A mini-documentary about Roxette’s 2012 tour

A mini-documentary about Roxette’s 2012 world tour and “the special relationship between the band and the fans” as Colin van der Bel of TDR describes on his blog. It was recorded on June 29 in Amsterdam and Per Gessle and other band members were interviewed for that occasion. A must-watch!

ROXETTE 2012 – FANtastic! from Colin van der Bel on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “A mini-documentary about Roxette’s 2012 tour”

  1. I hate pers comentar about “the best Roxette-Band ever”. Thats not the truth and that’s not fair in the face of the orginial band and the band members of the 90s.

    And the crowd loved the band in the joyride and cbb-Tour, for example! And they espasially love Jonas Isaccson.

    The Band today is wonderful, too, but not better!

  2. I think that maybe Mr G is saying this as he is finally comfortable with the band. They had to prove a lot during the beginning years as a new Swedish foreign band. But who knows hey, he might have his reasons for this statement. I liked what Jonas could do with the guitar, really. But I like to watch Christoffer as well during the live concerts. He is a real rocker & entertainer on stage. And it seems that CL is PG’s muse….so I’m a happy Roxer!

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