared her flight with Roxette
Brenda Donatti and Lionel Zaragocin from Argentinia, who celebrate Marie’s comeback on 4 concerts

Alison’s report for RXB


By austlich: Dressed for success | Listen to your heart | Church of your heart | Fading like a flower | It must have been love | Joyride
By bodenina:  Fading like a flower | Sleeping in my car
By zvullo: Joyride | It must have been love | Fading like a flower
By odfah: Dangerous (not full, bad quality) | Steppin Stone
By Paularoxer: Perfect day | 7twenty7

Other: It Must Have Been Love (by JessieKay1978)| It Must Have Been Love (by holmas1) |  | The look (by torbjornl) |  It must have been love (by MrsTwisted)


Roxette’s comments

Per: “Marie was fantastic. What a girl! It is a pity that I’m married.” (laughter)

Marie a few song into the gig: “Fantastic! Finally!”

Official videos

Media reports

video: interviews before the concert | Expressens’s concert review | song by song | post-concert interview | blog entry | ST.nu review | allehanda | Aftonbladet | SVD | Dagbladet Sundsvall (5/5!)

Gessle: “Publice in Sunsdvall was fantastic” (ST.nu)


16,000 visitors in the arena!

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  1. Dany is fantastic, her designs are extremely awesome, a very talented fan, great for her!

  2. if you wonder what happens to your posts: everything with more than 1 link goes into moderation queue, just for your info 🙂
    It is known that spammers usually post 2 or more links, so it’s just an antispam measure.

  3. Merchandise Information according to tevensso/Daily Roxette:

    T-Shirts app. 300 SEK
    Sweatshirts app. 700 SEK

    only Retrostyle, Look Sharp cover, Room Service

  4. Haha, I love Per’s quote about Marie! 😀

    Btw, what Expressens max. bee number, 3, 4, 5? Maybe 2 isn’t that lousy. I saw that Alphaville’s concert got only one…

    • Swedes and their I gotta trash something with mistakes so that I feel better today. If one thing I dislike about Swedes THIS is it.

  5. thanks for the vids everybody.
    wow the allehanda critic is an &%^*#%#^
    that version of joyride kicks some serious butt!

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