New interview: Roxette to triumph over the world

Per Gessle gave a fresh interview regarding Roxette’s present and future to TT Spektra, appearing here and there. Some interesting bits:

  • The tour album under the working title “Tourism 2” or “2rism” is still planned for release in Spring 2012 and will include several entirely new songs. Per is not keen on a project that is only retrospective, the same goes for a possible future Gyllene Tider project.
  • He is writing new songs all the time, but with no specific project in mind. Now it’s Roxette, but he would like to do more solo and GT in the future.
  • Roxette are producing a live documentary which may be released alongside the new album next year.
  • In Sweden the situation is a bit difficult for Roxette. It’s much easier to sell GT tickets there.
  • Roxette’s World Tour is running until August 2012. Maybe with additional Canada dates in the Fall. In the end they will have played 130 concerts for around 1.3 million people. So far they count 53 concerts for 750,000 fans.
  • Per is well aware that the nostalgia factor plays a big role in Roxette’s current success. In areas like Australia where they sold 50.000 tickets in one day, people thought Roxette was inactive since 2001.

About their motivation:

The most important thing is that we have a blast and that Marie feels like a princess. This is the world’s weirdest rehab!

4 thoughts on “New interview: Roxette to triumph over the world”

  1. Great to hear that the plans about the album and the tour have not change – and it also very good news for Canadian fans… mybe also Mexico if they can’t get to the US, why not?

    Nostalgia factor is surely important, but also the quality of the songs, don’t forget that!!!

    We’re happy that Per & Marie are having as much fun as we are:)

  2. New album ! New documentary ! New songs ! Roxette LIVE!
    Hard core Roxette fans are on cloud 9!!! I sure am!

    Fact is that with all bands if they don’t continue with new albums and promo and tours all the time people and fans start moving onto other music they find appealing. I think it must be very hard for a band like Roxette to find their way ‘back’ to the top. Fortunately for Roxette they had so many fantastic hit songs over a relatively short period of time that the come-back is a bit easier for them. And if their music was not as unique and solid like it is they would never have had sold out arenas now. I wish Roxette only the best. May they continue to conquer the world !! And future world tours!!

  3. If the Canadan dates really happen, I’ll be happy enough. Of course, I’d much prefer US, but sometimes a beggar can’t be chooser, right.

    Plus a new album is on the way… I think we’re a very LUCKY fans. It’s always great to have something great to look forward to.

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