New Helsinki show added in November

Roxette World Tour 2011 has been expanded with one more dates in November
2011.11.08 – Hartwall Helsinki, Finland

Tickets will go on sale at 8 am on August 29.This concert was revealed in the beginning of April in the first Roxette newsletter, but up till now it has not been confirmed. You can see the full Roxette World Tour 2011 plan here.

Source: Live Nation

Thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy for information.

1 thought on “New Helsinki show added in November”

  1. Good news indeed! I thought since months went by without a confirmation, that Per and others will see how the gig in Pargas/Parainen go and then decide whether or not play in Finland again. And when I saw the bored audience in YouTube videos I was sure that P & M didn’t have enough communication with shy finnish audience to return here during this tour. But happily I was wrong.

    Now they may have at least one fan waiting for them in the hotel here. 🙂

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