94.2 Jacaranda phone interview with Per Gessle

Have a listen to a nice phone interview with Per Gessle that was broadcasted on 94.2 Jacaranda radio station – one of the media partners of the South African Roxette tour – the other day.

Janina, one of the radio station’s journalists who did the phone interview, is said to be the biggest Roxette fan (I’m wondering what it really means to be the biggest fan…). Her workmate secretly filmed her singing “The look”. Fan’s life is tough.

5 thoughts on “94.2 Jacaranda phone interview with Per Gessle”

  1. Yeah I guess all the die-hard fans across the planet consider themselves THE BIGGEST fan on planet earth! It is nice to be so passionate about something. It is irrelevant who consider themselves the biggest fans really. All that matter is that Roxette still has a huge fan base across the globe resulting in sold out arenas! And that the whole band is STILL delivering what fans want to hear. The Roxette they came to know in the 80’s & 90’s. There are so many 80’s comeback bands that sound really terrible nowadays and fade very quickly. Goes to show that Marie & Per are really gifted musicians and artists and the rest of the band just rounds off the whole experience perfectly 🙂

  2. As for me the funniest part was when the male-journalist told Per that his English has improven over the years! 😀

  3. I agree with the journalist on that matter. Per’s English is and has always been good. He’s really fluent and speaks confidently, which makes him sound smart.

  4. I still get wet eyes when Per talks about the Amsterdamconcert…thank you Amsterdam for freaking out that much!!!!
    Thank you Per that you didn’t mention Germany this time for having so terrible english knowledge. 😉 Yes we have… :'(

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